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Last updated: February 8, 2021

SoftwareSuggest is the largest software discovery and recommendation platform. It lists, reviews and compares software along with providing free consultations to various organizations to find a software that best suits their business needs.

We believe that ‘our business is to grow yours’ and with the same intention we have come up with a SOFTWARE CONSULTANT PROGRAM. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Continue reading and find out more about how it works, what are the benefits, and who are the people involved in the entire process.

The Entities in the Software Consultant Program:

  • Software Partners: Software Partners are those software vendors who wish to collaborate with SoftwareSuggest to sell their software.

  • Software Consultants: Software Consultants are those individuals or organizations who are recruited by SoftwareSuggest to generate fresh offline leads for Software Partners.

The Software Consultant Program Model

It’s a  model with Software Partners at one end, and using SoftwareSuggest as a platform to connect with the fresh leads generated “only” by the Software Consultants positioned at the other end. There is no role played by SoftwareSuggest in the lead generation process.

Our Software Consultants generate fresh and original offline leads and hand over their requirements and information to SoftwareSuggest. We then verify these and forward only relevant leads to the Software Partners. They, in turn, can assign it to their sales team, who will connect with the potential customers to sell their software.

To become a software partner you have to connect your CRM with ours using API. This is a non-negotiable condition. This helps us to get regular updates on the activities being done on the lead and also keeps the Software Consultant Program involved, which in turn increase the chances of sale closures.

Note: You will only have to share data and activities of SoftwareSuggest consultant leads via API, hence the remaining data you have in your CRM will remain safe.

Similarly, to become a Software Consultant Program it is mandatory for you to add all the information about the lead into the CRM platform provided by us. “ Doing this has its own advantages, the Software Consultants will have a clear picture on what happened to the leads generated by them. They will know whether the leads were accepted or rejected during the verification process by SoftwareSuggest.

The most fascinating part about the initiative is that “Software Partners have to pay only on sales closure”.

Note: “We will accept genuine leads only and the rest of them will not be considered”.

The Benefits of Software Consultant Program:

1. Software Partners

Organizations of all size can reap the benefits from our Software Consultant Program. The Program is particularly beneficial for those Software Partners who are still in their nascent stage and do not have a dedicated team for the offline lead generation. On the other hand, the already established ones can power-up their sales process with additional leads generated at a very reasonable cost which would be otherwise equivalent to an employees salary.

These organizations are most welcome to tie up with us, be a part of this program and benefit their business in the most simple yet effective way.

2. Software Consultant

It’s not just the Software Partners, our bucket has some exhilarating benefits for the Software Consultants as well.

A handsome amount of commission will be given to the Software Consultants on the closure of the deals, for which the leads were generated by them.

You have the flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to abide by long-term bonds, complete office hours, work under pressure and stringent timelines or have to worry about achieving targets. You will be your own boss.

Also, this can be a source of additional income, if you are already working full-time and have some additional time when you can get us fresh leads. Here the concept of lead generation is not limited to just cold calling, they can come from anywhere, they can be your friends, your colleagues, and anyone else you come across who are actively looking for a software. So keep your ears and eyes wide open and be a part of this amazing program.

Future Plans

There is yet another concept that SoftwareSuggest is planning to implement in the near future. Here the Software Consultants will not only generate the leads, but they will be the one responsible for selling it. They will connect with the leads, give them the demo, resolve their queries, organize promotional activities and will do almost everything to close the deal successfully. Again the rules will be the same – the partners will only pay for closed deals, you need to integrate your CRM with ours using API.

Be a part of this simple yet effective initiative and change the game of your business. Connect with us soon so that we can help you acquire more customers and ultimately more revenue.

SoftwareSuggest empowers businesses to discover top business software and service partners. Our software experts list, review, compare and offer a free consultation to help businesses find the right software and service solutions as per their requirement. We have helped 500,000+ businesses get the right software and services globally. Get a free consultation today!

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