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Last updated: April 29, 2021

Education Technology has become a game-changer in the 21st Century. With everything transitioning online, it is no surprise that educational institutes are relying on virtual technology to develop, conduct, and assess examinations. While this may sound easy, there are many challenges that you may face managing online exams.

So, what’s the solution? Investing in an online exam system to cater to your unique requirements can streamline all critical processes and drive productivity! While there are tons of variants in the market today, let’s put the spotlight on SpeedExam – a comprehensive online testing solution.

Introduction To SpeedExam

SpeedExam is a panoptic online testing tool that enables you to design, run and sell exams and tests. It is an extensive system that simplifies online testing for assessment, recruitment, selection, appraisals, training and certifications.

Powered with a host of innovative features, Speed Exam has a loyal and growing base of over 20,000 satisfied users. Some of its prominent clients include Microsoft, Amazon, Verizon, Samsung, IBM, Marriott, Maruti Suzuki, Hitachi, and Astra Zeneca.

With SpeedExam, you can create unbiased tests that help you conduct appraisals to promote and reward deserving candidates. Companies can also utilize SpeedExam to deliver training certifications to their employees for professional advancement.

An intelligent recruitment tool, SpeedExam is a must-have asset for recruiters. It enables them to conduct online examinations in various educational institutions and hire the best candidates. Many professional coaching centers utilize SpeedExam to ensure high-quality test material preparation through the automated test-maker software. 

SpeedExam excels in the domain of test creation and stands apart with its user-friendly interface and extremely attractive pricing. Not only can you create periodic assessments for regular student feedback, but you can also design personality aptitude tests for organizational development.

Online testing is where the future lies! In this era of advanced technology, SpeedExam is the perfect solution that empowers you to create and conduct exams on any device, anywhere, anytime. 

SpeedExam Dashboard

With a high emphasis on data security and trusted by leading global organizations, SpeedExam is an all-inclusive platform for all your testing needs. So, let’s dive deeper and understand the various features of SpeedExam that give it an edge over market competitors!

Key Features Of SpeedExam

Enriched with a host of innovative features, SpeedExam offers top-of-the-line functionality. Let’s have a look at some of the prime features that differentiate it from other market offerings. 

1. Concurrent Tests

It is always challenging to conduct many entrance and aptitude tests for campus drives! With SpeedExam, you do not have to worry about handling a huge volume of tests as it can design and run up to 30,000 tests simultaneously. With prior information to SpeedExam’s support team, concurrent tests can be raised to 100,000.

With the automated concurrent test feature, you can plan many online test series at the same time. Hence, you save time by assessing numerous students at the same location or scattered across the globe – a great way to enhance operational efficiency.

Conducting concurrent tests helps organizations optimize resources and get thousands of candidates to appear for examinations simultaneously. The entire process is streamlined to ensure no errors or technical glitches. It is the best way to handle high-volume testing of candidates for campus recruitment drives, placements and educational assessments.

2. Exam Monitor

Managing online exams can be a real problem for most managers and administrators. However, with ExamSpeed, you get to watch exams live! You can easily oversee all vital candidate activity and check their browser, device name, IP address, location details, and the number of exam attempts.

Live monitoring of examinations ensures that exams conducted by SpeedExam are secure, fraud-proof, and accurate. It uses artificial intelligence-enabled proctoring technology to record exams as they happen to ensure no cheating or fraudulent activities.

3. Advanced Test Maker Software

One of the unique aspects of SpeedExam is that it offers the Test Maker software – a state of the art tool for exam practice. With the advanced test maker software, learners from all academic disciplines can create customized tests to help them in exam preparation. It enables students to choose test or tutor mode and also customize fields for the number of questions, difficulty level, and exam levels.

SpeedExam has comprehensive exam settings with unused and flagged questions. The software has automated capabilities to prevent repeated questions and gives a new set to every candidate. As an administrator, all you need to do is create a question bank, and learners can design and save tests for future use. The best part is that learners can also get performance reports through the test maker software to understand their preparation level and improve.

4. Certificate Maker

There’s no doubt that certificates are very important for any person who has cleared an exam as it helps them in job prospects and interviews. With SpeedExam, you get to design your certificates in the customized certificate maker. With 100+ in-built certificate templates, SpeedExam’s certificate maker helps learners get certified for events, aptitude tests, and assessments that are professional and well-designed.

SpeedExam Certificate Maker

If you do not want to opt for a ready certificate template, you can design your certificate by adding a logo, signature, text, and background.  You can also choose to include important details such as candidate name, exam name, score, and certificate number in the certificate.

5. AI Proctoring and Exam Security

There is no doubt that security is a crucial component for any online testing platform. SpeedExam gives utmost importance to security as its prime objective is to conduct online examinations fairly and transparently. It has in-built anti-cheating and malpractice prevention tools that ensure no fraudulent activities hamper the examination process.

SpeedExam gives special attention to strong proctoring practices. It implements smart web proctoring technology where live invigilators can oversee students as they attempt online examinations. In case of any suspicious behaviour, proctors can give an instant warning to candidates and also pause or terminate their examination. The AI-powered system can also be instructed to auto terminate the exam if suspicious activity is detected. The system also records the entire test and keeps the file for up to six months to be accessed at a later stage.

AI Proctoring and Exam Security

Browser monitoring and control is another feature of SpeedExam that aims to prevent cheating during online examinations. It enables test administrators to have control of learner browsers. Hence they can view device screens to avoid switching between tabs and applications. This ensures that the whole online examination process is conducted professionally and no learners get an unfair advantage.

6. Superior Reporting Capabilities

One of SpeedExam’s strongest advantages is its advanced reporting capabilities. It enables you to generate reports that contain test scores, learner progress, and other vital parameters. You can use a host of tools to drill deep and analyze data to make informed decisions.

Superior Reporting Statistics

All reports in SpeedExam can be downloaded and printed easily. With SpeedExam, you get to customize every field in reports so that you capture real-time information and gain a competitive edge instantly.

7. Create And Sell Online Packages

With ExamSpeed, you can create specialized exam test series and sell them through an online store. This feature aids exam coaching and preparation centers as it helps them earn money by selling customized material to the target student base.

Online Package

SpeedExam ensures the entire process of the sale of exam packages is structured and streamlined. Payment is made through PayPal, and upon each successful payment transaction, candidates get access and can immediately take the examination.

8. Multilingual Assessment Software

SpeedExam ensures that language is never a barrier! It has a simplistic user interface that allows you to navigate and take assessments in the most preferred global languages. This allows for students worldwide to take tests and increases the usage of the system.

Multilingual Assessment

A par-excellent online testing platform, SpeedExam constantly adds new languages to the existing list to facilitate a more extensive learner base. It also enables you to customize logos, backgrounds, and layout as per your theme for a better assessment experience.

9. Self-Registration

Most exam managers and administrators find registration a time-consuming and tedious task. SpeedExam automates the process by providing a customized form builder to enter required fields to capture important candidate information.

SpeedExam’s form builders eliminate tons of paperwork and streamline the registration process to reduce errors, increase speed and efficiency. It facilitates test administrators to register large volumes of candidates for campus drives, performance appraisals, or conducting aptitude tests. This reduces the manual dependency and helps in storing candidate data for later use.

10. White-Labelled

SpeedExam has an advanced theme builder that enables users to customize the look and feel of the assessment experience. You can create a perfectly simulated environment for all your recruitment, aptitude, or personality examinations. 


With SpeedExam, you can customize the background template, typography, layout, colors, and question placement to provide a consistent user experience. It is a versatile platform that can empower you with complete design control to enhance your online testing journey. With the paid version, you can brand the platform as you see fit, making it a part of your organisation.

11. Competitive pricing and Comprehensive Support

SpeedExam’s loyal customers from over 130 countries will vouch for the most competitive pricing offered in the online assessment marketplace. With a free plan offering 25 free attempts every month without an expiration date, the customer is given ample time to test out the features to make an informed decision. For requirements exceeding 25 per month, the paid plans offered are transparent and extremely cost-effective. Customized plans for organisations can be availed at reduced prices. 

SpeedExam also offers unparalleled round the clock support and the team goes out of their way to give demonstrations and have any features included for customers.

12. SMS Integration

With advanced API integrations, SpeedExam makes it possible for you to send SMS to registered candidates directly from the Admin account. You need to enter required details such as the name, username, and password of the candidate to send them messages containing exam dates, log-in details, and other information.

Sending personalized messages to your candidates through automated SMS integration is a huge advantage! It facilitates the open flow of communication and helps to send instant alerts and notifications to learners.

Upcoming Features

As with any online platform, SpeedExam is also constantly evolving and updating. With new features always in the pipeline, let’s have a look at what’s in store.

  • Increased exam security with a new cross-platform browser control feature, ExamSafe, to lock down the system when an exam begins
  • Candidate mobile app to enforce enhanced exam safety and increase convenience
  • Auto Translate integration to completely eliminate the language barrier
  • Security patches to secure encrypted data storage and transfer
  • More robust APIs
  • Anonymous grading and proctoring
  • New question types and more stringent admin restrictions for instructors.

The Final Word

SpeedExam is an all-inclusive tool that empowers users to create, run, and assess online examinations. It is a must-have asset, especially in the current digital era where organizations rely on virtual technology to evaluate learners and employees in different fields.

Packed with a host of innovative features, SpeedExam stands apart from market competitors due to its user-friendly interface that is easily navigable and requires minimum training. With a prime focus on data security, SpeedExam aims to streamlines all crucial aspects of online testing to save time, improve accuracy and bottom-line results.

A market leader in the domain of online testing, we give SpeedExam a definite thumbs up! If you are on the lookout for an automated platform for online testing, do invest in SpeedExam to enjoy an excellent user experience!

You can know more about SpeedExam from its website or its SoftwareSuggest Product Profile Page.

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