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Last updated: July 8, 2021

The hospitality industry has been one of the worst affected sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic, with several hotel and travel chains struggling to adjust to new norms and guidelines. The ‘New Normal’ for hotel businesses comprises better hygiene-related standards, contactless yet personalized guest experiences, flexibility with guest check-ins and checkouts and digital finesse that simplify operations and maximize revenues.

This review will focus on StayFlexi – an All-in-One hotel and vacation rental management solution designed to help properties automate processes, maximize revenues, and simplify operations. This cloud-based solution is designed to help hotel chains and BnBs with property management, channel management, POS, housekeeping management, revenue management, and much more with great ease. Stayflexi’s fundamental differentiator is its flexible stays concept, hoteliers can accommodate guests when they arrive early or late with more certainty.

So let’s get to know what StayFlexi is all about.

Introduction to StayFlexi

StayFlexi is the world’s first fully autonomous hospitality management platform that facilitates end-to-end automation and flexible bookings. This SaaS-based property management software helps hotels and vacation rentals manage sales, marketing, and operations under single sign-on. 


StayFlexi has been designed to help hoteliers and their staff manage and monitor several aspects of hospitality on fingertips. The application has both web-based and mobile applications that help you manage multiple properties on the go with real-time insights. It offers a flexible booking and pricing model to attract customers who often ask for early check-ins and late checkouts.

Stayflexi Flexible Usage.

StayFlexi’s dynamic dashboard offers a holistic view of your bookings, arrivals, and departures. It allows you to view available rooms, revenues collected, and occupancy rates, besides allowing you to filter and search entries through different criteria.

Stayflexi's Dynamic Dashboard

Keeping up with the current times, StayFlexi has come up with contactless check-in and check-out services covering payments, room services, and verifications as well. The application also allows you to manage your in-house service shops like spas, bars, salons, travel desks with POS services to boost revenues.

StayFlexi helps you manage different properties through a single dashboard, add admins/sub-admins, and derive several performance insights to gauge how each unit has been performing. It helps you automate your property’s online distribution and optimize bookings with its flexible channel managers. 

Using StayFlexi’s integrated interface, you can manage hotel bookings, room prices, and inventory across all Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). The software connects your property with over 100 popular OTA channels, enabling you to improve the reach of your property and distribute your room inventory evenly.

Stayflexi's Integrated Interface

Apart from the other features, StayFlexi helps you get real-time notifications about your property components, get rid of overbookings/cancellations and make instant settlements. Moreover, it accepts over 50 popular global currencies and integrates with multiple gateways to track and speed up all transactions, be it cash, card, bank payments, or digital wallets.

Let us now delve deeper and discover the best features in StayFlexi.

Key Features of StayFlexi

With StayFlexi, you get multiple advanced and customizable features to manage different business operations. Here are a few of them that caught our eye:

1. Autonomous Property Management

StayFlexi makes your hotel property more accommodative since it allows flexible booking timings, time-bound shots and early check-ins/late check-outs. Using its Reservation Grid module, you can book rooms, add hours, choose rate plans, add customer details and get rooms reserved instantly. Moreover, the system automatically calculates the total tariff based on the type of booking, date, number of guests and taxes applicable. You can technically run your property with no front desk.

Stayflexi Autonomous Property Management

StayFlexi helps you automate your housekeeping by providing a digital cleaning and maintenance scheduler where you can assign rooms to staff for cleaning based on their condition. The HouseKeeping module enables you to view the condition of each room, i.e., clean or dirty, and filter them using different criteria like the room number, occupant name, checkout date, booking ID, etc.

Steyflexi House Keeping

2. Dynamic Pricing & Inventory Control

StayFlexi enables you to set up dynamic pricing rules for different occupancy rates. You can define rules for different days, choose where these rules apply and define custom rules for various accommodation types.

Stayflexi Dynamic Pricing

The application also enables you to control your inventory with respect to multiple channels. For example, the inventory calendar allows you to select inventory and pricing data for different room types. You can also edit the price and availability of rooms each day and choose whether or not to display the base price.

Stayflexi Inventory Calendar

3. POS & Sales Engine

StayFlexi helps you upsell your in-house amenities and shops through its POS and sales engine. The application allows you to create contactless POS billing for your gift shops, spas, restaurants, etc. After setting up a shop, you can add multiple products, take orders, and associate orders to current guests or shops in your facility.

Stayflexi POS

Stayflexi's POS

With StayFlexi’s new Sales Engine module, hotels can sell various additional services, offer stay upgrades or modify self-check-ins for guests. The interface also helps hoteliers settle dues through integrated payment gateways, view/share current and previous bills, and add notes to invoices while editing.

Stayflexi Sales Engine

4. Revenue & Reputation Management

StayFlexi helps you manage all sources of your revenue, be it promotions, rate plans, pricing and capping, setting dynamic pricing rules or flexibility restrictions. It has inbuilt rate templates and a calendar that allows you to pre-set rates based on the season. Hence you can automatically configure what your hotel rates and pricing rules will be in the prime season (when footfall is the most) and during the lean season. 

Stayflexi Revenue Management

Another great feature of StayFlexi is its ability to allow you to manage your online reputation. It helps you fetch your hotel’s reviews posted on several OTA platforms like Expedia, Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, etc. It allows you to reply to those reviews directly from the application.

5. Folios & Direct Billing

The ‘Folios’ module in StayFlexi enables you to view all previous and current customer invoices. You can use this module for settling dues and create custom configurations for your booking and POS folios or guest reservation cards.

Stayflexi Folios

The Direct Billing module is useful for businesses dealing with Corporate Travel Agents (CTAs). You can use this section for dealing with individuals/businesses who work on and off, often providing them credit or cash before or after transactions. For example, if a travel agent gets you additional revenues regularly, you can pay him/her in cash or bank transfers at the end/beginning of every month. 

6. Reports & Analytics

StayFlexi helps you stay aware of how your business is growing by providing you with several types of property and log reports. Apart from the StayFlexi Master Report that covers all aspects of your hotel business, there are various reports designed for Managers, Front Desk, and employees that can be scheduled as your needs. For example, the FlexCollect reports helps you see the data for rooms that were booked online and take guests’ credit card details (with platforms like, which helps prevent no-shows.

Stayflexi Report and Analytics

The StayFlexi application also enables you to view various statistics related to your bookings and shops starting from total revenue generated to total orders/rooms booked. The data for the selected period is also represented by graphs and charts which you can filter based on your needs.

7. Mobile Application

StayFlexi helps you go truly mobile with ‘Orchestra’, its mobile app for iOS and Android. It helps you manage all hotel operations on the move from your smartphone and get information about your business from anywhere. 

Stayflexi Mobile App

Even the mobile application offers a dashboard and inventory calendar to help you manage bookings, occupancy, payments, and verifications. The Orchestra app helps you mark and allocate rooms, change tariff rates, modify check-ins and check-outs, and get a quick overview of your occupancy levels in real-time.

Apart from the above features, StayFlexi offers quick notifications for every modification made into a system and informs you about bookings that you can expect. The application works in multiple languages and can be configured for different users. Additionally, StayFlexi has a robust support team and an easy-to-use interface that helps your staff master the application in just a few days.

Our Final Verdict

StayFlexi is an end-to-end hotel management and monitoring solution that automates multiple processes and empowers hoteliers through intelligent technology. Its innovative modules help you manage everything from bookings, payments, pricing, housekeeping, and reputation with a few simple steps.

Stayflexi All in One Software

StayFlexi not only helps owners handle all aspects of their business online and offline but also offers an in-depth understanding of business through advanced reports and analytics. The application is built keeping in mind the present and future needs of the hotel industry and provides all the necessary features to help take your hotel to the next level. Due to the above features and functionalities, we are inclined to give StayFlexi a perfect-ten in our ratings and consider it to be a highly useful application for hotels of every size and type.

What do you think of StayFlexi? Let us know in the comments below.

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