4 Simple Steps to Secure Your Business Website



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Last updated: November 24, 2018

Recent years have shown businesses that cyber attacks are not a rare problem. With the increase in hackers and viruses corrupting many websites, there is no wonder that companies are looking for new ways to increase their website security for users. A more secure website will also increase your reliability among consumers; without this security, you can damage your sales and investment over time. Making a website secure can be a tricky task for many businesses, as people often don’t know where to start when it comes to security. However, there are some simple steps you can follow to build a secure business website.

1. Protect user data

People visit your site in the hopes of learning more about you and your services. When they sign up for email alerts, make a login account with you, or buy from your online store, you will have their user data stored on your system. With data breaches being common for businesses, you should make sure to protect their data by asking them to make a password and prohibiting the storage of payment details with your company. Reducing the amount of information at risk makes it much easier to manage a security threat in the future.

2. Use a secure hosting service

Sometimes, it is better to use a reliable hosting service, who will be able to remove a lot of security threats with ease. This is ideal for businesses who don’t have much time to commit to creating a secure website from scratch, but who still want to prioritize the security of their site. One of the most popular options is using virtual private server hosting which is also very cost effective for businesses.

3. Obtain an SSL

Many websites will have an e-commerce store, where consumers can buy goods or services. While this is necessary to some businesses, it also presents more problems for security, as this is where sensitive information of users is more vulnerable. It is therefore integral to promise a secure checkout process so that people can enter the customer experience knowing their details will all be kept safe. The best way to do this is by obtaining an SSL. Otherwise known as a Secure Socket Layer, it encrypts any information that passes between the user and your website. People will recognize that you have an SSL when they first enter your website, through the small, green lock symbol at next to your web address in the search bar.

4. Run regular back-ups

There have been many cases of business losing data. Not from hacks, but from failing to backup details given by users in the past. Just like backing up a messaging chat on your mobile device, running regular back-ups of your system will allow you to keep your user data intact. This saves a business much time and money that would be spent rebuilding their email lists and installing extra safety features. The great news is that you often don’t need to run these back-ups manually, as some systems will allow you to enable automated back-ups.

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