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Last updated: March 2, 2021

Introduction: InnkeyPMS

InnkeyPMS is a well-known cloud-based Hotel Management ERP and Property Management Software which is famous for very its quick service, better staff productivity, cost control and profit-boosting features. All these services provided by InnkeyPMS quickly helped it gain popularity worldwide. The company was growing big, hotels from all over the world wanted to have these software for their hotel business.

Obstacles for InnkeyPMS on its journey to success

With the company’s customer base expanding across different countries it became difficult for the company to reach its potential customer. It started to lose its customers as most of the time all they get to hear was busy tones. Keeping a track of phone calls that went answered was getting difficult and even reaching them again due to time zone difference was an added trouble. Due to International Tariffs, such customers kept their calls short due to which it was not able to market its products properly. There was an exponential increase in the incoming calls while the outgoing calls remain linear. Customers are the heartbeat of any business and losing this was becoming quite frustrating for InnkeyPMS. In addition to this, it also became very difficult for Monkey’s internal teams stationed in different countries to connect with each other.

SoftwareSuggest to the rescue

This is when the company resorted to SoftwareSuggest with an Intention that it may help it find the right business solution.

The first and the foremost thing we did was, indulged in a conversation with InnkeyPMS associates and jotted down the problems they were facing and the kind of features they were looking for. They were looking for a solution that could offer minimal call rates making it a cost-effective solution for its customers and help them slash down their operational cost. We were also looking for a cloud phone system that could offer call recording capability, as this meant we could monitor calls, gain insights into the business and our customers. Getting a cloud-based virtual number was the perfect solution that would have met their expectations.

We advised them that virtual numbers will not only be a perfect fit at present but it will also give them the flexibility to scale up the operations as the business continues to grow.

Thus, we started looking for the best virtual number providers in the market which would provide all these features plus are cost effective and have virtual numbers available for most of the countries. CallHippo was where our search came to a pause and the rest is history.

SoftwareSuggest helps InnkeyPMS go that extra mile.

The benefits it started reaping after using CallHippo virtual number were outstanding. They were enabled to handle multiple calls simultaneously thus reducing the long wait hours. If one of their agents was busy the call was automatically transferred to the next agent in the team. Missing of calls were not a major issue now the phone system was smart enough to send them reminders and notifications of the unfinished task. With SoftwareSuggest recommendation their business was now available 24 hours. If no one picks up, the IVR system can let them know what are the business hours and when they can call Innkey back. The international customers were not reluctant anymore as they were no heavy international tariffs imposed on the virtual numbers. Also, they were now able to connect to multiple teams located in various countries around the world without any hitch in the process.

With SoftwareSuggest and Callhippo combined efforts, the company revenue increased to 18.3% in a very short span. Innkey currently operates in 11 countries and has 400+ clients with 17000 rooms managed. We are extremely privileged to help the organization find a right business solution that has helped it go that extra mile.

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