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Nilam Oswal

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Last updated: November 28, 2017

Started by Anup Agarwal and Varun Biyani, SuperProcure is an innovative SaaS product to manage your day-to-day logistics movement. It’s logistics management software is cloud-based, so it doesn’t require you to install any app. You can access it from any device or browser as long as it’s connected to the internet.

Startup Talk with Anup Agarwal,

Can you briefly walk us through each of your background and your entrepreneurial journey so far?

Ans. I bring more than 10 years of varied experience in the field of finance, operations, and business management in the Agro and heavy metal industry. I also have an experience of managing my own family’s clothing business based out of Purulia, WB. I have a Management degree from IIM-Lucknow.

My co-founder Varun is Software Engineer from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and has a rich experience in the distribution and logistics industry. He has worked with domestic and international logistics companies and worked on various technologies such as data analytics and automating business processes.

How did you come up with the idea? What made you think that there was a need for something like SuperProcure?

Ans. As we were closely dealing with the people who manage logistics at a distribution or manufacturing facility, we could observe that they were totally stressed and were using basic/minimalistic technology, while interacting with the daily spot market, to manage their day to day activities such as taking quotes, allotting the truckload requirement and negotiating with their carriers. We were surprised to see the red notebooks (laal khaata) used in some of the prestigious brands in India to manage the day-to-day truckload allocation.

To add to that, the daily vehicle log, tracking report, accounts settling was creating a huge trail of emails, which was frustrating both the freighter (owner of goods) and the service provider. This is how the idea behind SuperProcure took shape.

How did you manage fund? And in what time?

Ans. We are a completely bootstrapped company and have always been frugal with our spending. We always believe that if the product is good and solves an unmet need, will always be lucrative to investors.

How does SuperProcure make money?

Ans. SuperProcure is a SaaS platform to manage your day-to-day logistics need, we charge our clients on a pay-per-use model and customizations if any are charged separately.

How SuperProcure solves the problem?

Ans. Well, SuperProcure significantly reduces the number of man-hours spent in the managing the daily logistics workflow such as posting requirements, taking quotes from carriers, negotiating with them and allocating the requirements. Transportation rates (freight amount) is very sensitive to time as it’s a demand and supply game, so the later you reach out to the daily spot market to take the quotes, chances are the prices would be higher. So in a way, Superprocure helps you bring down your logistics spend and brings in the much-needed automation in this space.

To throw a cherry on the top, the data that gets generated from the system is pure gold and makes up for some very interesting analysis.

Which is a major challenge are you facing right now?

Ans. Since we are operating in the B2B sales space, the sales cycle is prolonged and it takes a while to move the corporate machinery and especially the logistics department to adopt the technology.

Can you mention any software that is helping your business to run smoothly?

Ans. We use Pipedrive extensively to manage our leads and closures.

If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

Ans. Probably sitting somewhere in a coffee shop and brainstorming about an unmet need in the market which could be solved with technology.

What is entrepreneurship according to you?

Ans. Its a way of life, which needs discipline, dedication and a lot of perseverance.

What message would you like to give to upcoming Startups?

Ans. Love the problem not the solution. Focus on sales, the product will never be perfect.

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