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Last updated: August 13, 2021

With great strides in technology over the past two decades, the world as we know it has undergone a sea change. With data becoming the new oil, cyber-attacks have become more frequent and menacing. Therefore, data and digital identity protection have become essential to almost all industries, creating a massive demand for rapid and reliable authentication.

With the world economy opening up and introducing digital currency, the present decade has witnessed the rapid digitization of service, networks, operations, and supply chain models.

In addition, connected devices (IoT) and machine-to-machine interactions have become more common, with augmented intelligence and automation gradually taking over. As such, both individuals and organizations have come to realize that simple passwords just aren’t enough to secure their networks and resources. 

Be it computer systems, databases, websites, or other network-based applications that you have, proper authentication can be a great way to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data assets. Digital authentication is the need of the hour since it makes your data less vulnerable to security breaches and unauthorized access and creates an efficient way to confirm users’ identities. 

Sadly, most digital authentication technologies can be pretty expensive and difficult to fit into existing systems. Moreover, they follow complex verification procedures, work with static information, and seldom work in poor network conditions.

Thus, there is a pressing need for an agile, efficient, secure, and cost-effective solution that can transform traditional authentication. Through this review, we will be looking at swIDch Auth SDK a pathbreaking authentication solution that recently received the ‘Authentication Solution of the Year’ award at Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards 2020.

So let’s dive in to discover what this innovative authentication technology is all about and what it can do.

What is swIDch Auth SDK?

swIDch is a multi-award-winning authentication and cybersecurity solution that helps users design faster, more robust connected devices and highly effective security measures for various industries. This all-in-one software development kit (SDK) offers various authentication features, allowing you to build your identification solution from scratch.

From customer access management to enterprise security solutions, swIDch Auth SDK can be used in various industries. It consists of three robust authentication functions, including a standard biometric authentication of global standards, an ingenious one-time random code authentication, and a simplistic two-step verification technology to help developers and organizations create trustworthy applications. Its server module consists of an Authentication Server Module, Admin Web Module, and an RP server interface module.

swIDch Auth SDK

swIDch Auth SDK offers high-end authentication technology for seamless and efficient identification without hefty R&D expenses on solution development, system deployment, etc. It allows seamless insertion of the technology into your existing applications, saving you time, investment and hassle. In addition, the application would also help system integration firms needing fast and stable system development based on proven authentication technology.

Authentications Offered by swIDch

swIDch Auth SDK offers the following types of authentications:


This globally recognized verification technology offers verification via biometrics, patterns, QR codes, PINs, digital signatures, server administration, private key, and encryption. The FIDO-certified authentication technology is both more straightforward and more secure as compared to traditional password methods. Moreover, there is also no chance of forgetting passwords since verification is based on biometric authentication.


swIDch Auth SDK’s secondary verification mobile OTP can create strong self-authentication by creating one-time passwords using a smartphone app without any security card. It generates OTPs by entering a PIN, offering superior security with minimal cost and infrastructure required.


The one-time authentication code (OTAC) technology has over 170 global patents due to its ability to create OTACs that cannot be duplicated, reused, or altered without communicating with the server. OTAC is the world’s first one-way dynamic code that can help users generate random one-time codes offline without any connection with servers. 

OTAC does not duplicate verification codes with any user at a given time, identifying users with the code alone without the presence of any networks. Thus, it compensates for weaknesses posed by static user credentials and high network reliance, eliminating the need for a token-generating infrastructure, reducing server loads and costs involved.

swIDch Auth SDK package includes a client module containing an Android, iOS library and sample application projects in Java, Swift, and Object-C for easy learning and adoption. In addition, it supports maximum server configuration, including servers for development, testing, production, replication, and disaster recovery. 

Before swIDch Auth SDK came into existence, the ability to generate dynamic codes for user identification without a network was deemed impossible. Moreover, authentication solutions had to be weaved into existing frameworks, which was time-consuming, expensive, and disrupted work. Therefore, using swIDch Auth SDK gave its users some unique advantages, which are discussed in the following section.

Advantages of swidch Auth SDK

Let us now take a look at some of the significant benefits you can get from using swIDch.

1. Cost-Effective

With authentication becoming more and more critical for firms today, the cost of even the most basic verification solutions is pretty steep. Apart from the technology itself, you would also need to spend on its installation, deployment, maintenance, and training. However, since swIDch Auth SDK allows you to insert its authentication solution into your existing applications simply, prices are much lower as compared to packaged authentication solutions.

2. World-class Security

swIDch Auth SDK is globally recognized for being a game-changer in authentication, and yet, its core technology (OTAC) has been carefully safeguarded with several patents. Thus you get the highest cybersecurity standards through a highly secure and freshly-created authentication solution that makes your systems virtually immune to hackers.

3. Seamless Insertion

As discussed previously, swIDch Auth SDK allows you to insert its technology directly into your applications and networks, which saves time and development efforts. Your application’s authentication processes become secure almost instantly while using lesser resources. This is exceptionally vital to system integration firms that spend a lot of time and money creating custom identity verification applications.

4. Customizability

Another significant advantage of using swIDch Auth SDK is the high degree of customization it offers. Developers can use it to create highly complex applications combining biometrics (FIDO), passwords (MOTP), and tokenization (OTAC) technologies as per organizational requirements as scale it as the company grows. 

Applications of swidch Auth SDK

Due to the numerous benefits it offers, swIDch Auth SDK has applications in various sectors and industries. Let’s take a look at some of the typical industry issues it can help overcome.

1. Digital Payments

Despite their popularity, debit, credit, and other payment cards are highly unsafe for usage. Moreover, the information on such cards is constantly exposed and static, making their owners susceptible to card-not-present frauds.

swIDch Auth SDK can be of great help in such scenarios, helping banks/institutions create static cards with no visible card information present. Using swIDch, you can create dynamic one-time card numbers for each transaction and use fingerprint technology to activate the payment card. Such cards would also be able to work in harsh environments and can be used to create card numbers for 3rd parties.

2. Corporate Employee Verification

Enterprises and conglomerates often have offices in different parts of the world, where a lot of employees work in different shifts. To make their systems and networks invulnerable to cyber-attacks and prevent unauthorized access to their data, they too can adopt swIDch for more robust security without relying on traditional card punching systems.

Besides physical security breaches, digital break-ins are becoming increasingly common as more and more people are working from home. Thus before allowing access to your remote workforce to access your confidential data, you can use swIDch to verify users through a dynamic key instantly.

3. Internet of Things

Today, we live in a world of connected devices, where everything from a Bluetooth speaker to a military drone can be activated remotely if not secured well enough. Presently, there is no secure method to authenticate users through their voice, which raises a significant safety concern.

However,  swIDch Auth SDK can solve this problem by generating an OTAC from a user’s device locally and transmitting authentication codes via ultrasonic waves. Then, the user can simply read out the received code loud for the IoT device to authenticate.

4. Hospitality

 swIDch Auth SDK can be used to solve multiple problems faced by the hospitality industry. While hotels and restaurants can use this technology to verify guests, it can also be used by shopping centers for customer verification. Such issues can be solved effectively by generating digital keys from the user’s device without relying on servers or internet connectivity.

Apart from the above applications, swIDch can also be very useful in machine-to-machine communication (M2M), banking, and defense/military applications. Furthermore, organizations working on authentication technology wanting to reduce their development time and cost, and boost efficiency can also be benefited from swIDch Auth SDK. Additionally, security solution providers can use the application to improve their authentication standards and effectiveness. 

The Final Verdict

swIDch Auth SDK is a powerful application that eliminates digital identity frauds through technologies like FIDO, MOTP, and its patented OTAC. It offers robust security while providing faster integrations at lower costs. In addition, OTAC is both lightweight and cost-saving, making it very easy to implement in a variety of applications.

Considering the above features, advantages, and overall potential of the solution, we are inclined to give swIDch a ‘Perfect Ten’ in our review, firmly believing that it would change the face of authentication and cybersecurity in the coming years.

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