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Last updated: September 17, 2021

Manufacturing, distribution, and retail are bedrock events for any jewellery business. The jewellery industry is volatile and subject to constant market fluctuations; hence investing in an automated ERP solution increases operational efficiency.

With a competitive business ecosystem and market trends changing at an unprecedented rate, jewellery manufacturers and retailers have no room for errors or manual dependencies. This is the prime reason investing in a jewellery ERP management system is the need of the hour!

Today, we bring the spotlight on Synergics – a comprehensive jewellery ERP software that can reduce business complexities and streamline all critical processes for jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Read on to know more about this all-in-one solution and how it can help your jewellery business surge ahead of the competition.

Introduction To Synergics

Synergics Solutions is an all-inclusive jewellery management ERP platform that is designed keeping in mind the complexities of the jewellery industry today. It is a simple and user-friendly platform ideal for any jewellery manufacturing unit, wholesaler business, or retail unit. 

A cloud-based solution, Synergics has a range of innovative features that can be accessed by jewellery manufacturers or retailers anytime and anywhere, giving them complete mobility over business operations. Over the decades, it has a trusted international clientele of loyal patrons and is the number one market brand for jewellery ERP software. In-house manufacturing, on-demand orders known as outsourcing manufacturing, or jewellery retail stores- Synergics is an all-inclusive package that solves all your jewellery management requirements.

Synergics is a seamlessly integrated end-to-end software solution for jewellery.  It handles all functions for jewellery businesses that handle complete supply chain management right from purchase, inventory, and order management to sourcing, sales, and financial accounting. The system is entirely scalable and can accommodate business growth and diversification, without any hassles. It also has a wide repository of over 3000+ reports that are configurable and provide you with real-time data at a glance.

Security is also a prime concern for Synergics, and it is on Amazon Web servers that implement stringent security protocols; hence there is no risk to sensitive organizational data. So, let us move ahead and dive deeper to have a look at the key features of Synergics jewellery software for manufacturers.

Key Features of Synergics

Synergics is an ideal jewellery ERP suite for in-house manufacturers, whether they have their production unit or subcontract the manufacturing work to a third party. It automates workflows and enhances the visibility of overall business processes to increase efficiency in daily operations. Some of the key modules for Synergics cloud-based ERP for jewellery manufacturing include:

  • Manufacturing Module: A key functionality, this module enables manufacturers to produce items in a timely manner and develop optimized processes that save time, money, and effort. It has many smart features such as:
      • The facility of auto-generation of job bags on saving the sales order.
      • The provision to define an automated routing process.
      • Structured optimization of resources by work center-wise/worker-   wise job allocation and tracking.
      • Complete track of the manufacturing of two-tone jewellery where every model can be handled individually.
      • The issue of different styles for the melting process; hence, the user can issue styles of two-tone for melting and take the partial return of individual metals.
      • Work center tracking for productivity and losses for both machines and workers.
      • Separate provision for quality control parameters making it easy for users to define the quality control remarks in the master where they can be linked to individual operations.
      • Facility to calculate pre-manufacturing and post-manufacturing cost.
      • Refining feature to facilitate recycling process of metal dust and getting the refined metal back.
  • Job Work Module: This module enables the generation of work chit as per the attached sample. It streamlines the certification of metal such as Hallmark/KDM with losses. Synergics facilitates job work return with labor charges; and allows the agreed wastage or metal loss %, hence if a work item is found faulty, then the labor paid to the job-worker must be adjusted. It also enables job-work issues with any sample that may be the user’s sample, customer’s sample, or a buyback sample. 
  • Purchase Module: One of the key strengths of Synergics is that it supports multiple purchase transactions that include outright purchase through outright purchase (purchase order, goods receipt note, and Purchase invoice), consignment (purchase consignment order, Goods Receipt on Consignment, Consignment goods return, and Consignment purchase confirmation), or memo purchase ( memo purchase order, Memo goods receipt, goods returned, Memo Purchase Confirmation). This makes it easy for jewellery manufacturing units to automate various types of purchase transactions and also conduct seamless purchase returns to the vendor.
  • Inventory Management: With Synergics, jewellery manufacturers can maintain the opening and closing stock of all finished, Raw Material, and unfinished items (Work in Progress). It becomes easy to track inventories up to the bin and counter level, and the system also facilitates extensive lot management. Inventory management is further streamlined through barcoding where items can be given fixed and variable barcodes.
  • Cataloging: Synergics has a simple system for cataloging items from stock and masters. This makes it easy for users to search for items with the click of a button. The item search can be customized based on specific parameters such as item attributes, gold weight, price, diamond weight, and stone weight. Users can search for items either from stock or item masters. Synergics also has the facility to select the desired items by adding them to the cart and then generating an order/estimate/sales invoice directly.

  • Financial Accounting: One of the key capabilities of Synergics is the financial accounting module that automates auto-posting of Receivables and Payables and calculations and reduces error margins.
      • Cost Center: The system has the capability to define multiple levels of cost centers.
      • Auto Calculation of FOREX Gain/Loss: With Synergics, users can automatically calculate the FOREX gain/loss per invoice/bill and post it to the respective ledger internally.
      • Bank Reconciliation: Synergics makes it possible for automated bank reconciliation by uploading bank statements/ data that is received in a soft copy from the bank.
      • Budget: This module enables users to define and track the budget for the expenses and control the budget on a real-time basis.
      • Multiple Levels of Voucher Approval: Synergics has a multiple-level approval hierarchy for accounting vouchers, with complete tracking and drilling down options.

Synergics is not only a great platform for jewellery manufacturers but also a smart option for retailers. It has dedicated modules for jewellery retail management that streamline workflows and drive productivity in routine operations. Some of its key features include:

      • Point Of Sale (POS): Synergics is an all-in-one solution that can engage customers right from the moment they walk into the store. It has a kiosk-friendly touch screen interface that enables customers to select specific jewellery pieces with all search parameters. Once a piece has been chosen by a customer, the system can generate an estimation with a detailed price breakup. With Synergics, jewellery retailers can automate the billing process to ensure better accuracy and speed.
      • Customer Loyalty: One of the biggest advantages of Synergics jewellery management ERP is the in-built customer loyalty application. It seamlessly allows a customer to check in on the number of points accumulated and they can redeem the points at the time of billing. The more the customer shops, the more points are accumulated in their accounts and the levels get upgraded.
      • Customer Relationship Management: Synergics is a smart solution for jewellery retailers that allows them to enhance the customer experience and boost retention. It creates a detailed customer profile with all important information that captures events such as birthdays and anniversaries. The system automatically sends messages to customers about offers and discounts on their special days and allows users to group family members together so that offers can be given based on their requirements. Customer relationship management becomes a breeze with Synergics as you can track all customer information in a single click and resolve queries faster.
      • Lost Opportunity Analysis: It is important for jewellery retailers to be aware of customer demands and take proactive actions to boost sales. The system records the interests or preferences of any walk-in customers and also allots follow up dates against respective salespersons. With Synergics, you can create a detailed summary report about the wins and losses of every salesperson to analyze their sales and take informed measures to enhance their performance.

      • Order Management: Synergics jewellery ERP simplifies the process of made-to-order jewellery. Any order can be booked in a hassle-free manner by showing the masters catalogue or even by taking up any design selected by the customer. The system validates the order after receiving a fixed amount of advance and keeps the customer informed at various stages of the order process by sending them emails about the production stage. The order process mechanism in Synergics is completely traceable to boost visibility and customer engagement at every stage.
      • Exchange And BuyBack Of Old Gold: One of the most important aspects of any jewellery retail store is exchanging old gold products and its buy back transactions. Synergics streamlines the process of exchange of old gold items as per the current business environment and prevailing rates. It supports the complete buy back of old gold jewellery based on the value and weight. The system facilitates a transparent exchange process and shares the estimated price based on accurate valuations.
      • Multiple and Dynamic Pricing: Synergics has multiple pricing rules that cover the pricing aspects for all aspects of jewellery retailing. It enables users to configure the pricing and also provides for complex ‘Do It Yourself’ pricing. The system has integrated pricing with the flexibility to work with retailers of MRP-based selling and even daily gold-rate based pricing. The robust formula builder can easily define prices and the respective dependent criteria to automate processes and reduce dependency on the vendor.

      • Procurement: Synergics is powered by artificial intelligence tools that make it hassle-free to procure items required for jewellery sale. Synergics jewellery ERP software allows the procurement of raw materials like gold, silver, stones. The system can also manage the purchase of ancillary items such as gift boxes or packaging. It supports dual units of measurement for stones (carats and pieces), and the user can create masters at the time of purchase.

      • Barcoding: The pillar stone of a successful jewellery business is the uniqueness of every piece. Synergics ensures that barcodes and RFID tags work seamlessly with the system. This makes it easy to control and track stock and all the variances are pointed out through a simple click. One useful feature is that repricing in the system does not change the need to re-barcode items, and the new prices are automatically fetched when the barcode is scanned. Synergics facilitates the scanning of barcodes from any handheld scanner, tablet, and smartphone, making the process simple and user-friendly.

The Final Word

Undoubtedly, Synergics is the best jewellery ERP software in the market that can take care of manufacturing, subcontracting, and retail aspects of jewellery management. Some reasons to choose this dynamic solution include:

      • Synergics is a completely browser-based system that runs on platforms such as MAC and Windows.
      • A user-friendly interface with a sharp learning curve makes the system suitable for quick seamless transactions.
      • Synergics has been tested for many concurrent users and is built on a robust back-end application with an auto backup facility.
      • The system is scalable, and users can increase the capacity at any time in case of business expansion or diversification.
      • Reporting is one of the major strengths of Synergics as it allows users to generate customized reports to enhance decision making.
      • Synergics is the best platform for multi-location businesses as it provides real-time information to increase team collaboration and productivity.

Developed with the latest cloud computing technology, Synergics jewellery ERP is a must-try for all kinds of jewellery business units. The system receives a perfect ten score and a big thumbs up for its innovative features, advanced reporting, and detailed jewellery management functionalities!

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