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Last updated: May 2, 2021

Organizations employ people to perform useful work. The success of an organization depends on the efficient performance of the tasks or goals that are assigned to the employees. Employee Performance Management System ensures that employees are performing what is expected of them, and are helping to achieve the company objectives. We had tremendous feedback on Customer Purchasing Insights for Human Resource Management Software.

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Employee Performance Management is a year-long process, it encompasses the following activities:

  • The manager sets goals for employees.
  • Managers and employees have a healthy and agile discussion on performance throughout the year. Manager provides feedback on performance, coaches and guides employees and helps in course correction and achieving the goals.
  • At the end of the year, there is a formal performance review.

In current days, Performance management instead of being a year-long process has been reduced to a once-a-year review of performance and instead of fostering collaboration among employees to achieve goals, has resulted in comparisons and unhealthy competitions among employees. Due to this reason, a lot of fortune 500 companies are redefining their performance management system and smaller companies are following suite. These organizations are trying to bring in newer practices within the existing performance management system framework.

Synergita recognizes the importance of agile performance management and offers a perfect blend of traditional performance management and modern performance management practices.

Synergita - Inculcate Performance Culture for your employees

Why Synergita?

  • Helps managers to provide meaningful feedback in a shorter period of time. Brings inconsistency across the managers while providing rating and feedback.
  • Reduces the amount of time required for HR to complete the entire performance appraisal cycle. Follow-ups and reminders are automated in Synergita. Appraisal letters can be printed out from the system. It provides quick snap-shots on the process status, recommendations, complete & meaningful report to HR.
  • Helps in bringing out meaningful, usable feedback on employees, which HR can trust and use in their talent planning activities. The analysis results such as 9 quadrant analysis, Weakness areas of the organization, etc. will be more realistic and will help HR to focus on addressing these issues.
  • Empowers managers to customize the feedback cycles to be more employee-specific while adhering to HR framework. This helps to address individual needs (eg. Aspiration to do MBA, to become a solution architect in next 2 years, etc.) as a part of employee performance & development cycle.
  • Empowers managers and peers to continuously pass on appreciations and critical inputs to employees thereby guiding them to achieve goals and reduce recency issues. This will bring in better collaboration and work culture inside the organization.

Synergita at its best:

Synergita is web based software that is hosted on Amazon cloud, and hence, no IT infrastructure is needed for it to run. The customers just need a browser to access Synergita software. It also provides other benefits like pay per use pricing model, latest feature releases available frequently, taking care of security and server maintenance and reduction in vendor dependency. The software is also highly configurable, and it allows you to efficiently tailor and manage the system as per your requirement.

Synergita has the industry’s best practices in place and so it becomes easy to formulate and implement the overall performance management system according to each organization’s needs. Be it designing the performance review forms or setting up the performance appraisal process (approval process), it can be done very quickly.

Key features covered in the performance management system of Synergita are:

Goals Management: It is easy to set SMART goals in Synergita and track the status of employees in achieving the same. This makes sure that employees are on track and help managers course correct if needed.

Competencies assessment: Employees can also be assessed on their competencies instead of only on their performance on the goals. Synergita provides 9 box analysis which is a great indicator of high potential employees.

Continuous Feedback: To inculcate a high-performance culture, feedback on performance has to be agile and immediate. Synergita’s Continuous feedback feature allows managers to provide feedback to employees on their performance throughout the year. The feedback can be either appreciative or can be critical inputs and giving directions to improve. Rewards and Recognition can also be provided as part of this feature.

This feature also has an outlook plugin, so users can just send the feedback through email, and it will get saved in Synergita.

360 degree feedback: 360-degree feedback provides you with a complete understanding of an individual’s performance and competencies from different people’s point of view, with whom the employee has worked. The employee gets unbiased feedback from their peers, managers and customers. Gap analysis report is a useful report from this feature.

Accurate analytical reports: Reporting is one task that eats up the maximum time and at times, inaccurately evaluated or interpreted reports may give rise to a conflict of interest. Synergita has a feature to customize reports according to your desire. It provides reports such as SWOT analysis, 9 quadrant and rating distribution reports.

Training and Development: Managers can recommend training and the training attended by employees can be logged into the system. An Individual Development Plan and Performance Improvement Plan can be used for developing employees.

Appraisal letter distribution: Synergita gives you the freedom to design an appraisal letter for your workforce according to their demographics like designation, performance ratings after evaluation and achievements in that particular appraisal. It saves a lot of time.

Synergita is a great performance management software with a focus on employee development and employee engagement initiatives.

All in all, Synergita has an unmatched advantage over competitors with an amazing customer base. The work force is an unparalleled asset of a company and their development is what Synergita focuses on. Individual talent management and growth leads to fulfillment of the organizational goals at large.

Riddhi Devalia is an ardent content writer working at She expertises in digital as well as content marketing. Riddhi is a self learner and loves to play with combinations of words providing useful insights for assorted articles about varied softwares. She has immense fascination for traveling and Internet surfing.

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