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Last updated: August 5, 2021

As the GST has been introduced in India, SoftwareSuggest is expecting new software updates from all corners. But, looks like in the tailoring industry, TailoBill has absorbed this new change way too quickly. TailoBill is all set with its new GST update, and it’s probably the only software in tailoring industry right now which has adopted this new change, this quickly!

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Personally speaking, I was eager to try out the new version of TailoBill, and I’m glad to mention that I got the first copy of GST release from TailoBill to review.

I, as a software reviewer, try to analyze every aspect of the software with respect to its strengths and weaknesses. And I have seen many software which are excellently appealing in terms of interface and graphics, but they lack in some of the core functions. When I had the first look at TailoBill, my reaction was: “They can work on the UI.” But, as I studied the software to its very core, my perception changed. Eventually, I jumped to the conclusion that TailoBill may lose some points on its UI, but it is strongly built when we talk about the core functions. I highly appreciate the efforts taken in developing this software that, they have not missed a single problem which tailoring industry is facing since ages. It was specially designed for Indian Tailoring Industry (TailoBill reshapes the software according to customer’s needs as well.), but there is no reason for International Tailoring Industry to look for another software.

I must say, “TailoBill is an Ace of Spades!”

What’s good?

  • GST is enabled in TailoBill, so it’s updated to its best version.
  • Strongly feature centric.
  • Perfectly crafted to ease the tailoring business process.
  • Minor to minor detail that matters in the tailoring business, are addressed very beautifully in various modules.
  • Architect by keeping business owners, customers, and workers in mind. I’m impressed by the fact that TailoBill has covered a wide genre of people, and haven’t missed any perspective.

What can be improved?

  • UI can be improved.
  • SaaS version should be developed in the future.

Let’s have a look at some of the most core features of TailoBill:

According to the architect of the software – Ali Raza, tailoring industry compromises the quality because they highly lack the tools to streamline the entire tailoring process towards the goal of On-Time Delivery with Perfect Fit. Due to lack of technical assistance, there is nothing which reminds them about the upcoming deliveries, and eventually, they complete the order on the delivery date itself, in a great rush and by compromising the quality (Of course unwillingly). Instead, if they have a tool which can manage the orders, trials & deliveries systematically, orders will be delivered on time and most importantly without compromising the quality. TailoBill is meant to solve the problems that Tailoring Industry is facing since long back.

New Order:

New Order screen is for booking a Fresh Order / FOC / Alteration Order. Despite so many parameters to feed the data in, booking a fresh order is very fast and easy. Adding new customer is also quick because it can be done from the same screen, this saves a lot of time in a whole day.  An interesting thing about this module is, they have time-saving shortcuts where you can use previously saved measurements without any heck like selecting an existing customer, add an item to the order (same as you book fresh order), go to measurement screen, use previous measurements etc. Even if you select an item for the first time, you can copy measurements from other items (for which your measurements are already saved) with same measurement attributes [ex. Blazer (Old Item) to Bandi (New Item)].

TailoBill SoftwareSuggest Review

As we can see, the software gives a hint of applicable GST before finalizing the order. It also shows the total taxable amount, so that you can find how much the calculated GST value is applied on the bill.

After feeding the essential details the invoice is generated which would look something like this [I suppose, it is preprinted format of the invoice, and I hope there must be some other print format for plain paper invoice also]:

TailoBill SoftwareSuggest Review

There are minor things that matter the most in tailoring business like trial date, delivery date, item description, measurement specification, styling preferences and measurements remarks, all it depends on individual’s body structure and fashion taste. These tiny details are captured beautifully in TailoBill.

Another good feature that attracted me was, barcode creation where a barcode can be created for each ordered item so that they can be scanned at each production stage and delivery counter, which makes the complete process a lot easier. This feature can be seen in software products made for the readymade garment manufacturing industry, but adoption of this feature for this purpose is time-saving and amazing! Sending SMS to the client after the confirmation of the order impresses customers, and it impressed me as well. I have noticed that TailoBill actually keeps the customer always updated with the order status as it sends SMS for 4 different stages i. Order Confirmed, ii. Item Ready for Trial, iii. Order Ready for Delivery and iv. After Delivery Feedback SMS.

As a tailoring business owner, you have two options. Either you have your own workshop unit with In-House workers or you outsource the production to the third party. TailoBill covers all needful factors to manage both types of production lines, it has the feature where you can select the in-house workers or send it to the outsourced agency.

Print Measurement:

After the creation of the order, you have to educate tailor about the order details and measurements. So from the module, you can download the measurement slip and print it for the further purpose.

An interesting psychological trick here is, the tailor may have the mentality to procrastinate the order work, and because of that, the reputation of the business may get hurt. So the delivery date is two days before the actual delivery date. Cool! Isn’t it?

Measurement slip looks like this:

TailoBill SoftwareSuggest Review

Order Register:

Order register is the place where you can search or filter any previous orders. Consider a scenario where one of your existing customers comes and refers that he has given the order in last year, and he wants the same fabric again. You can search the order by setting filters and repeat the order.

There‘s a provision of Super Password in TailoBill when you want to cancel or delete the orders/invoices. So, none of your employees can delete or cancel orders without your acknowledgment. As a multi store tailoring outlets owner, you have to be depended upon your employees, and Super Password will facilitate your heart beats when it comes to the security of your clients and orders.

Workshop Management:

Workshop management is the module where all your orders and workers are managed. Here you can see the entire order list at one place, sorted by delivery date, so that you can decide which worker to assign which work with delivery date keeping in mind.

TailoBill SoftwareSuggest Review

Here, all the payable charges of the tailor for that particular item is mentioned. So, at end of the cycle, you will get the exact amount that you have to pay to the tailor.

This module is about your employees or workers, their availability, due payments everything!

In the “Update Status” section, you can see the list of items that have been pending to receive from a particular tailor. You can filter the orders according to dates as well as according to tailors. You can change the details when you find any update regarding any order.

The best thing about the workshop management is that you can track each tailor, and you can find out which items are remaining to receive, and what amount you have to pay at the end of the cycle. This module is an employee management software for your business. And this becomes extremely helpful if you carry series of stores and hundreds of workers with you.

Sale and Purchase:

As an owner of a tailoring shop, you have two kinds of customers, one who wants to go for fabric as well as stitching from your shop. Second, a customer who comes with fabric himself,  and wants only stitching from you. TailoBill facilitates both kinds of customers amazingly.

In the Sale entry, you can add existing or new customer who is willing to buy fabric from your shop, and create an invoice for the same. As the GST has arrived, TailoBill has also shown new changes.

On the other hand, Sales Return module is for the customers who are returning the fabric. You can enter multiple items which are returned by customers, and at the end, you can generate the amount which is payable to the customer from your side. Both these semi modules work with the barcodes so that you just have to add the barcode and all the regarding details will be fetched automatically.

In both these activities, details of suppliers and salesmen are asked. The logic behind is that all the salesmen usually work on commission basis. So, every new fabric order is created to sell, the salesman will receive decided amount of commission. That is a strong and well-thought feature because you don’t have to calculate at the end of the cycle what amount you have to pay to the salesman.

I specifically liked this part of this software because tailoring business works on commission basis. A certain amount of percentage has to be given to fabric supplier or salesman on the business you make. It becomes extremely easy because you know what commission you have to pay to your salesmen at the end of the cycle. Thoughtful!

Same way, Purchase Entry and Purchase Return are designed. You’re buying fabric from certain suppliers, and each bit of it is calculated with invoice generation.

A Quick Look On Some Important Modules of TailoBill:

  1. Item Master: All the Items like shirts, trousers, blazers etc. are managed by this module.
  2. Customer Manager: Add/Update contacts, purchase/order history, measurement details etc. are mentioned in this module.
  3. Supplier Manager: All the details of suppliers connected with you are mentioned in this module and you can add and edit the details as well.
  4. Workshop Master: Here’s where you can add your tailors and workers, and regarding details.
  5. Worker Rate Book: All the finances of your workers and tailors are enlisted here.

Some Eye Catching Features of TailoBill:

  1. Provision to select a particular worker for the tailoring job according to the past experience of the customer. So, a customer can choose the tailor whose work he appreciates.
  2. Shows notification of customer’s birthdays or anniversaries, so that you can send a particular customer an offer with a discount coupon, like a gift card.
  3. Designing option for fashion designers to create a sketch for the reference of the new order. Not widely used, but still TailoBill has not missed this perspective. Impressive!
  4. Pattern specific image can be attached / uploaded with an order. A good feature to educate your tailors in a better way!
  5. Delivery Tracking – A feature, with which you can track upcoming deliveries in order to streamline your production.


So, if I want to enter an order of Red & Black blazer with right sleeve one inch smaller, with inner material silk, including 4 pockets with a safe pocket, I can do it with TailoBill!

The software is designed by keeping the all three: customers, shop owner, and workers in mind. There are very few software which cover this wide genre people, and TailoBill tops in that list. And with the right update of GST at the right time, I believe TailoBill is the perfect choice for the Indian tailoring sector at this point.

Please share your views in the comments below, also let us know what you think about TailoBill.

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