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Last updated: April 9, 2021

In this era of digitization, no business can thrive without visuals. Nothing matches the power of a self-sufficient and eye-catching logo that is a must for any business’ success. How about having a free logo maker at your service? Today we’ll go through a free logo maker, i.e., Tailor Brands. Let us start our journey by understanding what this tool is all about?

What is Tailor Brands Logo Maker?

Tailor Brands is an entirely free logo maker that is available all across the globe. Currently, more than 25 million users of Tailor Brands worldwide are benefitting from their logo maker tool. Tailor Brands website is credited with every new design creation in every single second. It is an ideal tool maker for freelancers, startups, and small businesses who have to pay for the finished logo design only.

Tailor Brands is the brainchild of three creative enthusiasts who gave wings to their entrepreneur dreams with it. As the name suggests, this tool maker helps you get the most customized designs for your business’s logo. Apart from the logo maker, there are multiple tools available on the Tailor Brands online platform. Let us have a quick check at its various features.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker Features

The best features of Tailor Brands logo maker includes,

  1. Vector logo downloads and other high-resolution downloads or quick logo uploading.
  2. Brandbook to maintain your brands consistently.
  3. Customize any of your merchandise like letterheads, business cards, etc.
  4. Multiple logo customization options to choose from.

So, how does Tailor Brands achieve this functionality?

How Tailor Brands Logo Maker Works?

Tailor Brands is one of the first artificial intelligence-based logo-making and branding platforms. This makes sure that even the persons with the slightest knowledge about the design can get an effective logo according to their vision. 

All you need to do is add some basic ideas about your company and select your design preferences. It is super easy to customize the logo based on color, text, font, and size to get your logo in quick steps. The logo making on Tailor Brands can be completed in the following simple steps.

1. Business Name

You have to add the name of your business along with other details. These details include the sector of industry or its type to increase the relevancy. Suppose you are opening a restaurant, you can add information on speciality cuisine.

2. Selection of Logo Type

It is the first step of your logo to decide on the logotype. You can change this type at the end of the process as well. The different logotypes include initial-based logo, icon-based logo, and wordmark-based logo.

3. Selection of Font Type

It is time to choose the font for your logo. It will initialize your design styling. You can select a preferred font type from the “This or That” tool of Tailor Brands. There are diverse font options to fit your brand in your logo.

4. Start Logo Designing

With all the information about the logotype and font type, the Tailor Brands logo maker will start designing your logo. It will create multiple logo variations so that you can choose your final one. 

This tool further helps design any brand identity materials like brand books, business cards, etc. 

5. Logo Customization

The editor studio of Tailor Brands ensures logo customization according to your favourite designs. There are multiple options to change your icon style and font style in the logo.

6. Logo Download

Once you’re satisfied with your logo, Tailor Brands will allow you to download your logo in high quality. You can choose from the SVG or EPS and vector files. This makes your logo ready to be posted on different websites or can be used on your personalized merchandise as well.

Thus, Tailor Brands uses high-end technology to revolutionize the logo-making process. Let us have a look at its benefits.

Advantages of Tailor Brands Logo Maker

The best advantages of Tailor Brands logo maker are not limited to the following

  1. Easy to use online platform for logo making that persons with the least designing know-how can access.
  2. Provides logo inspiration based on different types of sectors.
  3. Multiple iterations are allowed.
  4. It doesn’t use any templates and is fully customizable.
  5. It will enable you to design a host of branded assets.
  6. Stores all digital assets in your accounts at no extra charges.
  7. Offers different pricing plans according to additional work requirements and multiple discounts as well.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker – Scope for Improvement

The few areas of improvement for Tailor Brands logo maker are:

  1. The decreased human touch in logo designing and deciding which design is better over the other.
  2. It is a hosted platform, and it becomes mandatory to save your data. 

Customer Testimonials

Tailor Brands enjoy highly positive reviews on all online platforms, including social media platforms. Some of the actual customer testimonials include:

“I believe that branding is essential for any business to maintain a positive reputation. With excellent services of Tailor Brands, It is super-easy and inexpensive to create a memorable logo for your business.”

“Tailor Brands was able to bring all things about our logo, including our representation and outward expression of our ideas. It carefully understands that your logo and brand is more than colors, shapes, wordings, and designs.”

“I fell in love with the simplicity of the Tailor Brands. Their concept and intelligent logo maker are easy to use. They understood my ideas and gave me a cost-effective solution for my logo.” 


Creating a logo on Tailor Brands is 100% free. However, if you wish to download your final logo, you need to pay some nominal charges. You can choose from three different plans offered by the company. All these plans offer additional discounts for a one-year or two-year subscription. These affordable plans are,

1. Basic Plan 

The basic plan will get you all the social media logo sizes you’ll need for different social media platforms and high-quality logo files. It allows the users to stock photos and icons and image upload and access graphic design tools and templates. It costs 9.99 dollars and also offers a mini-website builder. 

2. Standard Plan

The standard plan includes all the essential programs like vector eps files, branded business decks, and presentations. It also offers multi-language support, personalized vector experiences, business card tools, and stationary tools. This plan comes in handy for its seasonal logo generator and the complete website builder with a blog costing $19.99.

3. Premium Plan

This plan includes all the facilities of standard programs and other special facilities like social media analytics tools, social media auto-scheduler tools, etc. This plan enables its user to find and share more than 3 million trending articles and posts. The premium plan offers online payment acceptance and creates an online store. It costs $49.99.

Final Thoughts

You can nail branding with Tailor Brands logo maker. It uses high-end technology to give a highly customized logo that is strictly according to your requirements. You don’t have to worry about design knowledge as it will guide you throughout the logo making.

Last but not least is the affordability of this magnificent logo maker. If you’re a freelancer, budding entrepreneur, or small business, try Tailor Brands logo maker today!

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