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Last updated: August 5, 2021

An Application Tracking Software (ATS) is the lifeline for hiring consultants and fast growing organizations. It can help them lower recruitment cost, increase administrative efficiency, improve collaboration amongst stakeholders and ultimately help in making the right selection for the job opening.

Out of the multiple Application Tracking Software available, we decided to try one of the fastest growing solution- Talster.

Recruitment Process with Talster

Talster manages the complete recruitment and selection process starting from creating a position description, assisting in the vacancy announcement, organizing the interview, sending out offer letters and even goes a step ahead in providing in-depth analysis on the efficiency of the process. It even has two different user interface, one for corporate and other for hiring consultants.

Talster from Job Description to offer letter and analytics.

Job Description: The first step in filling any vacancy is to create a job opening. Talster gives a simple interface where one can easily enter the job description, experience required, expected salary, and every minute details which are needed to create a comprehensive job description. The job description automatically gets posted on the companies job board. (Yes, the software will create an excellent job board for the company and you will not need another portal for it.). We had tremendous feedback on this article: Enhance Candidate Experience Using Applicant Tracking System.

For the consultant, Talster allows them to maintain the opening of different companies on a single account by associating the job opening with the company. The consultant can also record the commission to be received from each opening, which helps in proper co-ordination between the team members.

Vacancy Announcement and Targeting candidate: Once an opening has been created, it is now time to ensure the vacancy information reaches the targeted candidates. Using Talster one can post the job in 6 paid portals that include Naukri, Monster, Timesjob, Shine, Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor. (You will need to use your paid account). The job applications received from these platforms will automatically be submitted to your Talster account i.e. one doesn’t need to login individually to each portal.

Talster- Review

To add to it the Talster will also help you in announcing your opening in 6+ free portal and spreading it on multiple groups on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. You can also schedule posts on these social networks at repeated intervals to ensure to reach a larger base of target candidates.

The vacancy announcement can be done from Talster, with the click of a button and within seconds it gets posted.
Talster- Review

Besides the CVs you will receive from this platform, you can also associate the CVs currently with you and in your database with the job openings.

Shortlisting & Interviewing: Now that you have enough CVs for the job opening, you will need to screen them and start the interview process.

The word doc and PDF reader built within Talster lets you read CV inside it. You will never need to download the CV to your hard disk. This works very smoothly and can save you a couple of minutes on every CV screened. The hiring manager/consultant can also make notes on his/her comments and give a rating on each CV as a part of the screening process.Talstar- Review

Once the screening process is over, the software will help you share the shortlisted CV with the other stakeholder/clients for approval. Talster then allows to schedule an interview for the approved candidate and send notifications to both the candidate and other stakeholders (the companies in case of hiring consultants).

Once the candidate is selected an offer letter can be sent to the candidate in a pre-defined format from within Talster and on offer acceptance, the candidate is marked as hired.

You will never need to leave the application or switch to your email at any point in time.

Talster- Review

For any organization, the recruitment process gets over at this stage, but for Talster the recruitment process is still not over.

Reports & Analytics: Talster gives an in-depth report on the number of candidates screened, the positions closed, jobs created etc. There are 20+ reports one can find and these are goldmine which can help increase productivity for the organization.

Invoicing: This is not a concern for corporates, but for recruitment consultants, invoicing is where the process of recruitment will end. Talster lets the recruitment agency manage to invoice, credit note and track payments. The recruitment agency will never need an invoicing software if on Talster.

The minute details which Talster takes care of – like a template for emailing, reminders on the scheduled interview, different interface for corporates and recruitment consultants, the ease of opening CVs within the application, coupled with the thoughtful user interface, can increase the productivity of any organization using it.

What we loved most about Talster.

  1. The usability first development: Talster automatically merges details extracted from LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster, etc to the candidate’s profile. The company calls this Smart extract feature. From a recruiters point, this is a very useful feature.
  2. Career Website/Jobs widget: With Talster, every account gets their personalized career website and a job widget. The Jobs widget can be used to maintain the career page on the company website which reduces duplication of efforts.
  3. Automated CV Conversion to PDF: All CVs are converted into a PDF format while sharing with clients/managers. Also, Talster helps to convert CVs into pdf format with the company header/footer and also masks candidate identity while sharing the CVs. For any recruitment consultancy, this can helps save at least 10-20 minutes per CV.
  4. Pricing: The features vs the convenience Talster offers makes it an economical software overall, the software has been disguised

Overall, the excellent UI and the ease of use makes it a winner.


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