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Last updated: November 24, 2020

Since the beginning of time, humans have relied on collaboration and communication to conquer mammoth tasks and advance themselves. Humans realized pretty early that what one man cannot accomplish single-handedly can be done easily with a group-effort. This was the basis of the foundation of our civilization.

Modern technology has revolutionized collaboration and made it possible for people far away to work together seamlessly. In fact, 83% of today’s employees depend on technology for collaboration. Today there are multiple tools that help people work together and get tasks done. However, not all of them offer the right blend of features and flexibility needed for proper teamwork.

Most modern collaboration and task management are created primarily for office work and often ignore the needs of other teams who would like to collaborate. Let’s take an example of a group of musicians spread across the globe who want to collaborate for an album; or a team of students who wish to collaborate for a science project. There are hardly any applications that provide them the necessary features and flexibility. 

This review will be focusing on Taskade, a unique collaboration and task management tool that takes care of your ideas, tasks, and teams to help you get the most out of them. Rather than being a formal or informal collaboration tool, Taskade aims to be a wholesome productivity tool that enables you to manage and keep a note of everything on your mind, no matter what the nature of the work is.

Since the human brain retains visual information much better than words, the makers of Taskade paid special attention to aesthetics. There is also a feature called ‘MindMap,’ which helps you group tasks visually. There are several other collaborative features that we will be discussing in the detailed review below.

This review will unpack the following:

So let’s dive right in and discover what this application is all about.

Introduction to Taskade

Taskade is a visually stunning and user-friendly collaborative tool that makes it easier to work on tasks together, making sure that all members are on the same page. It offers powerful collaboration features that make working together with a breeze while keeping track of the progress made of each task and its components.

This comprehensive task management software allows team members to access and update centralized data, making sure that all steps from ideation to the implementation of a plan are done while keeping everyone in the loop. Every step of a project can be shared, tracked, organized, assigned, divided, updated, and prioritized using Taskade, ensuring that the entire team is on the same page at any given time.

Taskade also allows for multiple channels of communication, which include video calling, chat, and notes. Also, you get an array of emojis. Additionally, you can customize the type of notifications you want to have on your desktop, emails, and mobile applications. 

There are also several ways in which you can view, tag, and highlight your tasks. Moreover, you can add live notes, comments, and attachments to tasks and easily integrate them with your calendar. Other team members can view notes, comments, and calendars of team members to have a clear idea of team operations and updates.

Taskade also makes it very simple to dabble with multiple projects. It features a search button that helps you find the task or subtask you are looking for. You can pin something on top of a workspace for easy recollection and ‘Star’ a project to highlight it. Want to move a project to another workspace after a stage is completed? Taskade lets you do that too!

Taskade isn’t just available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for PCs; it also has dedicated apps for Android and iOS, allowing you to collaborate from any device, anywhere in the world. Not a fan of downloading? Taskade also has cloud extensions for Chrome and Firefox!

Impressed already? We haven’t discussed the best features yet. 

Best Features of Taskade

There are multiple features of Taskade that set it apart from other productivity tools. In fact, with its stunning yet simple UI, which is highly customizable, you might feel that it isn’t a productivity app at all. 

Taskade improves teams’ efficiency while keeping it fun and allows features that help members stay updated, organized, and do more. Whether you are a pro or a novice, whether it’s an official task or a passion project, Taskade’s got you covered. Here are a few key features that make Taskade a class apart:

1. Nesting System

Taskade allows you to segregate teams based on their specialty and create nesting systems based on the type of tasks. Thus, if you have a team of designers and a team of developers, for example, you can separate them and keep them under separate subspaces. You can invite members to subspaces and assign them specific tasks according to their skills. You can also have shared spaces where your entire team can interact.

Separate channels for your teams allow you to compartmentalize work and conversations and avoid confusion.

nesting system dashboard

2. Project Management and Labeling

Another great feature about Taskade is that it allows you to add labels to projects based on priority. Once a project is assigned to a member, they receive notifications and the timeline by which it needs to be completed. Tasks can also be pinned and filtered by priority so that important tasks are never missed.

project management & labeling dashboard of taskade

Each project can be made to have a To-do list and a due date. You can also set up custom reminders for tasks and leave additional notes and attachments. The members assigned also get a notification when notes, comments, or attachments are added to a project. This way, members don’t miss a beat and can always be updated about projects. The calendar for each member can also be viewed by others so that everyone knows what each team member is working on.

3. Project Viewing & Permissions

It is often hard to keep track of different projects and teams you are working on, so Taskade allows you multiple views. You can choose among the ‘List View,’ ‘Board View,’ ‘Mind-Map’ and ‘Orchard View’ in Taskade depending upon what works best for you. 

project viewing & permission dashboard

You can also assign permissions to team members as Viewers or Editors based on their role in a project. Additionally, you can add or remove people from projects easily using this application.

4. Templates

Perhaps the most unique feature of Taskade is the wide assortment of templates for you to work with. It has templates that you can set up for official meetings and use for less formal meets. Taskade also has plans to introduce premium templates for those of us who hate working with the same boring backgrounds.

templates dashboard

5. Crosslinking & Hyperlinking

Another impressive feature of Taskade is that it allows connecting projects within your workspace using the ‘@’ function. Thus you can easily find and link related projects, which saves you much time.

Crosslinking & Hyperlinking dashboard

Additionally, you can also hyperlink tasks and subtasks, allowing members to get better references for tasks.

Other exciting features of Taskade include light & dark modes, task duplication, affordable plans per workspace and user, and easy integration with Google Calendar.

Final Thoughts

With a stunning UI, galore of templates, easy notifications, and a bunch of tools for easy collaboration, Taskade is undoubtedly in a league of its own. It also has plans to introduce Offline Mode, more backgrounds and templates, and additional file upload space in its upcoming premium versions, which will make it even better in the days to come.

You can know more about Taskade from its website or its SoftwareSuggest Product Profile Page.

Did we miss out on anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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