Telecommuting To Work? These Tips Will Help You Stay Productive



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Last updated: November 12, 2019

The recent emergence of the remote working culture has brought about a change in the way work gets done. Now, development teams are not restricted by geographic boundaries to come together and create high-quality products and services. With the use of a smart tool like an online collaborative whiteboard, telecommuting teams can brainstorm ideas, delegate tasks, work collaboratively, and get more done without being together physically.

With the question of productivity always being raised by skeptics, how can distributed teams stay efficient while working remotely? Let’s find out.

Important Telecommuting Tips to Stay Productive

  • Set Scheduling Goals

The main reason why the remote work culture gained popularity was for the fact that it provides workers with the flexibility to work as per their schedule. However, this flexibility can also prove to be a roadblock for a timely delivery. Telecommuting employees can find themselves procrastinating over tasks, which in turn affects the quality of their work. 

To avoid falling in this vicious cycle of unproductivity, remote employees must always stick to a schedule. While taking mental notes of things to be done, can prove helpful if the volume of work is low, but that is rarely the case. Hence remote team members can create a scheduling system within their online collaborative whiteboard. A basic Kanban board that highlights tasks based on priority can be a good start. With ‘Ongoing’ ‘To Do’ and ‘Completed’ columns, work can be segregated for team members’ clarity.

A clear schedule not only helps in achieving maximum productivity but also gives a remote worker the ability to stay on course, even during those bouts of procrastination.

  • Create a functional working space

Remote working employees, while working from home, face the challenge of distractions. With so many things diverting the attention of your current tasks, it is essential to create a space at home that encourages productive work.

To start things off, you can assign a room in your house as your ‘office space.’ In case using a whole room for this purpose is difficult, a quiet corner would do just fine. Install a sturdy desk and an ergonomically designed chair. With these two pieces of furniture, you will get a sense of working in an office, and that laid-back working style will give way to some high-quality, productive hours.

  • Get technology on your side

Technology has been the driving force behind the emerging remote working culture. With so many apps and software to help remote teams achieve high productivity, it is now expected that telecommuting workers deliver on the promise of higher quality. A multi-faceted online collaborative whiteboard can help distributed teams in attaining their targets well within time.

With in-built features that provide seamless communication, effortless collaboration, and a space to bounce off ideas, and online whiteboard can help teams do away with numerous single-use applications. By using just one advanced collaboration platform, remote employees can focus better on the job at hand rather than toggling between apps and hard-to-understand features.

  • Communicate within your team

Online collaboration thrives on efficient communication. The nature of remote working is such that team members often find themselves in the middle of ideation meetings or intense sprint sessions. With quality at stake, any error on the part of the team members can prove disastrous. With an unbroken line of communication, remote teams can be sure of support at the right time. 

Modern technology makes it possible for distributed teams to continually stay in touch regardless of the physical distances between them. Communication mediums like chat, audio-video conferencing, or screen sharing can help teams avoid the last-minute hustle and stay on top of their project deadlines.

In Conclusion

Telecommuting is set to become the working style of choice for millennials. With so many people opting to work from the comfort of their homes, productivity can take a hit at times. However, with these tips, remote employees are sure to remain focused on their tasks, and projects will never miss deadlines.

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