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Last updated: August 28, 2020

Long gone are the days when assessments were given in paper printouts and handled manually. Today, assessments are digitized. 

Whether you are an organization hiring candidates or a training company setting up a certificate course, numerous benefits arise from online assessment platforms. While it helps in selecting the right candidate with the right job role, it eliminates the scope of human error. Besides, it saves companies a lot of time and money needed to conduct tests physically.

With the internet offering tons of online assessment tools, it often gets confusing to choose one. But having said that, you don’t have to break a sweat! Testofy might be the one you are looking for.

An Introduction to Testofy

Testofy is a cloud-based online digital assessment platform that empowers educational, human resources, and skills assessments.

It boasts the capability to screen thousands of candidates intuitively and hire the right fit for every position. You can also dig into the candidate’s insights with video assessments, in-depth reports, and analytics. Moreover, its cutting-edge online invigilation and proctoring options ensure the authenticity of tests.

Not to forget, Testofy has got module-based views and dashboards. That is, whatever feature you navigate to, Testofy provides you with a unified dashboard; thus, enabling you to glance through the activities in a matter of minutes. 

That’s not all! Testofy has many more features and functionalities that take assessments to another level.

Let’s explore them here.

Testofy Features – From An Assessment Creator’s Perspective

1. Dashboard

As you log into Testofy, you’ll see an intuitive and colorful dashboard that provides a holistic view of the platform.

Testofy Dashboard

As you can see, it gives you insights on how you are utilizing the Testofy platform at its best. The interface is so user-friendly that even a naive user logging into the system can get a hand on it for the first time.

Be it utilizing the pre-existing questionnaire or building a new one. Testofy has got your back. You can navigate Questions, Questionnaires, Assessments, Candidates, Reports, and more with just the tap of a button.

2. Re-branding Capabilities

As a company, while using the software, you will always have a feeling if you could own it completely or enhance its brand value. Do not worry, you can do it here easily across the entire Testofy platform. You can set your brand logo on Testofy and personalize the complete look and feel of the platform from a test taker as well as candidates’ perspective. Thus, it can help in building long term brand value for your organization.

3. Questions

As we mentioned earlier, Testofy has module-based dashboards. So, when you steer to Questions, you will see a grid of prevailing questions as below:

Testofy Question bank

You can preview, edit, delete, publish, or unpublish any given questions. Moreover, Testofy enables you to mark a question active or inactive depending on its use in any questionnaire. Thus, you can easily determine which questions are in use, used, and which are available. 

As you might indulge in creating an array of assessments, you will require to create different types and styles of questions. To ensure that all your needs are taken care of, Testofy offers you to drill down to its varied abilities here:

  • Create New Question: Let’s say; you want to have a new set of questions for the upcoming assessment. With Testofy, creating questions is as easy as ABC.

Whatever question type you may need to put – Multiple Choice – Single Answer, Multiple Choice – Multiple Answer, Descriptive, True and False, Programming/Coding, or Comprehensive; it supports all.

Testofy questions

Moreover, Testofy has a unique functionality that most of its competitors lack in, i.e., question style. Along with different types of questions, you can also set various question styles – Text, Image, Video, or Audio.

Moving a step further, you have the answer section where you can put the right answer. Again, it entices you with different answer styles and options. You can educate your test-takers by placing the answer explanation for each question.

That’s not all! Its multilingual capability adds more value to Testofy. You can have the questions in any of your preferred languages.

  • Upload Questions: Many times, you may have a list of questions ready with you. All you need to do is copy-paste it on the platform. But, it is intimidating and time-consuming. Therefore, to save you from this fuss, Testofy gives you an ability to upload these questions.

All you have to do is download the format of question types or upload your excel file to Testofy. That’s it; you’re all set!

  • Testofy Question Bank: At times, all you want is to have a premade question bank that you can use to conduct tests. Testofy ensures that it meets every type of your requirements.

You can access Testofy’s question bank at any point of time and leverage its benefits. Moreover, its categorization and search functionality is what helps you get the questions you need in seconds.

  • Customized Question Bank: Though Testofy has a vast database of questions ready for selecting and including in your assessments, you can always request for preparing customized questions for a specific job requirement or domain. 

4. Questionnaire

The questionnaire refers to a set of questions you group for assessment or candidate evaluation. As shown below, Testofy shows a list of created questionnaires that you can use for the upcoming assessments.

Testofy questionnaire

Testofy lets you preview the details associated with each questionnaire. This functionality comes in handy when multiple users are on the same platform.

Moreover, you can create a new questionnaire in a snap or simply copy the premade questionnaire from Testofy’s library.   

Create New Questionnaire: Testofy simplifies questionnaire creation with its easy-to-use interface. Just fill in the required information, and you’re good to go.

Testofy create questionnaire

Many competitive examinations or corporate assessments comprise of multiple sections in a single questionnaire. For instance, you want to test Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Computer Knowledge of your candidate in one assessment.

With Testofy, you can create multiple sections and also decide the marking system for each. Thus, it makes the process faster and easier.

5. Candidates

As an assessment taking entity, it is crucial to know the candidate details appearing for the assessments. So, this is where you can have this information:

You can add candidate information manually or directly upload an Excel or CSV file with the relevant data. Again, Testofy enables you to group these candidates as per the assessments they will be giving. Thus, it comes as a useful functionality, especially when you are conducting bulk recruitment. 

6. Assessments

Now that you know that creating questions and questionnaires is easy with Testofy, you will be glad to see that scheduling assessments are even easier. Three simple steps and your assessment is scheduled!

What do you need to do? It’s right here! 

Name an Assessment -> Select Questionnaire -> Schedule Assessment

Welcome to the core capabilities and robust potential of Testofy!

This is where you can conduct unbiased assessments and ensure no fraudulent activities are undergone during the assessment. Right from selecting the assessment time to adding candidates, determining grade system, and implementing anti-cheating and proctoring elements, it’s all done here.

 Let us help you walk through this side of Testofy.

Testofy assessment

  • Schedule Assessment: Your test takers might be taking the tests from different locations, cities, or even countries. Now, work from home is the new normal, this holds. So, to enable you to take tests in different time zone and time slots, Testofy comes into the role. It lets you conduct on different schedules.

Every assessment comes with a time limit. Let’s say; 30 minutes, 1 hour, and so on. Testofy lets you decide that. Thus, you can host secured and hassle-free assessments anytime and anywhere.

  • Add Candidate: You can either add candidates individually or add the candidate group to a particular assessment. You can even send them an email informing them about the assessment details.
  • Assessment Score: Here comes the grading or marking system. Whether you want to keep section-wise grading, negative marking, or a fixed passing system, Testofy offers you all the choices. 
  • Assessment Settings: It is of utmost importance as it helps maintain the authenticity of your assessments. All your anti-cheating and proctoring parameters are taken care of here. You can access –
    • Web Proctoring: This technique helps you monitor your candidate’s browser activities during the assessment. If anyone tries to navigate to other windows from the test screen, you will be notified.
    • Image Proctoring: Here, you can capture real-time images of the candidate appearing for the assessment. It helps you ensure that only the test-taker registered for the assessment is taking it.
    • Video Proctoring with Motion & Emotion Detection: Video proctoring requires the candidate to enable his webcam and audio. Thus, you can keep a tab on his every movement and ensuring anti-cheating practices. Testofy’s AI analyzes their motions, emotion (anger, happiness, confusion, etc.), detects objects & instantly alerts you if anything unusual is noticed.
    • Screen Recording: Selecting this will let you record the test taker’s on-screen activities. For example, if he is navigating to another window or surfing on the internet.
    • Screen Video Recording: This captures the candidate’s screen along with his video via webcam. Hence, you can determine the candidate’s action throughout the assessment.
    • Browser Tolerance: Setting browser tolerance refers to the number of warnings a candidate receives when he navigates from the assessment page.  Let’s say; a candidate attempts to leave the assessment page 4 times while taking the assessment. You have set the browser tolerance to 2. So, the candidate will receive the warning for 2 times, and then he will be asked to leave the assessment.
    • Skip Questions: This enables the candidates to skip questions while giving the assessment and move on to the next question. Hence, you can give the candidates the flexibility to answer the questions that they know first.
    • Allow Random Question: With Testofy, you can randomize the questions. Thus, candidates appearing for the same assessment will likely get a different selection of questions – no chances of cheating.
    • Enable Review: If time permits, test takers always wish to verify their answers. So, enabling this tab will allow the candidates to review their answers before they submit the assessment.
    • Display Result: After the assessment, results are most awaited. What if you receive the result as soon as you complete the test? Relieving, isn’t it? With Testofy’s display result functionality, you can give the candidates their results in an instant.
    • Allow on Mobile: It helps the candidates to appear for the assessment from their smartphone.
    • Candidate Communication: What if a candidate faces some technical issues or have problems with the test? Testofy simplifies it with a chat window. The candidate can communicate with the invigilator and resolve any concerns at a time.
    • Report Send to Candidate/Other: This lets you send the reports directly to the candidate’s inbox. You can also send the candidates’ reports to other evaluators.
    • Instruction: If your questionnaire comprises sections, this text box allows you to put specific instructions that you want the candidates to follow.

As you can see, Testofy is power-packed with a host of in-built invigilation capabilities that are too smart and accurate for any candidate. Again, it eliminates human involvement for invigilation; therefore, digitizing the complete process. 

  • Coding Assessments: Though there are a variety of assessments that Testofy lets you create and conduct with ultimate ease and accuracy, its Coding Assessment is worth a special mention. If you want to assess a candidate’s real coding skills in a particular language or domain you can easily do that in a Testofy environment. With that said above, the platform comes with a code analyzer through which candidates can answer the coding questions and see the output. With the advanced features, the evaluator or the HR gets to know the approach of candidates in solving critical coding problems and how many attempts they took to answer it. Thus eliminating any room for doubt on selecting the best coder for their company.
  • Integration: If you are looking to integrate your online assessment with your ATS platform than Testofy can you be your optimum choice. Testofy’s team works in close collaboration to help companies in integrating Testofy with their ATS platform. Thus giving a pure seamless experience in recruitment
  • Video Assessment: How many times have your candidates committed and not been there for the interview? We guess, many a time! Testofy helps you eliminate the scenario of no-show candidates with its Video Assessment.

Moreover, Testofy offers two types of video assessment – panel and preset.

    • Panel Assessment: When you have two or more members on your team to evaluate a candidate, Testofy’s panel assessment proves helpful. It enables you to conduct a live interaction with the candidate; thus, interviews can now be taken from anywhere and anytime.
    • Preset: Preset Video Assessment provides your candidate with a list of questions. They need to record their answers while keeping the video turned on.  Once you receive the recording, you can evaluate the candidate as per your convenience. 

Testofy Video

7. Reports

Testofy empowers you to dive deep into any data on the platform. Thus, you can make informed business decisions.

It creates well-structured reports that take you through every functionality across the platform. Besides, the generated analysis permits easy retrieval of information whenever required.

With Testofy, you can generate the following reports:

  • Question Bank Reports: This includes reports based on question usability, category-based reporting, language and difficulty reports.
  • Test Paper Reports: Here, you can fetch test paper details, section-wise details, and the number of used and unused test papers.
  • Assessment Reports: It helps you determine the sustainability of assessment in terms of participation, summary, and pending assessments.
  • Candidate Reports: This consists of the candidate assessment results.

8. Category

As mentioned earlier, you can segregate your questionnaire into different sections based on category. Here, category refers to the class or type of questions – be it communication skills, general knowledge, technical skills, logical reasoning, etc.

With Testofy, you can create various categories and sub-categories. Thus, it helps you classify your questions and develop an easy to understand interface.

Testofy: From a Test Taker’s Point of View

Now that you know how easy it is to create assessments with Testofy, let’s move forward and glance at how these assessments will appear.

Once the candidate signs up for taking the assessment, he/she will receive an email with login credentials. After logging in the portal, here is what he/she sees:


After reading the instructions carefully, the candidate can click on Start Assessment. The test-taking environment or interface that Testofy offers is easy to navigate and understand.

Testofy assessment

It gives the candidate a preview of the questions answered, skipped, and kept for review. The candidate can quickly refer to these questions before submitting the assessment.

Once the assessment is complete, Testofy provides the candidate with an insightful report.


Right from the total questions a candidate attended to section-wise grades achieved, it includes every detail of the assessment. Moreover, the graphical representation makes it more compelling.

Summing Up

With that said above, it will be completely fair to mention that Testofy is not just another online assessment platform but it is also compliant and adheres to the new education policy in India.

AI-based assessments are going to become a mandate in days to come. It is like a disruption and specifically a positive one which will revolutionize the education system very soon. But, it is not all rosy for every institute to comply with or build the required infrastructure to adhere with the new education wave that is going to blow the old school education system and examination structure. Thus, having a solution before it is too late will be worth a dime spending later. 

With the new education policy penetrating in more and more organizations/institutions, they would feel the need to switch to a digital or online assessment platform. With Testofy’s AI-based proctored assessments everything comes under one umbrella.

Testofy lets you create multiple users with role-based functions. Its structure is highly scalable – there are no limitations to the candidates who can take the assessment. Moreover, data security and white labeling add more value to its offerings.

Again, Testofy allows scheduling assessments in different time slots and time zones. Its immediate feedback mechanism, insights and reports, live-chat between candidates and invigilators, and an efficient marking system help it stay at the top.

If you are looking to significantly reduce your time, hassle, and efforts in evaluating talent, Testofy can be your ideal partner.

You can know more about it on Testofy’s website or its SoftwareSuggest Product Profile Page.

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