5 Best Text to Give Platforms for Nonprofits

Parul Saxena

Parul Saxena

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Last updated: June 10, 2021

These days the average person spends more than three hours on their phone. The widespread availability of mobile internet has started a culture that predominantly revolves around spending time on phones. Businesses can take advantage of this and use the internet to push their products and services. Promoting agendas online has become a great way to attract new customers. This holds true even for sectors such as nonprofits. 

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The amount of time people spend on their phones is quite astonishing and not using this information to engage with them is not advantageous. Over the last few years, there has been a noticeable uptick in donations to nonprofits via mobile phones. Text to give has become a reliable method to collect donations. 

What is Text-to-Give?

It is a convenient method for donors to send their contributions via text. The process is fast and only takes a few minutes. The sheer seamlessness of the transaction has made it one of the most preferred methods for donors to use. When using text-to-give, there are no capped amounts, and the funds get transferred relatively quickly. 

When you incorporate text to give fundraising, you will be able to cast a wider net of donors. This will help you gather more supporters for your cause without relying on task-intensivetask intensive ways to pursue donors.  

In the section below, we shall take a look at some of the best platforms that can help you create a quick and seamless text to give fundraising campaigns. 

Top 5 Text to Give Platforms

1. Donorbox 


One of the most convenient platforms, Donorbox’s text to give feature, is quite straightforward. You just have to create a fundraising campaign inside Donorbox, the donor can then send a text to a number that contains the id of your campaign, and Donorbox will then send your donor a link to the campaign page. Subsequent donations are even simpler. Donorbox has a quick donate option that allows donors to contribute without filing out new forms or opening new donation pages. 


Donorbox charges 1.5% Platform Fees + $19/month for text to give.

What we like

  • Easy setup, takes less than 30 minutes
  • Quick donate option makes it easy for donors to contribute without any hassle
  • Affordable Pricing

2. Snowball

A service that gives emphasis to their unique text-to-give functionality, Snowball is one of the best options out there. You get a unique mobile number for your donation and there is an unlimited text feature. These two features make their text to give fundraisers stand out from the rest. Donors feel like they are part of something exclusive, and their donation makes a difference. Their tools are easy to use, and their premium plans contain all that a nonprofit needs, albeit at a steep price. 


The premium plan starts at 549$, and the more expensive enterprise is priced at 999$ 

What we like

  • Great features for beginners
  • Dedicated text to give functionality 

3. OneCause

A platform designed to aid nonprofits in creating the best fundraisers, OneCause also has unique mobile-friendly software. Nonprofits can seamlessly create fundraisers, charity auctions, and text to give campaigns at the touch of a button. The latter is a one-touch option given to attendees of fundraising campaigns, allowing donations to flow easily. 


Their text-to-give plan starts at $495/year 

What we like

  • Unlimited campaigns, no upper limit on donations, and analytics 
  • Custom branding and email support for customers 

4. Qgiv

Qgiv is a fantastic option for nonprofits that want to include text to donate in their online fundraising campaigns. They have one of the easiest ways to donate, directly via their smartphones. They also have a ‘text to give’ option, which allows nonprofits to ask donors to contribute via their network carriers, which is an easier option for donors. The option requires a single click, and the donor does not get charged immediately. 


Qgiv charges 129$ for their mobile suite, which includes a text to donate service

What we like 

  • One-click text to donate option
  • Carrier-based text to give allows donors to contribute without paying immediately 

5. Handbid 

A mobile-friendly software that gives nonprofits a handy set of tools, including live streaming and bidding incorporated in their text to give campaigns. Their live auction model is a great addition for any nonprofit, but their text to give functionality coupled with their engagement tools make Handbid a real winner.  


Their simple plan starts at 696$ per year and includes a text to give development feature 

What we like

  • Great tools for interacting with donors 
  • Simple text to give service 
  • A host of auction and fundraising features 

Final thoughts 

These platforms provide some of the most holistic tools to help nonprofits create a dedicated text to give fundraisers. Their ease of use helps both nonprofits and donors alike. The latter gets an added advantage in the fact that once they donate, they do not have to go through trivial processes like filling forms again. The convenience factor makes text to give campaigns a must have for nonprofits. 

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