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Last updated: June 7, 2021

Launching a new product is a very exciting time for your company, but it can also be a very stressful and challenging time- well, that’s completely normal. You want to succeed in providing your target customers with a high-quality product that they will absolutely love, and that’s exactly what makes the whole process daunting.

However, there are some steps that you can take to make sure your brand-new product provides your target audience with real value. What’s crucial is to take them before your official product launch, so that you can have the time to go over every little detail and implement necessary changes if need be, eventually hitting the bullseye and launching a remarkable product.

Here are those essential steps.

5 Steps to Take Before Start Selling A New Product

  1. Create a Free Trial or Demo

Before even thinking about setting a launch date for your new product, you should create a product demo or a free trial that your target customers can get their hands on. Allow them to really experience before you even start selling a new product, it so that they can see how it actually works and how it can benefit them.

Enabling them to truly understand your product and explore it comprehensively will bring them closer to your product and your brand. Moreover, you will know whether or not it will meet your target audience’s needs and match their expectations by providing perfect service. You will know whether it will be a success or a failure.

  1. Listen to Your Customers

Don’t let your new product become a failure. If you’ve done your homework before even starting to make a prototype and creating plans for your product launch, then you’ve certainly created something that has a high demand on the market and that promises to bring your company profit.

But, if you don’t listen to what your target customers are saying about your product, then you are heading towards potential failure.

Selling a new product

Now, that’s the main purpose of creating a free trial or demo – to see whether or not people like your product and actually find it useful. You need to see whether or not it perfectly solves their pain points and if anything may require a bit of adjustment.

Therefore, truly listen to your customers. Listen to them because they’ll tell you what they want. Ask for honest, constructive feedback and take every single word into consideration. As Bill Gates once said: “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

  1. Keep Testing and Improving

This is perhaps the most important step you need to take. You must test everything before your launch to absolutely make sure that your product is working as it should. Gathering customer feedback will provide you with a clear insight into the effectiveness of your product, but you still need to test everything (a lot of times!), so that you not only meet your customers’ needs but also exceed their every expectation.

If you’re launching an app, you can get it tested by professional crowdsourced QA testers. There’s a huge pool of global QA professionals who have years of experience in the field and will test your product in its entirety in less than 48 hours. It is imperative that you follow the best practices for QA testing in order to succeed.

Once you test everything, test it again, and then test it some more. Practice makes perfect, right? In this case, testing makes perfect, so when you think everything’s just the way it should be, throw in another test, just in case.

  1. Develop a Product Marketing Plan

Before you start selling your product, you should have a marketing plan ready. Think about where your target customers are, how you will reach them, and how you will instantly hook them in.

Create a product launch marketing plan for every social media platform your customers are using, plan your email marketing strategy, and start a blog where you’ll regularly inform your audience about your new product and let them in on your ultimate brand values.

Create product promotion videos, as they will raise brand awareness and help you jumpstart your sales. Share those videos and links to relevant blog posts in emails and on social media. Host free events and webinars, as they will propel your sales once you launch.

Get in touch with industry influencers who may be interested in promoting your new product, because their endorsement will definitely drive a lot of customers to your door. You can also arrange TV, radio, print and digital interviews and anything else that will spread the word about your product like wildfire. Promote your new product in any way you see fit so that you can build a hype around it well before the launch.

  1. Ready, Set, Launch!

At this point, you’ll have everything ready to start selling and your product will be working perfectly. However, be prepared for any unexpected situation. You know the adage “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, so have a plan ready to deal with anything that may come your way because failing to plan is planning to fail.

Bottom Line

So, don’t wing it and hope for the best. Follow all the steps outlined above and you’ll drastically increase your chances of success. Follow them and you’ll eliminate all the stress from the process, turning your new product launch into an exciting and successful event and creating a positive experience that will continually bring your company profit.

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