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Last updated: April 13, 2021

When we are talking about Project Management Software for business, TIEMCHART becomes necessary to mention because of its increasing popularity in SMBs.

Microsoft Project, and Oracle Primavera seem to be favourable choices for large enterprises and  there are numerous other online providers for project management software, but most of them lack when it comes to advanced project management features like critical path, free float, earliest start, latest start, resource allocation etc. Such providers are addressing more on task management, team management, resource management etc but lack in providing project monitoring tools.

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An Overview on TIEMCHART

TIEMCHART is a sophisticated web based project management software and collaboration platform for medium to large businesses. Apart from being a strong project monitoring tool, it is also intuitive for executives and teams.

Available in SaaS (cloud based) and On-Premise model

TIEMCHART is available as Software as a Service (SaaS), so you can set up an account and your team can access it anytime, anywhere – 24/7. Also, it is available in On-Premise enterprise Solution where the software is installed in your own server, and you can access via intranet or internet.

Advanced Gantt chart packed with Project monitoring decision:

Gantt charts tool helps you to visually interact with your tasks and monitor project progress. Click and drag directly on the chart to establish task dependencies, time duration, and progress (% complete). Some of the advanced project management decision question such as task relationship, critical path, free float / slack, earliest Start, projected end date etc. have been incorporated in the  system.

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Excel Import Features:

Simply create the project in excel, and import it directly to TIEMCHART. This feature saves a lot of time on the migration of the ongoing projects. Excel import feature helps organizations to integrate projects that are being maintained in MS Project or Primavera.

Vendor / Client Collaboration:

You can invite your clients or vendor, and provide access level to specific module or project and allow them to track or update the system where applicable.

Task Tracker:TASK Tracker (2)

Task tracker is easy drop down list of task with the most recent task that is required to be completed. Use can visit task tracker to view all the latest tasks that need to be completed.

Resource Management:

Resource Management Software (1)The dashboard enables you to get a better insight into understanding who on your team is busy and who’s not. With this real-time information, you will be able to assign and reassign resources into the project, based on their availability.

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Billing and Project Accounting:

Another great feature of TIEMCHART, is the ability to track revenue and cost of each individual project. With built-in job costing system for accounts, it is also having billing module to carry out regular bills.


If you are a mid-scale or large enterprise and require a customized process or reporting, TIEMCHART enterprise solution delivers customised solution as per your requirement. This is not available in cloud platform but on premise enterprise solution. Such solution will be priced extra depending on the complexities and resources required to do those customisation


TIEMCHART can be accessed as a software as a service (SaaS) or on premise. For SaaS, the cost is an affordable $40/user/month with 1 GB Disk space / user / month. For additional storage capacity, it will cost you $5/GB/month.

For on-premise license, it will cost $450 per user one-time cost. Customisation cost extra as per requirements. You can test the service by signing up for a free 15 days trial offer.


When we talk about cloud computing for business, TIEMCHART does come quite close to providing an optimal solution to project based sectors. With powerful features, TIEMCHART have clearly made its mark in the web based project management space.

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