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At least once in your lifetime, you would hear the phrase that time is money or time is the most valuable thing we have. That is why it is of crucial importance to track the time when working in any sphere. As the practice shows, manual time tracking is not accurate enough. Fortunately, nowadays, there are lots of time clock software that record the time users spend on a particular task, project, or application. These tools provide the visibility of computer activities and ensure more productive work. The main benefits of time tracking software are meeting deadlines, saving the budgets, and improving general productivity. Here, we will have a look through the top 10-time clock software tools in 2020 for small and midsize businesses.

Top Time Clock Software to Watch Out

1. TSheets and its GPS Tracking.


Thseet time tracking software will meet the needs of small, midsize businesses, and freelancers. Thus, it can be successfully used by teams and individuals. Due to its GPS tracking capabilities, it will be ideal for spheres whose employees work out in the field. TSheets shows the exact location of each employee, who can clock in using their PIN-code. Also, it is possible to track the workers’ paid time off. In its structure, it has a system of alerts and reminders which ensure meeting the deadlines. The application can be used on any mobile device.

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2. Zoho Projects and its rich communication features.

zoho projects

Many users determine this tool as the best choice for SMBs. It is easy to set up and can be used for team members. Its low price will allow even beginners to purchase it and enjoy Zoho’s functionality. The tool allows clocking several tasks at the same time, which will be beneficial for those businesses that have low and high seasons. Also, Zoho helps to divide large tasks into manageable units, which makes it easier to meet deadlines. At the same time, the specialized timer helps to calculate actual working hours, which were spent on a task.

3. Homebase – The best tool for Point of Sale (POS) cooperation.homebase

Homebase is a free tool that integrates with popular POS software applications. It will be suitable for both individuals and teams. It provides team messaging, chats, and support via email. As above-mentioned Tsheets, Homebase also offers a GPS-based clock. Due to this feature, off-site employees can use this tool effortlessly. Also, it works without an internet connection. The PIN-based entry makes it easier to use the tool’s services. For example, the Payroll Exports is provided in Homebase.

4. Harvest – Time Tracker which contains everything in one tool.

harvestThis time clock software helps to track time and expenses, create unlimited invoices and estimates. Freelancers will enjoy its free plan and the absence of the necessity to share their data. Simultaneously, Harvest enables to track two projects. Also, it allows exporting hours because Harvest can be easily integrated with other time-tracking software. At the same time, it provides bank-level security of the data, which will be pivotal for those businesses that face concurrency at the market of their services. The visual reports which are made during the work help to understand whether the business is moving in the right direction or not.

5. Time Doctor – The best time tracking software for a remote team.

time doctorThe Time Doctor underlines that it is not for individuals but teams. It performs the threefold function because it facilitates time tracking, monitoring of employees’ performance, and management of the project. Among all the similar tools, Time Doctor provides the most detailed information about the employees. Thus, it records all the web pages which are visited by the workers and all the apps which are used. It is possible with the desktop screenshots which demonstrate what the employees are working on at the moment. Time Doctor allows organizations to manage and track a remote team effectively. Also, this tool allows paying the employees for their work via financial transfer services. All these create an atmosphere of transparency between the workers and employers.

6. Toggl – Ideal decision for those who use FreshBooks.

togglToggl allows exporting hours from the tool to an invoice in FreshBooks. With Toggl, it is possible to begin a project or a task on the smartphone and finish it on the PC, or vice versa. The procedure is quite easy for every user. It is necessary to create a project and then a task. The project time information can be shared with the clients so that they know what they are paying for. The invoice is created within Toggl and is sent directly to the client. This tool will be suitable for small businesses and limited-budget projects.

7. HubStaff – For the remote team and business control.


The principle of Hubstaff’s work is similar to Time Doctor because it works via screenshots, activity tracking, monitoring of the applications which are used, and sending of reports based on the obtained information. Despite the fact that it is designed mostly for remote control, the in-office employees are also tracked. GPS tracking is also offered to clients. With the help of Hubstaff, the business can work as a clock mechanism. Among its benefits is the possibility to manage multiple projects at the same time.

8. Rescue Time – The best decision for measuring your productivity.

rescuetimeThe primary aim of this tool is to track the time spent on websites, programs, and applications. But additionally, it shows how productive the user was during the day. Rescue Time helps to reduce the time spent on social media because it recognizes them as distractive URLs. However, it is possible to regulate settings if the work requires spending time on social media. Rescue Time is considered to be a perfect time management tool for individuals. Thus, it will be suitable for those who are prone to self-management because nobody will be able to monitor the updates immediately.

9. Desk Time – The perfect triune tool.

desktimeThis tool combines the following three features: monitoring of the employees, general management of the project, and analysis of team’s or individual’s productivity. Also, it helps to identify the unproductive habits of the employees when they visit unproductive URLs on a regular basis. Additionally, Desk Time provides a categorization of websites, programs, and applications that determine the level of productivity of the workers. As with rescue time, in Desk Time, it is possible to create separate groups of productive tools for each team. Managers receive both reports about their employees’ activity and screenshots that prove the received data.

10. TimeCamp – A cloud-based time tracker with more than 50 integrations.

Time Clock SoftwareTime Camp is used for the project and team management. Time here is tracked both manually and automatically, each by different means. With the help of Time Camp, managers can track billable work hours and evaluate the status of the project. This software helps to measure and improve employees’ productivity every day and can be adjusted by employers. The tool helps to create payroll and send invoices to employees. Also, it can be integrated with other project management software, where it is possible to create a task and immediately start tracking time.

As can be seen, there are enough time tracking tools that can be suitable for SMBs, as well as for individuals. The variety of options, which are presented in each tool, can satisfy the exact needs of the users and determine their needs. If you would like to read more about possible options of time clock software, you can always ask for help at Assignment.Essayshark, where you will receive professional help with any assignment.

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