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Time tracking is software that enables users to record time spent on assignments. It provides an electronic version of traditional paper-based tracking. Tracking employee time can notably increase productivity, an organization can study the loopholes where time is wasted.

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Time tracking data should be carefully and accurately recorded in order to ensure its usability. Team leads must carefully observe the time-tracking methods of their team members and train them appropriately for better results. The data generated at the end of the month gives management a clear understanding of the productivity of the staff members. Here are a few points you should ensure for accurate time tracking data.

Points to Ensure for Accurate Time Tracking Data

Logging Hours vs Manual Time Tracking

Every team leader must ensure that hours are logged in real-time while the task is being done. This reduces the discrepancies that may arise while logging time manually. The time slots chosen by team members must also be observed for accuracy. The logged hours within a single slot must justify the time within the slot. If there are 2 tasks of 2 hours, each logged in a single time slot of 2 hours, then this is not an accurate way to record time. The logged hours and time slots must match each other.

Observing the Actual Work Done

Time tracking data may give you the total time consumed and the total tasks completed. This may not be the complete picture. Every team lead must closely observe the tasks being completed by the team members and share his inputs. The expectations for each task must be set at the beginning and it should be ensured that these are met. Unless a task is successfully completed the time logged on that task is in fact void. we had tremendous feedback on this article: Attendance Management Software – Enhancing the Efficiency of your Organization.

Forgotten Hours

Many times, team members may forget about logging hours for certain tasks. This may cause the overall data to become flawed as many of the tasks may get completed but may not have time entries. It should be ensured, that time entries for all the tasks are entered so that the managers get a correct overall picture of the tasks completed and the time consumed.

Adding Inflated Numbers

At times, it becomes almost impossible to log hours in real time and manual time entries are the only option. In such a scenario, staff members may be tempted to add time entries which are inflated and do not show an accurate picture of the time spent on the tasks. This causes the data to be inaccurate and the system to become inefficient over-all. Such practices must be discouraged right from the start and team leads must communicate the stringency of the norms to be followed.

Lack Of Motivation

Most of the employees are not motivated enough to log hours or add time entries manually. This too results in incorrect data being entered in time sheets as most of the time they become careless about the process. Team leads must ensure that they are motivating their team to follow the right practices for logging their work time in the best possible manner.

Employees must be trained to use the right time tracking software and make the best use of the same. Employees must reconcile daily, weekly and monthly time-sheets and make sure that they are absolutely free of any errors. The team should seek improvements in their productivity by using the tracking system regularly and more accurately.

It is important to get the right software, in the scenario where employee motivation is the key factor. Software buyer has no chance of wrong software selection. Here is the list of top time tracking software for industry-specific requirements. If you are still confused in selecting the right software our expert team at SoftwareSuggest can help you to find the right software.

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