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Last updated: February 25, 2021

Time tracking software is an old concept which was previously done by entering the weekend data on excel sheets or online timesheets. These sheets were then sent to managers who would assess the employee’s work performance for the week. But there was a major downside to the manual entries recorded by employees, that is the data did not reflect the actual amount of time spent on a project hence the data was ambiguous. 

With technologies, inventions came sophisticated Time tracking software specially made for using cloud technologies which gave a robust push to time management. Many organizations and agencies began using this new found medium to evaluate the impossible task of managing organizations singlehandedly.

Here we have a list of what a time tracking software can do for your organization:

Time Management:

Time management is what a time tracking software helps the managers with. There are many tasks assigned to the manager, he has to manage his own work and of his subordinates. These include:

Organizations these days are more global in nature, there are different time zones and time tracking software enable managers to keep an eye on his/her off-shore employees. Cloud technologies can be accessed from anywhere in the world, be it a phone or a tablet. Entering data on software indicates the exact time and show the real-time put in by the employee in the project.

Evaluates Employee performance:

Online timesheets provide accurate data of initiation and completion of work, the resources used on each project. Since the data is electronic, the manager can gauge which employee has less workload and divide tasks accordingly.  

Competency Management:

Time tracking can also help in the training of individuals, for instance, if an employee is taking longer than usual to finish an allotted task, the manager can evaluate this and suggest him for training on the concerned task. This greatly improves efficiency at work.

Expense Management:

Businesses using this software can generate justifiable bills to their clients. Since billable work hours have to be calculated in some businesses, it helps create a project timeline and one of the reasons why a client might begin working with your business.

Project management:

Reaching milestones in a project can greatly impact your reputation with the client, Time tracking software and online timesheets have a defined set of project guidelines that means you won’t have to rush your team to work faster on a project.

Employee attendance and payrolls:

With a time tracking software in place, your employees are answerable to each delay caused in the work. It helps you keep a record of your employee’s attendance, salaries are billed on its basis making the HR function easier.

Following are some known productivity software:

TimeLive:  TimeLive is a time tracking software used for tracking both time and tasks online. Companies and individuals can use it to monitor their employee’s general productivity and time management, and store data on the cloud.

WorkiQ:  WorkiQ is very useful for tracking the employees’ usage of computer and offer detailed reports on what they used the time for.

It is also an excellent tool for giving real-time reports about actively working employees on its dashboard. With the help of WorkiQ, an employer can get a comprehensive report on each employee and can determine the productive and non-productive employees.

Todoist: Todoist is an application which has a system of sending updates to everyone using it. It sends multiple updates, tracking tasks and working on a particular computer.

It monitors team assignment, individual tasks, and projects, accompanied with a deadline. It is highly compatible with any platform an employer utilize.

Trello: Trello is useful for visualizing workflow and keeping things organized. It is pretty simple to use for the creation of new boards and assists in resourceful management processes. It has a free and a paid version both.

Desk Time: Desk Time is a simple but a potent tool for the automatic tracking of employees’ capabilities. With it, an employer can organize software used during work as a neutral, productive and unproductive for the sake of time tracking. It is a great application for any investments.

Asana: Asana is a very useful tool for time tracking. It enables everyone to monitor their own time which gives a sense of consciousness that your working is being tracked and being an employee, diligence is a must during duty hours. With the help of its fantastic tool known as Harvest Timer, you will know how much time you spent on each of your daily assignments.


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