8 Valuable Tips Before Adopting the Society Management System


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Last updated: April 19, 2021

Last Updated: 19 Jan 2020

Society residents in any part of the globe are always looking for comprehensive and automated solutions that make their life stress-free, easy and happy. In fact, most societies have now adopted radical society management systems that bring about a huge improvement in the standard of living of all residential stakeholders.

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Society management software is certainly the new buzzword – everyone is talking about the dynamic benefits offered by this miraculously simple platform. It helps apartment owners or residents manage end-to-end task management through the click of a button, and previously complicated actions such as payment of utility bills, installments, updating of records, and communication of messages can all be performed through helpful society tools.

Implementing an excellent society management system is perfect for routine administration, and it will definitely facilitate the maintenance of a streamlined source of real-time society data that will save time, energy and money.

Most modern apartment management software systems come power-packed with a diverse range of impressive features that make community living structured and flexible – making it a real boon for any kind of housing society.

Points to consider before buying the Society Management System

Here are seven valuable tips that can help you choose the best society management system amongst the current market options:

  • Simple and User-Friendly

Your society management system needs to have a simple and user-friendly interface so that all stakeholders can easily access it. One of the most essential criteria to keep in mind while choosing housing management software is the user-friendliness – it should not require any specialized technical expertise and every person involved in society administration including house-owners should be comfortable with its functionality.

The login-based access controls should enable user’s quick connectivity to the system, and adequate security measures should be integrated into the system to prevent fraud or misuse of sensitive information.

  • Enriched Features

The market is flooded with a variety of society management software systems, and it is important to conduct detailed research before investing in one, as it is a long-term decision that could have far-reaching impacts.

Make sure that your housing management system has an array of rich and specialized features that can make your society administration fast, efficient and automated. It should be customizable so that decision-makers can choose specific modules according to their unique requirements, and scalable, to expand as per the growth of the society size.

  • Visitor Management

Managing the visitors in any society is always a challenging and complicated task. Effective society management software has specialized visitor management modules, which maintains the automatic entry details of any visitor who enters the society premises.

The in time, out time, photo, biometric records and vehicle particulars of each visitor can also be recorded easily, to ensure proper campus privacy and security. Visitor management is a very vital function as it helps society management keep a track and monitor the footfall of the society, thereby increasing safety and supervision.

  • Bills Management

The payment of accounts and bills is a very vital part of efficient society governance, and sophisticated housing management software systems handle the payment of water, electricity and rent bills comprehensively.

It provides residents and users a highly secure platform where they can complete financial payments in multiple modes online – thereby boosting convenience and flexibility for everyone involved in the process. People can also check the status of their maintenance payments from the comfort of their homes, and generate payout schedules to ensure timely payments.

  • Reporting and Analytics

One of the best aspects about society management systems is that is organized and stores important data at a centralized repository, making sure that a pool of useful society information is available at hand.

These dynamic software systems also have advanced report making and analytic modules, and all information related to the society can be presented through a visual, minimalist and user-friendly interface. It is the perfect solution that pumps up security, manages detailed records and enhances the overall standards of community living.

  • Alerts and Notifications

In today’s digital era, most residents and homeowners expect regular alerts and communication – all this is absolutely possible through state-of-the-art society management systems. It provides a wide and seamless network that links community members and provides a regular and timely message about society events or happenings.

Society members get instant notifications of messages or emails, making sure that they can follow instructions or follow any proceedings if required. Society management systems are a great way for residents to develop a strong rapport through an active online community – building a long-term association between members!

  • Regulatory Compliance 

Making sure all legal and regulatory compliances have adhered is a major hassle for most society management committee members. Investing in an automates society management system is a great solution to ensuring that your housing society follows 100% legal compliance management and follows all mandatory statutory obligations.

It brings about a huge amount of transparency and credibility in the routine financial and accounting procedures, thereby building trust and loyalty amongst society members. Getting an apartment management software solution is the ideal way to augment supervision and effective governance for your society in the long run.

  • Inventory Management

Every society organizes different events and celebrates all festivals within the community. For that, certain items like chairs, tables, music system, carpets, etc. need to be properly stocked in the facility to ensure a smooth organization. A society management system with an inventory database can be of great help as it will help manage the details on the number of items required in daily activities. 

It allows you to track all items available in the stock and alerts you when it’s time to re-stock it. Besides, it gives you a clear picture of the monthly expenses needed to maintain the required level of inventory. Thus, it eases the task of financial planning for the society manager.


There is no doubt that investing in a society management software solution is a wise decision and can keep your housing society members satisfied with superior service levels and automated administration.

Therefore, keep your society members happy and engaged by providing them the round-the-clock support system and getting the best society management system!

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