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A business’s office phone system is like oxygen that keeps it going on. With its help, a business can communicate with its customers, team and business associates at any point in time. Thus, we can easily conclude that it is very important for internal operational and service deliverance.

Seeing the multi-level functionality of an online phone number, businesses don’t mind to buy it blindly. Its immense popularity leads to the mushroom-like growing of VoIP service providers. Now, the buyer has multiple options for a single requirement. Though it seems like great news, choosing the best out of thousands of options are not so easy.

Buyers have to be extra vigil and conscious while buying a US virtual phone number (online phone numbers, such as numbers starting with area code 212 for New York, 213 for Los Angeles, 202 for Washington, etc.) as only the right choice will help you to avail the avail benefits that a VoIP number offers.

If you are a confused buyer then don’t worry, we have come up with come of key points to consider while you are on a shopping spree for your office phone software:

5 Points You Need to Consider before Choosing the Right Office Phone System

1. Understand your business call volume beforehand

The main function of an office phone system is to handle your call traffic. Thus, it is very important to know what your call volume is before any purchase. If you are a small set up then a virtual phone number will be more than enough to handle all your call volume. Even a simple VoIP number comes with features like call forwarding, call recording and on-hold music that holds all the power to streamline your business operations and call volume.

However, you are a big enterprise then you would be requiring dedicated call center software to handle all your call volume.  When you have dedicated call center software then you will get a whole suite of business features. Using it, you can make sure that not a single customer calls. Quick and informative call analysis reporting will be readily available on your fingertips.

2. Check your spending capacity and budget

The next thing to take into consideration is to know how much is your spending capacity as it plays a crucial factor in each purchase. You need to check the upfront and ongoing cost factor of your chosen online phone number.  

For example, if you require on-premise US virtual phone number then you needs to understand that the upfront cost would be very high as all the hardware and software expenses burden will come directly on your shoulders. Buying such type of VoIP service is an intelligent move only if you are a big gun. If you are a small business then it may take you into debts.

On the other hand, a web-hosted or cloud-based online phone numbers a better choice for almost every small business or start-up as it doesn’t demand any high-priced upfront cost. All you need to pay a fixed monthly fee and can avail all the features easily without any brainstorming maintenance.

3. Know the work priorities of your team members

Your team will have members of all sorts. Some like to work from home while some find solace in office premise. If your work-from-home team members outnumber the other category then we would suggest you buy a cloud-based US virtual phone number.

With its help, your team members can easily work from any part of the globe. All they require is a stable internet connection. They can make and receive customer calls on their mobiles, laptops, PC, and tablets.  A virtual phone system comes with a softphone facility that allows your team members to work independently from location boundaries.

4. How much you can spend on maintenance?

Just like anything else, your VoIP system also demands maintenance depending upon its nature of integration. If you have your own IT team to look after your office phone system then the on-premise system is a better option.  For small scale industries, it would be very difficult to outsource maintenance services for an online phone number. A Virtual phone system is a better option for them.

5. Take the future growth into consideration as well

We all like to grow. As we grow, our business needs and requirements also increase by manifolds. With changing requirements, you can’t change your office business phone system each time. Intelligent move would be if you buy a VoIP phone system that comes with great flexibility and customization ability.

If your US Virtual Phone Number has easy customization facility then there is no need to change it with your changing requirements. It saves your money and efforts and let you focus on integrating success with full concentration.

Empower your business with the right VoIP phone system and let it grow by leap and bounds.

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  1. It’s good to know that you need to consider how much spending capacity you have. My brother was telling me last night about how he is needing to get a phone system installed for his office in a couple of weeks, and that he wants to make sure that he can find the right one. I’ll make sure to pass these tips along to him so that he can know more tips about choosing the right business phone system.


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