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Last updated: January 28, 2021


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ATS or applicant tracking systems are sophisticated software solutions that help organizations source and hire the best talent available in the job market. From creating job descriptions to posting them and highlighting them on leading job portals, and systematically managing all the incoming applications, ATS solutions perform a wide range of functions. 

Not only do they ensure that you track all your job applications effortlessly, but the best ATS software solutions enable streamlined sourcing and recruitment processes on a centralized, integrated platform.

However, just like all other applications, you must follow certain rules so that you can invest in the best ATS software for your company. Else, your hiring process won’t be successful. You will recruit talents that do not meet the requirements of the posted job — resulting in loss of time and money. So today, let’s guide you through some tips on how to select the best ATS software that meets your company’s goals.

Essential Tips For Choosing an ATS Software Solution

1. Select an application based on your specific business requirements

Whether you are a small, medium, or large enterprise, there is an ATS solution for everyone. Every organization has its own set of specific needs when it comes to recruiting new employees. When it comes to ATS solutions, there isn’t just one size that fits all.

The best ATS software solution will not just streamline and automate recruitment for your organization, but it will also effectively address the particular needs of your organization. Therefore, go for a provider who is willing to understand your specifications and tailor an application as per your requirements.

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2. Pick an application that promotes uninterrupted communication

A collaborative ATS software will help the entire team to collaborate with ease on a single platform. It will provide all the stakeholders real-time, accurate information, and facilitate the recruitment process

The best ATS software solutions also help employers keep candidates informed about the status of their interview. They take away much of the manual effort in setting up interviews by integrating with all the major calendar apps.

3. Choose an ATS software that offers excellent candidate experience

Your applicant tracking system must also enhance the candidate experience. When candidates receive adequate support for their doubts, queries, and concerns, they become less likely to drop out of the recruitment process. Ensure that your ATS application delivers quick responses, especially when applicants fill up an application form on your website. 

Candidates may also abandon the recruitment process if the ATS solution compels them to go through lengthy processes that involve multiple, unnecessary steps. An effective ATS system must reduce effort not just for the employer but also for candidates.

4. Pick an ATS System that leverages social media tools

The best ATS software solutions in these times should be able to integrate with your social media platforms. Social media networking plays a significant role in recruitment nowadays. Your application should help you reach out to candidates on these platforms as well.

A premium applicant tracking system should enable you to post jobs on social media platforms. An ideal solution will also help you track the responses to such posts. Modern ATS solutions come with various features that help you create a buzz around your various job openings. They also help you create a brand image on such platforms. 

5. Ensure That the ATS Facilitates Employee Referrals

Employee referral programs are a vital part of the recruitment process in any organization. They are an effective way to obtain some of the best talents in the industry. 

When you choose an ATS solution, check if it contains an integrated employee referral feature. Ensure that it allows you to track, manage, share, and process all referral applications within the organization with minimum effort.

6. Pick a System That Facilitates Accurate Candidate Search Results

 It is not easy to screen and filter appropriate candidates from many incoming job applications manually. The best ATS software solutions offer simple, quick, and yet effective search features and filters that display all results in an easily understandable standard format in just a few clicks. 

The best ATS solutions allow you to scan through resumes quickly so that you can shortlist the ideal applicants in no time. Any ATS software you choose must come with comprehensive search features that analyze an exhaustive candidate repository and help you find those applications that match your keywords and other criteria.

7. Check for the ATS System’s Ability to Integrate With Your Existing Technology Stack

An applicant tracking system should be able to integrate with all the other systems that you use in your organization and promote workflow automation. These systems and platforms may include your website, your HRIS, or even your in-house system. The best ATS software should be able to integrate with your existing systems and improve overall efficiency seamlessly. 

Wrapping it Up

A premium ATS software solution not only helps your organization organize its recruitment activity, but it can also enable your company to build targeted recruitment and hiring strategies. It ensures that you recruit the best talent, cut down your cost-per-hire, and develop a fast, efficient, and accurate hiring process. The various steps mentioned in the article will help you invest in the right tool that perfectly meets your specifications and requirements.

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