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Last updated: May 21, 2021

eCommerce business seems lucrative and easy money minting opportunity as you need not have a high-end, branded showroom to sell things. You can manage many things from a warehouse and office phone system. But, this is only half of the reality. In actual brick and motor world, things are more complex, and its demands are far-reaching.

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High cart abandonment rates, low conversations, high competition, and need for constant customer care assistants are some of the key issues that prevail in almost every eCommerce business without being biased. If you also run an online store, then you need to plan strategically to taste success.

Points to Keep in Mind to Enhance eCommerce Business

  • Have a continual and dedicated customer care center

When it comes to online or eCommerce business, your phone is the only means to stay connected with the customers. The more diligently you are using it, the higher are the chances of success. That is why enterprise-level hosted phone system is the spine of your eCommerce business. With features such as call recording, auto call answering, call forwarding, and many more, handling call traffic is a sheer delight with it.

Its aid is not limited to proper call handling. This type of office phone system is also efficient to collect customer feedback with real-time data supporting. You can send auto SMSs with feedback links, create online forms, and can even place an auto call as soon as you receive the order. This type of regress feedback system enables a business to gain deeper insights into customers’ expectations and fabricate its services/product deliverance strategy accordingly. Also, you can use those customer reviews on your website and increase your sales.

  • Show what the customers want to see

Do you know that around 70% of the online consumers become annoyed with online stores that offer an excess of ads and promotional products and less of relevant searches?

You may have thousands of products listed on your eCommerce website.  In that case, your prospective customers find it too difficult to get the exact requirements. This is when real-time personalization of the eCommerce store comes into being. They don’t want to see irrelevant ads and products. They want to see the exact matches for their searches.

For this sort of personalized delivery, some of the top online eCommerce businesses swear by the potency of customer’s browsing history, and past product searches. Try to display the items which match their past searches. Give some limited period discounts for relevant product searches.  Also, it should be within the same price range. Personalized recommendation helps a person to make quick choices, and the findings of the survey also backed this statement. As per the survey, 45% of buyers like to buy from the online stores that offer personalized recommendations as it saves their time and efforts. 

  • The magic wand – Rightly optimized mobile application

Mobile applications have made way into almost every walk of our lives. We have a fitness app, a deicing app, a business app, and many more. Just as tracking health on an app is convenient than any other means, your consumers like to buy things while on-the-go. That is why it is more than imperative that your online business should have a properly optimized mobile application for your online store. Make sure the products on the app loads faster, payments are secure, and checkout process is hassle-free. 

  • Let’s chew the fat with live chat. 

Shopping in the virtual world is entirely different from shopping in a real-time world. Here, losing a customer inquiry means losing business. That is why you should address all the buying related queries before your customers abandon the cart. 

Having a live chat support system is what makes a great difference in the online business sector. Use live chat feature your customers can easily get in touch with the business. This ultimately increases the conversion rate. Many enterprise-level hosted phone systems come with an in-build live chat support system for your eCommerce website. Make sure you use it wisely. 

  • Reduce call waiting time

As you are not selling from a desk and showroom, your phone lines must be free to handle all the callers. If you are using a traditional PSTN based telephone number for your business, then it’s high time to replace it with internet phone number. You can set endless extensions and reduce call waiting time. Also, you can set a call distribution feature that will disperse the calls on a first-come, first-serve basis. All of these strategies reduce call waiting time for your customers and make you a trustworthy player out of millions.


Running an eCommerce business is not run of the mill task. To taste success in this sector, you need the right resources and strategic planning. Buying international phone number, gathering real-time feedback, and displaying what the customers want to see are some of them. Implement them now onwards and see how soon your eCommerce business will flourish.

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