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Nilam Oswal

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Last updated: May 21, 2021

You can simply not expect the internet to behave the same daily. And no matter how much ever you’re a specialist in the way the internet works, something or the other is always missing and makes you want to go back and check with the basics.

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If you have got a business, that is upcoming or has just taken off on a grand scale, it will be better to know that emailing lists are simple and easy way to get in touch with your customers regarding your daily upgrades, the new ventures, any sale or any event that your business is planning out. But, the only question that you should be asking yourself when you decide to bombard the internet with your business emails are – are these emails reaching the right person at all? How do I know that people are actually receiving them or these are just getting into the cyberspace obscurity which is so common these days? You need something to verify it for you.

Top marketers, Digital agencies and email marketing experienced professionals use email verifier software regularly to check on the authenticity of the email addresses they are sending the emails to. If marketing is your forte and you are going to plunge headlong into it, it is better that you take a look at how email verifiers can make your life simpler. They help in better conversions and delivery rates and also increase the reach and spread out the word of your business in a much better way.

Let us go through the 5 good reasons/tips that make an Email Verifier friend of your business.

Tips That Can Increase Sales Using Email Verifier

  • Email Campaigns

If your business needs you to make cold email campaigns and that you have actually outsourced the work or taken help of a huge mailing list – be careful. It is always good to have an Email Verifier going through the list that you have in your hand. Email verifiers are good for looking up for any old and unused email ids and then flag them up. Bigger the list, more the chances of having faulty email ids.

Faulty emails are the ones that keep bouncing back and if you receive more of the bouncing notices, you can imagine how much percent of the entire effort has really received what you sent out to them.

If this is going to be your first attempt at doing a huge marketing stunt and send out a huge list of email ids, you had better be careful and verify the list you have on your hand. Won’t it be sad to know that the first attempt boomeranged terribly?

  • Sales Campaigns

Sales campaigns are pretty much different than the cold email campaigns run by marketers. These campaigns are technically the ones that take your business to the people and potential clients. Salespeople are very specific when they are targeting their campaigns for the ultimate requirement of the company.

Remember, the salespeople are not very technically sound and all that they do know is to sell your business to the world. So, it is important that the email ids that they are sending out the emails to are getting verified by the Email Verifier software.

Probably, the only thing you might get out of Sales activity is an abysmal number of call-backs who got the sales campaign but hey, we are talking about getting your business out there to the people who would be interested in having an association with you in future. 

  • Blog Subscriptions

You cannot beat the happy feeling when you see that there are so many followers to the blog you are working so hard for. Naturally, many of them even sign up and you are happy that there are lots of people who are reading your articles and online episodes and books and all – the whole plethora.

However, not many of them are genuinely interested and quite a number of times, subscribers do leave behind a fake email address or typos in the email id which may at times not reach the subscribers who actually signed up for this.

There are millions of bloggers out there and there are millions of them updating content on the internet every single second. It is essential for you to know that yours is a droplet in an ocean and so it is important that you get your blog reaching the right people who are aware of what you do, appreciate that and will not have your account black-listed.

The best way is that you go through the list of people who have signed up, keep your list getting checked by Email verifiers and ensure that you are being smart out there when you send your weekly or monthly mail subscriptions.

  • Building customer Base

If you are looking at building a customer base, then you need to run your regular email chains and have target audiences for whom you want the emails going out. Anyway, that is how you build your business; let people know about the work that you are doing.

Verifying emails is simple – if you are retargeting your audience then you need to ensure that the emails that you are sending to exist and are not dead or archived ones. You are not getting anything from the email id that doesn’t have a person on the other end of the IP address.

To ensure that you are getting to the right person, ensure that you run an email verifier to know you are sending it to the right people. Always remember this – if there are customers to whom you are going back, knowing that you are re-establishing an old account activity then there has to be authenticity in what is being sent to them. Also, most of the customers might have moved on from their old email ids and that they might have got a new one with a business domain rather than the generic email servers.

  • Checklist Verification

If you are running a fully blooming business or you are a small to medium-sized business, make sure that you have a finite list of all the people with who you are in touch with constantly and keep verifying the authenticity. Also, if there are new email ids that are getting added to the pool of your business, if the same person has signed up with two different ids – ensure you are having an eye on all these factors.

Pruning the list becomes important when it comes to dealing with the people who really are concerned or interested in the business you are into. This has to be a cyclic or a monthly activity in which all emails are verified like fact-checks and the emails are added or removed based on the receipt or failure bounce emails that come up.

This becomes the basis of you running online Digital Marketing ads and campaigns and so this expands your business by adding more people from the people you are in touch with.

What does an Email Verifier Do?

Since we are talking about Email Verifiers for long, it is important to know exactly what an email verifier does.

1. Checking Email Syntax: Email Verifier checks that the syntax of the email id is correct and that all the dots, spaces and @ are taken care of. This will make sure if there is anything wrong in the email id that has been added on the list. Fake email ids might have space or even use hashtags instead of @ and some of the people who sign up might purposefully not give you the right address. At least you know the emails are being checked for the correct syntax.

2. Domain Name check: One of the most advanced features of Email Verifiers is to check that the email id based on company names are actually existing domain names and that such domains exist or not. New domains are purchased and added to the cyberspace pool and online businesses come and go overnight. If there are email ids that belong to a domain that was existing yesterday, but not today and is not going to be available tomorrow for your campaign – better check it off your list.

3. Mailing Pings: Also considered to be the most important feature, the Email Verifier sends a ping to the emailing server. If it gets back a response from the receiver, you come to know that the domain exists or not.

Failure daemons are very common and they bounce back every time you mail at a specific domain. The servers get a ping that the receiving server isn’t responding which generally means that the domain on the other end might have gone off the air.

Summing it Up

Email verifiers have forever, saved lots of businesses that depend upon online marketing and sales strategies from venturing into troubled waters. They really help figure out the entire history and activity of existing email id and ensure that emails sent by businesses for marketing don’t go bouncing or getting blocked because of vary spam-traps that seem to knock down most of the businesses that are existing in the online realm.

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