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Last updated: August 20, 2020

Time is the most precious asset for anyone, whether an individual or an organization. If you don’t respect time, it will not respect you. In the absence of time management, productivity and efficiency are compromised. Therefore, in order to avoid a compromise, the companies must adopt ways to optimize time management, and deploying time attendance system is one of them.

The manual mode of maintaining time cards is an obsolete and inaccurate process in employee time management. In addition to this, there are a lot of undesired issues like time theft, discrepancies in the payroll, poor coordination, inefficient time management, and much more.

When you are able to automate and computerize the attendance system by installing attendance software, you eliminate all these issues that hamper the growth of your organization. Deploying the software will assist you, and your employees, in the following ways.

How the Use of Time Attendance System Can Change Your Employees’ Time Management Habit?

1. Keeping a Track on Working Hours

According to the American Payroll Association, on an average, an employee steals 4 hours and 5 minutes per week. This is huge! Therefore, integrating time attendance system is an obligation if you want to improvise your employee’s time management habit.

How does the system work? The employee punches the biometric card to mark attendance. The system registers the behavior and starts clocking the work time. The employee has to complete allotted working hours to avoid any salary deduction.

And in case the employee works for extended hours, the software will update the information, and convey it to the concerned authorities. The time attendance system is beneficial for both the employees and the employers as both of them have access to data. However, user permissions restrict access to authorized users only.

The software is programmed to avoid any discrepancies, thereby registering the accurate work time. An employee cannot bluff the system because attendance is registered using a biometric mechanism wherein, thumb, finger or retinal impression is scanned to verify the identity of an individual.

2. Set Clear Goals and Deadlines

Most of the projects and tasks are always delayed. According to KPMG Project Management Survey 2017, only 31% of organizations are expected to deliver a project on time. The failure can be attributed to various reasons such as lack of communication, shortage of funds, mismanagement of human resources, undefined goals and deadlines, and so on.

The time management software can be beneficial in setting up goals and deadlines. Not only setting up but tracking real-time progress. Once you have determined a goal to achieve, you can define the roadmap, assign roles and responsibilities, set up milestones, and finalize the deadlines.

Setting up goals and deadlines is necessary to instill motivation and develop punctuality in the employees. When an employee knows about the goals, how to achieve them, and the deadlines that should be adhered to; the project will be accomplished on time. You can update the progress in the time attendance system. It will automatically synchronize for every user, thereby ensuring everyone is on the same page.

3. Create Schedules

The time attendance system lets an employee completely manage his or her schedule. From monitoring time cards to submitting an application for a sick leave, the software handles the employee’s schedule with ease and efficiency. An employee can raise requests, communicate with the higher authorities, and check the status of applications. When an employee is able to create, monitor, and edit schedules at will, time management becomes a simple task.

The cloud-based functioning of time management system allows instant access to data on web browsers and mobile apps. This further ensures transparency as the timecard and schedules are synchronized across various verticals of the company.

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4. Analyze Daily Routine

If an employee is facing a decline in productivity, there is a need to analyze the reasons behind this phenomenon. It could be personal factors, health problems, undesirable working environment, lack of communication, time mismanagement, and so on.

The time attendance system is not just about recording hours but it can assist an individual in analyzing and managing daily routine. It can record the activities, amount of time spent, analyze the productivity levels, and so on. The time management system will generate and compile data in an appealing format, highlighting behavior and activities in the report.

For example, if you are spending the majority of the time on smartphones or you are taking too many casual breaks or you are working diligently on the assigned task, you can feed information in the system. Later, you can analyze it and take a suitable course of action to resurrect your routine.

5. Instruct and Provide Feasible Solutions

As mentioned earlier, you can set the goals and objectives – along with the deadlines – in the time attendance system. But in case an employee deviates from the track, the software will generate a reminder to mend ways and get back to work.

For example, if you have been assigned a task but you are falling behind schedule, the software will compel you to efficiently manage your time and adopt recommended ways to fulfill the task on time. The employers can also track the progress and render suitable instructions to the employees.


A time attendance system is an efficient tool that ensures effective time management. Integrating the software with the ERP system is highly recommended to define the employee’s responsibility, facilitate transparent reporting, and assist them in achieving the highest levels of productivity.

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