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Last updated: May 21, 2021

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We are the generation who are witness to the change in the millennium. We have seen ultra-modernization in terms of technology among others. So is the case with computerization. It has made the transactions super easy, fast, competent, and dependable. We have seen the time when the business leaders themselves had to monitor the projects, record the statements so on and so forth. But today, as the times have changed, life is faster than ever, and our very busy business leaders need a very fast software which we call Project Planning Software.

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Without this software, we are afraid to imagine that the projects might lose their grades and standards. Today it has become quintessential to stay ahead of time and this integrated software helps us in remaining so. It unburdens our load, is reliable as well as authentic. So, the smarter ones choose this to multiply their business efficiency. Enlisted below are the reasons why we call it as the best project planning software available in the market, how it is better than the rest, and how it will help you grow by becoming a better project manager.

Top Tips To Manage Projects For Business Leaders 

  •  Pens Down The Project Details

This is the first step the software initiates with. So, the first thing you have to do is to identify the scope of your project, pen down all the plans and propositions, industry regulations, the stakeholders involved and the key elements which will play an important role in achieving the defined targets. Set a goal and mark the milestones along with the definite timeline. These will give you a roadmap to proceed with. And after everything is done, mark the entries and the rest will be taken care of by the software. 

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  • Identifies Your Requirements And Needs

The best project planning software helps to manage team workflows. It helps in organizing tasks and activities which can be both project-based or process-based. Apart from it, it can collaborate in a shared workspace. And moreover, it uses the tools to capture work execution and to provide live notifications views that may be relevant to different stakeholders. It automatically targets the target user who is a non-technical business professional.

  • Uses unique Tools

The best project planning software helps project managers and organizations to execute projects as per the predetermined milestones. It has a unique set of tools that include the right deliverables, timeline chart, and the fitting budgetary allocations. These tools are very crucial and help in monitoring business plans, control costs, schedules, and resources so they can deliver value and meet the pre-set success criteria.  Their target users are technical professionals, i.e., project managers.

  • Foresees Project Risks

A capable and efficient business leader will always know all the types of conflicts that could possibly arise in the future. But this software is not far from being an actual project manager like the one who is leading the business. It knows well in advance the aspects which could hinder the progress of the project. And viewing this, it will eliminate the risk factor so that the project could progress flawlessly. Beforehand knowledge of such contingencies approaching is always beneficial and helps in avoiding loss to the venture. 

  • Rescopes The Project

The software suggests pre-defined provisions at hand for the last-minute changes in scope or dimensions of the project. If there is an excess or shortage of budget, the software can suggest the necessary steps to be taken. Provided that it has prior approval for execution of the same.

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  • Task Manager

This project planning software creates tasks, adds descriptions, sets the start and due dates, sets a priority, it automatically provides just the right estimate of the level of effort required such as hours, points, and so on. It assigns tasks to users and users can add attachments, leave comments, and also update the task status as they work on the item. They can move the tasks easily through a workflow window available on a task board which can either be in the form of Kanban or Scrum. Its additional functions include: converting emails to tasks, setting dependencies, creating subtasks, creating recurring tasks as well as task checklists.

  • Collaborates

This software provides a wholesome centralized workspace that allows multiple users to communicate, hold conferences, and close coordination among themselves which helps in rendering more efficient group work. It helps in creating team projects, task boards, calendars, wikis, dashboards, etc.; with the help of which you can always stay  up-to-date with other users’ activity via activity feed; you can loop in team members via @mentions; share files; conduct live video conferences, chat and invite guests to participate.

  • Helps in Reporting / Project Tracking

The software supports the new interface for reports and dashboards which provides a quick, visual way for users to introspect the status of a project, its values, and other key information. It helps in keeping an eye on the progress made against the project plan, track the predetermined milestones, track active, completed or closed tasks, compares estimated time against actual time spent and also the time spent to actual costs including tracking the overall team performance.

  • Helps in Resource Management

The software helps in creating resource chart/record with contact information, pay rate, role, and skill level. Allocate staff to projects and monitor workloads. Its functions include resource capacity planning and project prioritization based on demand for key resources.

  • Helps in Project Planning

The software helps in defining project scope, timeline, and resources/budget. Break projects down into milestones, identify deliverables, and forecast cash flow. Create a work breakdown structure, outline the critical path, and identify the dependencies and constraints, plan key resources.

  • Tracks Time

It also tracks the time spent on various tasks, report on estimated versus actual time spent working on tasks, measure billable versus non-billable hours, pull time logged into a timesheet for invoicing clients.

  • Provides Conclusive Evaluation

The software provides timely and conclusive evaluations of the data and the progress reports of the projects. It saves a lot of time and the report so generated is in a pictographic understandable format which is easy to interpret and evaluate.

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