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Last updated: February 22, 2021

More and more people are heading out on their own and starting their businesses than ever before. The Wall Street Journal states that over 250,000 new startups were opened in 2018.

The Millennial generation is among the largest segment of entrepreneurs who want something more than working day and night to make someone else’s dreams come true. Workers are no longer as easily satisfied with working for someone else as they have been in the past.

Along with the determination and passion that helps make business owners successful, you need to seek competent advice, research your market and come up with a solid plan of action. One of the most comfortable small business ideas involves a mobile company. Take your talents and products on the road and go directly to your customers.

To start your Mobile business, you will need to have all the basics covered. Business licensing, advertising, suitable hardware and software like the iZettle Point of Sale systems and transportation are some of the building blocks in creating a successful mobile business. You may want to become a freelance event photographer, start your gourmet food truck or create a gift or service stand. However, you choose to pursue your passion, start by having a solid foundation to build on.

Here’s a list what you’ll need to start your own mobile business:

1. Licensing

To start a mobile business, one of your first steps should be to research the business licensing that you will need. Different cities and regions may have various regulations regarding mobile businesses. It’s essential to have all your paperwork, permits and licenses in order before heading out on the road. If you are planning to travel while working, stay informed about the laws and guidelines for each new area that you visit. Having the proper certifications and licenses up front can save you time and money spent on fines once you open your business.

2. Transportation

Creating a mobile business suggests that you will be taking your skills, products or services out to the people. No matter what your business plan includes, you will need reliable and functional transportation. If you are starting a food truck or catering truck business, you will need a vehicle to begin. Outfitting your vehicle can be a challenge, but there are some already set up units out there, so keep any potential sales on your radar.

If you are creating a service or product business, you may need an appropriate vehicle to get you to your appointments and carry your equipment and inventory. You may not need to start on a large scale, so keep your budget in line with what you will need to get started. Think about buying a minivan or small truck that will allow you to move around freely and transport everything that you need for your business.

3. Software and Hardware

The great thing about a mobile business is the freedom to take your company directly to your customers. To be successful, you will want to make sure that you partner your product or service with the right customer service technology. You will be able to avoid a lot of traditional overhead costs by running a mobile business, but you still need to have the basics to serve your clients properly.

Purchase hardware and software programs that can allow you to accept payment from anywhere easily. Pair your plans with your smartphone or tablet for the ultimate convenience. Many programs come with a micro printer that can instantly produce a receipt for you and your customer. This makes your invoicing process easy. Another option is registering a customer email so that a digital receipt can be forwarded and the email address can be automatically added to your business mailing list.

4. Advertising

Every business, large or small, needs to have a solid marketing plan to help drive customers to the business. When you are running a mobile business, you have the advantage of being face to face with your clients as well as potential customers. Never underestimate the power of an online advertising campaign. Over 80% of initial product research by consumers is now done online, so if you aren’t connected, you can be missing out on a ton of potential business.

Create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help you expand your reach and customer base. You can also use your transportation as a moving billboard, so make sure your logo and contact information is visible on your vehicle at all times.

When you are in place for the day, think about using portable blackboards to list things like prices, menu options, and specials information. If you are a freelancer, ensure that you are always carrying business cards. It’s never a bad idea to have a few cards in your pocket to hand out to potential customers that might be interested in your services.

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