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Last updated: March 12, 2018

For most organizations that work in the offline world, the field force is much bigger than the support team at their office. And managing such field force or field sales team has always been a challenge for them.

Today, the market is flooded with a variety of sales force automation software, however, most of them have been designed for office-based teams. The functionality and features that they offer, do not meet the requirements of the modern day, field-based teams. Other software that have been specifically designed for field-based teams have one basic flaw – most have been designed with Desktop as the primary device for using the software.

This results in:

  • Wastage of productive hours/working hours: As members of the team spend additional non-productive time in front of their desktop to update their work activities.
  • Low software adaptation: The team struggles to enter important details of fieldwork on their 5-inch mobile screen in a web page that is designed for a 14-inch desktop! This is a frustrating and tedious task, so most often team members simply give up resulting in low software adaptation.

Toolyt is a software that solves the above problems. It’s a web-based, artificial intelligence-enabled, mobile-first SFA designed especially for streamlining the operations of the field force. Toolyt utilizes location intelligence with AI based work automation to enable the field force team to spend their time on more critical tasks.

toolyt software

Here is a detailed review of the Toolyt software:

1. Easy to Use, Mobile-First User Interface

Toolyt is one of the very few mobile-first sales force automation software that has been designed keeping the 5-inch mobile screen in focus. It has an extremely user-friendly and minimalistic interface, which makes it is very easy to feed important data quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the activities of team members are displayed in a facebook/twitter like feed format which ensures easy adaptation by the entire organization. This also reduces the time and cost investment in training of new team members to use Toolyt.

2. Lead Recommendation

Toolyt not only plans the field team’s appointments throughout the day on a google map based system automatically, but the in-built lead suggestion system also suggests new leads on the route for the field team to visit. Let’s say you run a company that sells equipment to dentists. Toolyt will capture the location of your sales team and suggest them new leads (dentists in this case) that can be visited within a certain distance from their current location. This feature also takes care of red hours and ensures that their time is not wasted – bringing about high productivity!

toolyt map

3. Automatic Meeting Scheduling

Automatic scheduling is a very helpful feature that suggests when the current customer should be visited. For eg., for the same dental equipment company in the above example, if a current customer has shown interest in a new product over email or other types of communication, Toolyt will recommend team member who takes care of the locality to visit the customer as it can be a source of high revenue generation. If the field team decides to make the visit, the workflow automation module of Toolyt can be used to email the customer and make an appointment. It is highly streamlined and enhances efficiency to a great extent!

4. Recommending Actionable Items

This is one revolutionary feature that has not been seen before in SFA software products. This feature gives recommendations based on deep and advanced analytics. For example – “Visiting a prospect in an area on Monday has a greater chance of sales than visiting on Wednesday”. The software can also give suggestion on methods to increase profits such as – “Cross-selling a certain type of product to a current customer can increase revenue.” Toolyt gives detailed in-depth recommendations to the user to capture best prospects and enhances the overall bottom line results of the firm.

5. Accurate Attendance Marking

Toolyt allows field officers to mark their daily attendance through a selfie. The best part is that with location intelligence, Toolyt is able to capture the exact location of the field member and does not allow them to mark attendance from any area other than the one designated for the day. Employees can also apply for leave through the software.

toolyt attendance management

6. Automatic Call Logging

Field teams usually get all business calls from customers on their mobile phone. Generally, there is no logging of such data in the sales force automation software. Toolyt automatically integrates with the mobile phone’s dialer and logs and stores the data. This ensures that your organization will have the 360-degree view of every single interaction with the customer either in person or via phone.

7. Expense Management

Generally, both the field staff workers and the office staff of an organization spend a lot of time on calculating travel reimbursement and other expense claims of the field team. Since Toolyt makes intensive use of google maps, the distance and travel reimbursement of the team can be calculated automatically. Additionally, for other claims, field team member can just click pictures of the bills, mention purpose and submit on the go – saving them time and making the process more convenient.

toolyt expense management

8. Order Management

Managing and taking precise business orders is definitely an important part of field teams work. The mobile app of Toolyt allows you to place customer orders seamlessly and they are immediately submitted to the head office – enhancing speed and flexibility!

9. Automatic Job Creation

Many automated tasks can be created using Toolyt – thereby leading to simplicity and flexibility of business operations. For example, for a washing machine company, once the order had been taken, Toolyt automatically creates a task for delivery of the product. Once delivery is done, the software automatically creates another task that is of visiting the customer for training. Once training is completed, the software will create a new task for the customer success department to collect feedback from the customer. These automated tasks ensure that business processes maintain a timeline, and there are no delays in the overall functioning.

10. Real-Time Data

Toolyt facilitates managers to gain real-time visibility of their field officers. The real-time data captured by the field force mobile app can be viewed on the desktop app also. This ensures that correction in the day’s plan can be made at the right time and before the day gets over.

toolyt real time data

11. Analysing the Best Performers

Most of the time, the success of a deal depends on the way a presentation is handled or the way the business communication flows through. This feature of Toolyt analyses the way the best performing members of the team conduct their activity and recommends other users to follow the same pattern. It basically ensures that the same success pattern can be emulated over the entire organization, thereby increasing the success rate.

12. Simplified Communication

Communicating with field force scattered over different geographical areas can be a pain. You will have to call each one of your team members separately to communicate the same message, leading to serious waste of time. Toolyt allows for real-time communication between the office and field workers. You can broadcast message to the entire team at the same time.

toolyt chat

13. Predictive Analysis of Lead Success

Toolyt analyses the data of meetings to give detailed predictive reports for better organizational decisions. For example, Toolyt can analyze the duration of conversion, the collateral uses for the meeting and customer interest in the product etc. & predict the success rate of the lead. This facilitates your team to concentrate on the leads with a higher probability of success and thus maximize sales.

14. Escalations and Triggers

Toolyt has the ability to create escalations and triggers on unexpected behavior. Let’s imagine that a field member reports that he has visited a customer but the customer was unavailable, and hence the meeting could not happen. However, if the location of the field member recorded on Toolyt is not near the location of that customer, then the software will automatically create a flag and alert the management on the issue. This feature help in making sure that business transactions run smoothly.

15. Reports

Toolyt has advanced reporting and analytical tools that can prepare daily, weekly or monthly to keep the team members up-to-date with important work operations and corporate objectives.

toolyt reports

16. Customisation

Toolyt is a highly customizable tool and thus can fit any time for any field force teams. Hence, it will definitely cater to all your specific organizational requirements.


  • One minor issue that may crop up when using Toolyt is that all your sales force team members must have smartphones and be familiar with using them.
  • Another problem with Toolyt is that the software is highly dependent on GPS systems, which as we know consumes mobile battery life at a very fast pace.

Bottom Line

Toolyt is a dynamic software that is power packed with tons of features and is the ideal choice for organizations with a high number of sales force teams. They have taken all the steps in the right direction and this revolutionary sales force automation tool can transform your business operations by escalating your overall efficiency, performance levels and productivity.

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