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Last updated: April 21, 2021

Modern digital revolution has given many businesses an open platform to grow and acquire more clients, whereas some businesses have been equally replaced by their more accessible alternatives since the mushrooming rise of accounting software providers. Evidently, it is imperative that business software investment has held a key impact on the gross domestic product of the USA.

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Therefore, businesses today are in crucial need of maintaining and automating accurate payable and receivable accounts, managing payrolls, invoices, purchase orders and more. While selecting accounting software for a business can be a daunting task, we have come up with an extensive comparison in a list form, for American businesses that assist them with making a right choice.

Here is a comprehensive list that contains top 10 accounting software providers in the USA

  1. Zoho books

The straightforward and scalable accounting software has been favorite of businesses since long owing to their affordable pricing and user-friendliness. Their integrations with Office 365, Slack, GSuite, numerous payment service providers including Add-on APIs and mobile apps make them widely popular in accounting software category across the country. The software is laden with features such as general ledger, income/expense tracking, reconciliation, a wide range of reports and analytics while facilitating the users to export the information. Various mobile apps by Zoho Books bring company accounts at fingertips for users.

Pricing plan for every business.

Monthly Pricing

  • BASIC: 9 $ Per Organization/Month
  • STANDARD: 19 $ Per Organization/Month
  • PROFESSIONAL: 29 $ Per Organization/Month

Yearly Pricing

  • BASIC: 90 $ Per Organization/Month
  • STANDARD: 190 $ Per Organization/Month
  • PROFESSIONAL: 290 $ Per Organization/Month
  1. Xero

Xero reasonably priced accounting software developed by a New Zealand based company is popular for easy accounting and bookkeeping activities. Developed as a SaaS platform, it works online; hence it is available on any computer to users, as well as on smartphones with their apps. Owing to their integrations with more than 600 third party software, users can import bank transactions right into the software and update cash flow and financial data in real time with many more facilities. Unlimited logins make it easier for users to collaborate. However, according to user reviews, their telephone and remote support is quite difficult.

Pricing on monthly basis 

  • STARTER: 9 $ on monthly basis
  • STANDARD: 30 $ on monthly basis
  • PREMIUM 10: 70 $ on monthly basis
  1. NetSuite

The cloud based financial management solution, NetSuite is an ERP based accounting software. NetSuite is popularly known for its ability to outperform conventional accounting solutions and to seamlessly incorporate business processes and accounting with sales and services. Increasing users’ financial viewing angle, NetSuite ERP gives real time access to live financial data and generates invoices and sales orders in a click, while reducing the cost of back office operations.

  1. FreshBooks

Cloud based accounting solution developed by a company headquartered in Canada is efficient especially for those who are self-employed and SMBs. FreshBooks takes care of all basic accounting needs for users, such as automated invoicing; billing; income/expense management; generating, downloading and even emailing reports/statements and more. Their user friendliness, customer support and quick deployment make the investment worth.

Pricing on Monthly Plans

  • Lite: 15 $
  • Plus: 25 $
  • Premium: 30 $

Pricing on Yearly Plans

  • Lite: 13.50 $ billed yearly—save $18
  • Plus: 22.50 $ billed yearly—save $30
  • Premium: 45 $ billed yearly—save $60
  1. QuickBooks

Quite popular in small business and enterprises groups, QuickBooks’ online version ‘QuickBooks Online’ makes it universally accessible and lite to use. Their one of the most sought after feature is quick downloads of banking transactions due to the connectivity with various banking and credit card portals.

  • Basic Version: USD 75.76 Per Month
  1. ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks is fastest growing online accounting software that focuses much on project collaboration. Books created in the software can be shared with corresponding advisors while multiple employees accessing the projects. It is quite popular with non-accountant business personnel, as it does not require typical finance knowledge and they find it easy to operate owing to its simplicity.


  • Professional Plan: $149 per year
  • SMB Plan: $249 per year

The automated bookkeeping platform streamlines an organization’s accounting requirements. Their online ACH payments and approval are said to have cut bill payment time by half. Their featured e-invoicing and direct deposits accelerate payments. They offer unlimited data storage with accurate transactions trailing, another feature that enhances their utility.


  • ESSENTIALS: $29 user/month
  • TEAM: $39 user/month
  • CORPORATE: $59 user/month
  1. SAP financials

With the introduction of SAP Financials, SAP has ventured in accounting and business finance management. SAP has kept in mind wide range of industries while developing intricate accounting features. SAP financial comes with the empowered ERP features that SAP is known for. Core accounting and finance management, payroll, fixed assets management and regulatory compliance are the noteworthy features of ERP giant SAP in accounting software.

  1. Wave

Among the other solutions by Wave, their free double entry feature in accounting solution makes them more desirable by small and mid-sized businesses, while the developer target freelancers and solopreneurs too in their user category. With this software, user can access and work on his multiple businesses with a single login. Apart from regular accounts keeping, Wave offers integrated features to manage invoices, receipts, processing payments as well as payroll. Notably, Wave is being used across 200 countries worldwide.

  1. Clear Books

This award-winning intuitive software developed by UK based developer is proving to be a simplification tool for accountants and businesses. Loaded with the benefits of cloud platform, Clear Books is known as multi-currency accounting and even tax submissions. However, users are having a hard time with lack of an autosave feature. What makes this software special is their partnership with accountants, whose inputs impact a great deal of the software utilities.


  • Small Businesses: £4.00
  • Large Businesses: £8.40

Yearly (10% Off)

  • Small Businesses: £4.50/moFor the first 3 months*
  • Large Businesses: £9.45/moFor the first 3 months*

2 Year (20% Off)

  • Small Businesses: £4.00/moFor the first 3 months*
  • Large Businesses: £8.40/moFor the first 3 months*

Bringing it all together

Arithmetic operations have always been a difficult business aspect to deal with for entrepreneurs. With the advent of software that automates and streamlines the accounting process, it has been a time taking decision for businesses to select a right accounting solution provider. Typically in the USA, selecting right software is more than a simple IT investment. Nevertheless, in contemporary times, business corporations are heading to equip themselves with all-inclusive solutions or a software package that takes care of almost all operations related to business.

While the world is in the middle of a technological revolution, an organization has to be a little careful with maintaining finance and accounts. By and large, the solutions listed above can help businesses reduce cost, time and efforts spent on bookkeeping and finance management. Take this list for a ready reference while selecting an accounting software provider that matches your needs. Have a nice accounting ahead!

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