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Last updated: February 22, 2021

According to the recent trends, business are looking for such software which would measure and increase their productivity. However, the key to make the most out of a software solution is to choose the correct business software in the first place which suits your needs and is in accordance with your business module. The market is flooded with hundreds and thousands of software solutions, each promising to be the best in the field.

Here are a few things which you need to consider when choosing a business software:

10 Things to Remember when selecting a Business Software

1. Focus on your needs: The first step in choosing a business software is making a crisp and clear list of the needs of your business. Then you can short-list the number of options available in accordance of those catering to your needs closely. Instead of getting lured by the fancy features, give more importance to the ones which specialize in your line of product and business.

2. Check your pocket: Although your software shouldn’t make a dent to your pocket, opting for the cheapest option available is also not a good idea. Calculate how much the complete installation process should cost you. This includes the cost of the software, any hardware needed to support the software, installation, customization and consulting charges as well as recurring maintenance charges. Then go for the product which satisfies both your budget and quality standards.

3. Narrow the playing field: Once you are equipped with your needs and budget, quickly eliminate software that have lack of features and high price. For this one can use these software discovery platforms. Choose 4-5 products that look a good fit based on the factors like size and type of business, longevity, etc. Moreover focus on the companies that are clearly designing the product of your consideration with one eye on the future.

4. Stay informed: There should be considerable research involved from the moment you decide to get software for your business to the time when you make your final choice. Study the market carefully and go for the products which are most popular and can provide a long list of users who are using the software with good reviews to put forth.

In case if you are looking for an Accounting software or HR software,  you can use this read-to-use evaluation & Implementation checklists

  1. Accounting Software Evaluation Checklist
  2. HRMS Selection and Implementation Checklist

5. Users are the best judge: Request for demo from the companies which seem to suit your needs and budgets. Then let the people who will use the product in future try them and give their reviews. They are the best judge in deciding whether the software is user friendly, whether it meets their needs and whether it is a solution to the problems they are currently facing. This also has an added advantage as the employees will get accustomed to the software quicker when it is finally installed.

6. Flexibility is the key: The ERP Software Solution you choose should not only cater to your current needs, but should be able to adapt itself when your company’s expansion. Growth and progress is a major goal of any business and going on a hunt for a new ERP’s importance would be an expensive idea and not a wise one too.

7. Technical support: Choose your implementation service provider and technical support team wisely. Help should be ready at hand when you need support or when your system gets stuck somewhere. Choosing a service provider who is well versed and experienced with the business software will save you both time and money.

8. Choose your transition period wisely: Software implementation period should be such that it does not coincide with the peak business season or during accounting closures as this could lead to unwanted stress. Co-ordinate closely with your implementation provider so that the transition can take place smoothly without causing much disruption to the business activities.

9. Check if you need a mobile app: According to a survey in the recent Internet trends, there has been a spectacular rise in usage of mobile phone especially smart phones for business usages. The survey shows out of the 5.2 billion mobile users in 2015, 40% are smart phone users. Moreover, businesses on the go should be encouraged to opt for a software that not only is website responsive but also has a mobile app.

10. Evaluating the vendor: Mostly companies exclusively look at the business software, but fail to evaluate properly the vendor. The Tech-world is filled with examples of great ideas that were poorly managed by the companies. Companies should analyse the vendors’ long term goals and their brand management. Because when you know your vendors goals, it can be a valuable part in your evaluation process.

Choosing the Software Solution for your business is a tricky affair and a wise choice can save you a lot of time and money. Moreover a correct business software can make the difference between success and failure. Weigh your options, choose software that meets your company’s needs, protects you customers’ data and will be there for your business in the years to come.

If you are not satisfied with this list. This road map will take you to the right software: Road Map To Buy A Software For Your Business [Infographic]

Moreover, if you find any thing missed by us, get your hands down and comment your inputs and share your thoughts in order to make this list more elite and authentic.

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