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Last updated: February 23, 2021

Live Chat Software works best for maintaining a consistent relationship with customers and for growing business in the online world. It’s a dynamic solution that allows you to gel with your audience and know their interests, desires, and preferences.

Through live chat software, you can develop personalized communication with your customers and propose the best possible solution for their needs. It is an excellent branding tool to promote your products and expand your business.

Today, the software industry is brimming over with various live chat support software and tools. Your first job, as a Digital Marketer is to choose the right live chat software and make the most of it. And to help you arrive at the right decision, here are the top 10 live chat support software which are sure to rule this year.

1) Zendeskzendesk live chat software

The best of all, Zendesk is an amazing live chat module that helps you improve your customer relationship. Using this, you can interact with customers through emails, phones, social media and of course your live chat systems.

Zendesk allows you to integrate your business communication channels and handle customers from a single platform. You create more meaningful, audience-specific and productive messages that are sure to stimulate an immediate response from the customer end.

The software is also flexible with languages. Currently, more than 150 countries are using this live chat support in 40 different languages. It is customizable, user-friendly, and convenient.

2) SnapEngagesnapengage live chat software
SnapEngage is another excellent live chat system that enables you to integrate customer communication with other business departments.

The software easily adapts to the workflow of your organization and simplifies your ways of dealing with the audience. With SnapEngage, you can develop productive messages and sync with the social media channels of your brand.

The dynamic module connects with 20 business applications including CRM apps, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce systems and other project management software, and serves as a comprehensive platform to manage your overall business. It also helps you to chat with your customers, directly from their Facebook pages.

3) My LiveChat
mylivechat software solution
If you are more concerned about personalizing your messages and monitoring your online visitors in real-time, My LiveChat is a good option. It’s customized modules help you to conduct multiple chat sessions, at any given point of time.

You can also keep track on FAQs of your products/ brands and develop productive responses that will improve your sales. You can also preserve chat history and send email transcripts.

The best thing about the software is that you can add your brand logo within your messages and maintain consistent branding all throughout the communication. Besides these, you can customize greetings and wishes, and automate your communication.

4) LiveHelpNow
livehelpnow chat software
LiveHelpNow is a complete package of live chat solution allowing you to personalize messages, translate communication according to visitors, offer discount coupons and incentives and enjoy other customer support features.

The software quickly integrates with Google Analytics, Salesforce and Adsense.

It has a unique social extension called Social Insights that takes you to the Facebook and Twitter accounts of your visitors and see if they have reached your brand, previously.

It’s equally helpful for training your customer support team, thanks to its Whisper functionality. It is easy-to-use and equipped with new-age customer support features.

5) Velaro
velaro live chat software
The best for e-commerce platforms, Velaro is scalable and customizable. The live chat software quickly adapts to your business requirements. Thus, you need not adjust your business according to its features.

Its inbuilt CRM modules and shopping cart tools help you offer suitable product suggestions to your customers and initiate chats, going by their browsing habits.

Through Velaro, you can also see the cart items of your consumers, get their purchase history, and look at the chat records. With such data, you can push forward the best communication that will arouse interest within your visitors and compel them to purchase your products.

6) LiveChat
livechatinc software
Compatible with all platforms (Android, Windows, MAC), LiveChat is another excellent choice for enhancing your understanding of your customers.

With this software, you can develop seamless communication and target your visitors in real-time. Its white label branding is a useful feature for pushing your brand name in the minds of your consumers.

The software also serves as an excellent knowledge database where you can get all relevant browsing and conversation details with each of your online visitors.

You can geo-target your customers, conduct question-answer sessions and actively engage them in your business. Besides your targets, you can use LiveChat to train your staff, organize webinars and document your training process.

Thus, from your customer service employees to your consumers; LiveChat is handy for all.

7) LivePerson
liveperson live chat software
Yet another interactive live chat software, LivePerson accounts for easy integration with Salesforce app and Facebook.

It offers a broad range of analytical tools, specific for admin and operators. Using the tools and going by the analytics, you can know major loopholes within your customer communication processes. It’s undoubtedly the best for improving your conversion rates and pulling up sales.

You can use this live chat support from mobiles and desktops and choose the best plan, suited to your requirement. Customers can also use this software to give their feedback, rate their experience with your representative and give an overall score. It is extremely user-friendly and flexible.

8) Olark

olark online chat software

Olark offers a unique targeted chat feature through which you can monitor the number of conversations and prioritize customers with whom you wish to initiate chat sessions.

With this live chat support, you can keep an eye on the browsing history of your customer; track the web page they’re viewing and how long they have been on the website.

You can also integrate CRM apps, e-commerce and help desk platforms and get useful insights about your audience. If your primary objective is to boost sales; go for Olark.

Furthermore, you can get robust data and use such information to plan your future communication.

9) PureChat
purechat live chat software solution for website
This dynamic live chat support is most appropriate for small businesses. The software enables you to generate more leads, increase your sales, track your website visitors, and develop personalized communication with your targets.

Using PureChat, you can send messages to several leads and customers – all at the same time. It’s simple and easy-to-navigate mobile apps eliminate hours of telephonic conversations.

At the same time, the software is more focused on your specific requirements and delivers custom solutions to fulfill them. Besides your customers, you can use PureChat to talk to your potential recruits.

Thus, from your employees to your customers, you can connect with the help of PureChat.

10) ClickDesk
clickdesk software solution
Last but not the least, ClickDesk is a multi-channel customer engagement software that allows your customers to choose their preferred mode of communication – live pop-ups, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), voice chats or video calls.

Its live chat portal also provides various communication options to your customer service agents. The application displays map information and email-transcriptions of each conversation.

Thus, you become aware of the location of your customers. ClickDesk is among the best for enhancing visitor experience and for diminishing the buyer-seller gap.

Its robust technology makes it all the more user-friendly. Undoubtedly, you get more convenience and flexibility.


Now that you know the best of the best live chat software, why wait further? Look into your business requirements, select the most appropriate software, and expand your sales and customer base!

Aditya Panicker is the Content Head at SoftwareSuggest. He is passionate about anything and everything related to Content. A General Knowledge enthusiast, a Music Lover and highly opinionated about Politics, you can find him on Twitter @Adimohan715.

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