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Last updated: May 21, 2021

LinkedIn is one of the smartest places for business professionals to network, meet, brainstorm and share meaningful ideas. If you are into business intelligence and require additional insights from reputed industry members, it is a great idea to join one or more of many Business Intelligence groups on this platform. It is an ideal platform to meet experts and gain knowledge into smart practices that can improve bottom line profits.

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According to a report published by Gartner, more than 40% of all data science tasks will be automated by 2020. A big reason for this exponential shift towards machines is partly attributed to skill shortage. There are simply not enough qualified professionals to work on all the various data analytics projects. It is empowering for any business intelligence expert to join LinkedIn groups as it provides tons of knowledge and it a good online forum to keep up to date with industry activities.

Regardless of whether you want to broaden your knowledge about business intelligence or if you want to build your skills with automation tools like Power BI and IBM Watson, there are tons of online communities that can help you out here.

List of Best Business Intelligence Groups

Here is a compiled list of the top 15 business intelligence groups on LinkedIn that will surely help the business intelligence professional community:

1. Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence & Visualization Experts Community
Members: 249,639
This behemoth LinkedIn group is a useful networking space for business intelligence experts. It conducts regular discussions and gives information about corporate events so that members remain updated.

2. Business Intelligence Professionals (BI, Big Data, Analytics, IoT)
Members: 228,390
These group members who all play an active role in sharing important information about the industry and the latest trends. It is a complete package for holistic knowledge on big data and analytics and is very popular amongst professionals.

3. Big Data and Analytics
Members: 352,798
A premier group of members that helps enterprise industry members share novel ideas, discuss industry news and get opinions on big data tools & analytics. It is a great forum to can enhance team collaboration in your organization and keep you updated on the latest conferences & events.

4. Business Analytics, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence
Members: 199,887
This highly defined group is a host to diverse members of the business intelligence industry, and a popular group to have topic relevant conversations of the latest happenings. It is an amazing online space for any manager looking to expand their horizon in the big data and AI field as it has a profound knowledge base.

5. Microsoft Business Intelligence
Members: 127,351 
This widely accepted business intelligence group is an active networking online portal where members come together to collaborate on industry issues, big data concepts, and also keep each other updated on the latest job opportunities.

6. Data Mining, Statistics, Big Data, Data Visualization, and Data Science
Members: 180,548
A great group of data-mining professionals, this group can facilitate discussion about the latest software methodologies and databases. Members also use this space to share news about the latest job vacancies, and data science related conferences.

7. Data Warehousing (Business Intelligence, ETL) Professional’s Group
This group is designed as a networking space where professionals unite to share creative ideas and business projects. The group members leverage the power of data warehousing techniques to enhance their knowledge foundation and remain in touch with the latest trends.

8. Business Intelligence
Members: 50,187 
This highly targeted group welcomes consultants and business intelligence specialists to share innovative articles and network to find contacts of similar interests. The group members provide updated information that keeps members abreast of current technology trends in the corporate arena.

9. Data Warehouse – Big Data – Hadoop – Cloud – Data Science – ETL
Members: 66,194 
This group’s members have the best for specialists in data warehousing, and welcome job recruiters to promote effective networking. Open-source data architecture and data science discussions take center-stage in the dynamic group that has a vast number of industry experts.

10. SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI)
Members: 31,743 
This novel LinkedIn group has a huge member base of business intelligence managers. It is the ideal place to discuss upcoming corporate events, opportunities, and brainstorm about creative proposals.

11. Business Intelligence and Analytics Best Practices
Members: 28,602 
This is a buzzing group with informative members. It is an active forum to gain an overview and expand knowledge on business intelligence best practices across the globe to enhance productivity.

12. KDnuggets Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Mining, Big Data, AI
Members: 43,521 
This is the most radical LinkedIn group of data analytics scientists who are keenly interested in solving real-life problem areas. An active and engaging group, it is very useful as all members regularly post about relevant information and industry events.

13. Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Machine Intelligence, and Learning
Members: 48,856
An open group of data-mining professionals that is a robust platform for common learning, networking, and sharing of content. It helps members through social interaction, job opportunities, and provides supreme technical support and service.

14. Research Methods and Data Science
Members: 30,149 
This global association of members includes senior researchers and analysts who are interested in dynamic research methodology in data science. Practitioners commonly discuss software tools and platforms that can help to increase research quality, predictive accuracy, and efficiency.

15. Business Intelligence Connections
Members: 11,686
This is a growing and popular group for business intelligence industry members and shares relevant content that can help any organization reap instantaneous benefits. The forum augments empowerment through brainstorming and discussion sessions that expand the full potential of members in the data analytics field.

Bottom Line

These buzzing LinkedIn groups are a great way to remain in touch with all the industry happenings and business intelligence professionals can gain tremendous advantage’s from them. So what are you waiting for? Get active on these amazing platforms to attain instant success and prosperity!

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