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Last updated: April 13, 2021

The chances for businesses to get into to multiple sales channels are increasing rapidly and so is the need for a smart order management software. With orders pouring in from multiple customer touch points, especially eCommerce stores, streamlining the orders, processing and fulfilling them has become an uphill task.

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Now, all those concerns have just come down to getting the best eCommerce order management software in place.

1. Contalog


Contalog is a SaaS-based order management software for eCommerce which supports an integration of orders from multiple sales channels. Sales channels like an eCommerce store, Amazon/eBay, mobile shopping app, B2B ordering portal and even brick and mortar showroom can be integrated into Contalog order management system and can be centrally handled.

Contalog is seamless and transparent that makes management of orders from multiple sales channels using a single interface simple and straightforward.

  • Partial Order Processing: ­Processing orders in parts as per customers’ convenience
  • Order Statuses (4): ­Four different order statuses to keep the delivery team informed
  • Quotes: ­Create quotes for special price request and then turn them into orders
  • Events based on orders:  ­Create a repository of orders based on road shows, trade fairs etc
  • Notifications: ­Real­time notifications of order statuses to speed up delivery
  • Order Editing: ­Capability to edit orders anytime
  • Reports: ­Analyze performance of products, sales­channel­specific demands and more
  • Documentation: ­Create bills, generate invoices for partial orders at your own convenience
  • Industries: All industries
  • Supported Countries: Global

2. Stitchlabs


A cloud-based order management software that caters to the needs of wholesale and retail order management. Stitchlabs lets you track your shipments 24/7 with its shipping integrations. You can manage your existing workflow at ease. Order importing options lets you analyze order history of users and products providing crucial insights on seasonal buying behavior and much more.

  • Drop shipping: ­Assign products, drop shippers and generating PO for drop shippable products
  • 3rd­party logistics integrations: ­Integrate 3rd party carriers into Stitch order management software
  • Picklist creation and scanning: ­Barcode labels and scanners make product selection easy
  • Industries: Retail, Consumer Electronics, Apparel & Fashion, Oil & Energy and others
  • Supported countries: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States

3. Brightpearl


Completely dedicated to retail business owners, Brightpearl eCommerce order management software provides a platform that can prove useful in managing inventory, orders, customers, and finances. This order management software for eCommerce also lets you integrate orders from multiple channels and creates accounting journals automatically.

  • Automatic stock updates: ­Stock numbers get updated for each sales channels automatically
  • Third­party warehouse: ­Manage products in a 3rd party warehouse via Brightpearl
  • Partial orders: ­Orders can be processed in parts
  • Drop shipping: ­Drop ship management
  • Industries: All industries
  • Supported Countries: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States

4. Tradegecko


Tradegecko is a multichannel order management software that provides the convenience of creating your own integrations by providing an open source API. Apart from integrations like Amazon, eBay, Shipstation, Xero etc, Tradegecko specializes in providing custom integration building API for business owners.

  • Integrations: ­8+ integrations to manage shipping accounting, order and inventory easily
  • Multi­channel: ­Multichannel order management software
  • Wholesale: ­Wholesale and retail business order management
  • Analytics­Measurable insights on orders, inventory, and sales
  • Industries: All industries
  • Supported Countries: Asia, Australia, Canada, Germany, Middle­East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States

5. Veeqo


Yet another eCommerce order management software built on the cloud. Veeqo supports multiple sales channel integrations. Orders can be tagged in order to make filtering and assortment of orders easy. This cloud-based order management software helps in importing orders from other store and exporting your order to accounting software.

  • Barcode scanner: ­Barcode scanners for easily extracting product information during shipment
  • Order editing: ­Edit orders to make changes whenever required
  • Add notes: ­Custom notes can be created and added for internal communication purposes
  • Shipping integrations: ­Multiple shipping integration to deliver products on time
  • Supported Countries: Europe, United Kingdom, United States
  • Industries: All industries

Well, that concludes the list of order management software that seals the top 5 spots. To know more opt for a free trial and pick up the best that is appropriate for your business.

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