Top 5 Email Marketing Software For Your Business In 2017

Sanjay Darji

Sanjay Darji

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Parul Saxena

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Last updated: February 23, 2021

Did you know that email marketing is 40 times more effective when acquiring new customers than using Facebook or Twitter? Attracting new customers is a necessity for growing a business, so investing time and budget into the right medium of email marketing is very important for your overall marketing strategy.

If you are just starting up your own business, you probably want to know if there are any free or low-cost email marketing solutions that have proven just as successful as the more expensive ones. The features and costs vary from one email marketing solution to another, and it is important to analyse your business requirements before you make any decision.

To help you to determine the right email marketing software for your business, here are the top 5 email marketing solutions for your business in 2017:


This is not another mass emailing tool. Instead of that, wants you to craft natural, intriguing and plain looking cold emails to get in touch with the decision makers all around the world.

Nobody likes to be part of the funnel. Sending emails with will make sure that your messages will look just like they do when you send a manual email. This means no fancy rich text emails and if you’re doing this right and not rush with your offer in the first email – no unsubscribe button that betrays the automation.

2. MailChimp

mailchimpMailChimp is a very popular choice for small businesses due to the ease of creating customized templates and a free package that allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month with up to 2,000 subscribers. There are also some very useful analytical tools that come as part of the free package in MailChimp. The only real drawback about the free plan is that there is no auto-responder option.

3. Campaign Monitor

campaign monitorAnother very popular choice for small businesses when it comes to buying the right email marketing software is Campaign Monitor. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features including auto-responders. Since email automation is a key component in email marketing success, Campaign Monitor is the solution that you should go for.

4. GetResponse

GetResponseThis email marketing software offers a free trial of their features which will help you make up your mind on whether it is the right email marketing solution for your business. For companies looking to send unlimited emails, GetResponse doesn’t impose a limit. GetResponse also has some good templates on offer for you to choose from and customize.

5. Infusionsoft

infusionsoftThis is not just a “bulk emails sender” software. Infusionsoft is a great option for businesses looking for something more than just email campaigns as it provides the full CRM, sales and marketing package. If you are looking for CRM upload, then Infusionsoft is a good option.

Final Thought

All businesses have different requirements for email marketing providers. It is better to select a provider based on what you need rather than ending up paying for features that you will never use. One thing is certain – email marketing is critical for any business in today’s business scenario. Therefore, buying and implementing a good email marketing strategy should be a priority for any business organization!

Sanjay Darji
Sanjay Darji is a Head of Digital Marketing at SoftwareSuggest. He has a strong knowledge of product marketing. In his last 5 year tenure at SoftwareSuggest, he has used various digital marketing strategies to build the brand globally. In his free time, he enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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