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Last updated: August 4, 2021

Today most of the service and manufacturing companies move towards having a dedicated enterprise resource planning system as it advances support to most of their business functions. 

But having an ERP system is not enough. One must also stay updated with what is happening in and around the most desirable technology today, i.e., ‘ERP solution.’

Thus, to give you a gist, we have extensively researched fresh and meaty ERP content available on the internet and made a listicle for you. You can bookmark these ERP blogs and read them at your disposal. These ERP software blogs point out some interesting takes on ERPs and offer you an insight into the latest ERP trends.

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So, here they are — 20 top interesting articles on ERP on the internet today. We have shared a gist on each of them before you decide to read the full article, saving your time. You can thank us later!

List of Best 20 ERP Blogs That help Your Business

Check out Best 20 and most Informative ERP Blogs That Will Help Your Business:

Below are the most interesting ERP articles available on the internet today. To help you find the one that best matches your interest, we have mentioned the purpose of the blog, the audience for which it is meant for and the link to the complete article. These ERP blogs will also help you plan to opt for an ERP solution for your business.

1. Unlock Full Potential of the Cloud with ERP for Manufacturing

3i infotech

  • Official author/website: Orion ERP
  • Target Group: Manufacturing companies looking for Cloud ERP solutions
  • Purpose: This blog highlights five benefits of having cloud-based ERP software 

This ERP software blog is available on Orion 3i Infotech’s website, which offers integrated, cost-effective, and cloud-enabled industry business solutions to startups and mid-size companies.  

The blog’s key focus is to educate manufacturing companies about the importance of having cloud-based ERP technology for their business. It states Cloud is the enabler of solutions, which, as cloud-based technology, has the power to blend all operations into a centralized process.

It highlights the below-stated factors which tender the imperativeness of cloud solutions:

  • Globalization
  • Data-driven operations
  • IoT and embedded cloud across the manufacturing sector
  • Automation 
  • Green initiatives and slashed energy costs 

All these factors have a shared sense of what the world is witnessing today and hence hold utmost importance for the manufacturing sector. Read on to know more.

2. What’s Stopping You From Realizing True ERP Business Transformation?

ultra consultant

  • Official author/website: Ultra Consultants
  • Target Group: Companies who are new to the concept of ERP solutions
  • Purpose: This blog highlights common challenges which the companies face while planning for a complete ERP transformation

This blog is an eye-opener for those companies who get easily overwhelmed with ERP technology. It is mainly focused on how the companies can plan their ERP set up correctly, and the author in the blog states:

“Today’s modern systems dazzle and impress, but not all systems are the right fit for your business.”

The author also highlights that the companies planning to install an ERP system often look to attain short-term goals and overlook the business’s continually changing dynamics. Hence, resulting in wastage of time, efforts, money, and resources. 

The three roadblocks which the blog highlights are:

  • Resource constraints
  • Technology overload
  • Resistance to change

So, suppose you, too, are planning to implement an ERP system and facing these challenges. In that case, this blog is a must-read as it helps you explore practical ways to transform your business with ERP solutions systematically. Read more from here.

3. ERP Comparison Matrix: Compare for Top Options Side-By-Side


  • Official author/website: ERP Cloud Blog – Lara Schomaker
  • Target Group: Existing ERP users and CFO’s who want to know about the ERP comparison matrix 
  • Purpose: This blog offers a compiled list of ERP comparison matrix which helps in effectively using your current ERP solution

This blog is a short preview of an in-depth eBook on the most crucial topic – “ERP Buying Is Easy If You Do It Smart!” In this ebook, users get to know the detailed side-by-side comparison of the following four ERP systems which are available in the markets, hence saving a lot of time:

These four systems are compared based on customer size, deployment options, Licensing Options, and other similar factors. And the best part of this blog is that it gives a direct link through which one can download the eBook for free!. The article aims to make ERP simpler for you.

4. Four Key Ways ERP Software Supports Change Management

solution review

  • Official author/website: ERP Solutions Review
  • Target Group: Companies planning to adopt Cloud ERP solutions
  • Purpose: This blog highlights how ERP software supports change management

The blog talks about how an ERP system can support the most desired changes in an organization. The blog’s complete focus is on change management via an ERP system, and thus the author says:

“Connecting your company with an ERP solution can support current change initiatives, while also revealing opportunities for future growth.”

The four key points mentioned in the blog highlights how ERP software and change management go hand in hand:

  • Making Informed Changes
  • Access to Information
  • Communication
  • Data Protection

You can read the full article here.

5. ERP Applications May Aid Corporate Social Responsibility Programs  


  • Official author/website: By Jeffrey on ERP Blogger 
  • Target Group: Professionals finding new ways to ERP 
  • Purpose: This blog informs its readers about how ERP is ready for CSR

As the companies make CSR an essential aspect of their business, managers are digging out more ways to make their existing ERP systems (central information depositories) compatible with their CSR vertical.

It also seeks examples and quotes from other companies like and highlights CSR’s growing popularity in companies thus. The author says that ERP systems must be compatible enough to connect new responsibilities and map them with the existing software. And that is indeed the need of the hour and most desired smart thinking! Read the full article here.

6. Successful ERP Strategy for Reducing Commodity Trading Risk


  • Official author/website: By Katalin Kegel at ERP 
  • Target Group: Finance professionals seeking an ERP strategy 
  • Purpose: This blog offers strategies for reducing commodity trading risks by using ERP software and Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality

This article very finely talks about different methods that can help in lowering commodity trading risks. The author also clubs fast-paced techniques like Microsoft Dynamics AX integrations, which are quite helpful in Commodity trading. Along with this, you will also find a link to a success story that talks about integrating ERP for manufacturing and distribution agencies. 

It also has an in-depth understanding of how the commodity price lays uncertainty in global markets. Thus it requires a functional commodity trading risk management (CTRM) strategy. One such best approach offered in the blog is:

“Integrate commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) for a single integrated solution.” 

Read the full blog here

7. Boosting the Value of Cloud ERP in Higher Education

erp news

  • Official author/website: ERPINNEWS
  • Target Group: Audience that follows the latest ERP news 
  • Purpose: This blog prepares leaders for connecting Cloud ERP implementation with popular industry domains like education 

This blog talks about how cloud ERP implementation can help transform into a modern campus-wide operating model — presenting new growth opportunities and innovative ways. 

The blog highlights all the possible gains which the Workday implementation can bring like:

  • Mobile-capable solution
  • Consolidation of data business process with data usage
  • Smooth business processes across education institutes
  • Industry-relevant

Know-how by clicking it here.

8. Determining ERP Customization and Configuration Needs


  • Official author/website:  Panorama Consulting Groups
  • Target Group: Companies making a list of ERP feature Requirements
  • Purpose: Help the readers to find out the most desirable features which their personalized ERP software should have

It so happens that most of the companies end up paying for those ERP features which do not align with their business objectives and miss to ask for those features which are of utmost importance. 

Thus, for such ERP buyers,  this blog turns out to a one-box solution helping the readers to find answers for important questions like:

  • What are standard configuration and ERP customization? 
  • Can the company re-engineer processes?
  • What to do when the company has budget constraints?

Read more from here.

9. How ERP Helps Improve Productivity


  • Official author/website: FactumSoft
  • Target Group: Audience looking to find varied ERP solutions benefits 
  • Purpose: Educate users about how ERP contributes to play a role in resolving micro and macroeconomic issues 

For almost every company, the primary objective is to increase productivity and reduce costs.  Thus to aim at this objective, the author proposes that having an ERP system will help strive for better results. 

The blog also covers insights on how ERP works for public sector companies, government services, etc. Read the article.

10. Is AI Shaping the Future of ERP Software?


  • Official author/website: Focus Solutions
  • Target Group: ERP trend followers
  • Purpose: The blog highlights how AI is shaping ERP and affecting business operations

This article talks about the growing popularity of AI in the ERP system and highlights several instances that affect business operations. It also marks the following words by Wolfgang Wahlster – the Leader of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence:

“The more we digitalize, the more our prosperity is secured.”

Thus, the article pushes users to get equipped with the swift adoption of AI in every business aspect. Further, the readers also get a gist of the importance of AI in the following two critical domains:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

So are you ready to embrace this new technology for your business? Know more.

11. Upgrading Your ERP

smart erp solutions

  • Official author/website: Smart ERP Solutions
  • Target Group: Existing ERP users
  • Purpose: This blog guides a way out for updating slower responding 

This article helps you identify the right time to update your ERP system because having outdated ERP software is equivalent to not having one! 

It also talks about how (and why) to have the latest ERP solution in several company mergers and acquisitions without losing original data. Further, this blog again turns out to be a savior for those who do not realize that they badly need an ERP system update. Find the full details here.

12. Why ERP Owners Must Implement Direct Machine Integration


  • Official author/website: Exactly ERP
  • Target Group: Business leaders looking for Machine Integrated Solutions for ERP 
  • Purpose: To highlight the importance of integrating the ERP system with Machine Learning

The blog talks about making the most of your ERP with the help of machine integration. Machine integration furthers the optimal utilization of ERPs by adding a layer of performance. It helps derive insights by pinpointing trends, thus, forecasting better. You can achieve your strategic goals & business objectives by making insight-driven decisions. 

Moreover, machine integration simplifies the adoption of automation & reduces manual interventions in ERP. Real-time performance tracking and enhanced communication & coordination between users add up to increase employees’ productivity levels by reducing chaotic interactions leading to loss of time. Read more.

13. Avoid an ERP Project Failure by Starting With Clean Data


  • Official author/website: Jeeves
  • Target Group: Professionals facing ERP project failure issues
  • Purpose: Inform users about data cleansing parameters to minimize ERP failure risk 

This exclusive ERP software blog starts by highlighting a quote by Alexandre Crettol, the director of services for SolvAxis, stating:

“Data cleansing is so important.”

Through this blog, the author wants to express that obsolete data is the reason for the failure of ERP software, and thus, a company should not transfer duplicate data to a new ERP system.  Simultaneously, the company should schedule a regular data cleansing process to ensure smooth operation and better productivity. Here’s how.

14. 4 Reasons Why Cloud ERP Is Ideal for Growing Businesses


  • Official author/website: Estuate
  • Target Group: Audience looking for Cloud-based ERP 
  • Purpose: Help users selecting the right ERP system is critical for business growth. 

This ERP blog highlights the benefits of cloud-based ERP solutions for business growth. It focuses on how ERP helps to streamline business operations, thereby boosting efficiency. Cloud-based ERPs are compatible with new-age technologies, applications, and servers. 

Features like affordability, flexibility, enhanced security, accessibility, and improved business performance make Cloud-based ERP an ideal solution for large organizations/businesses to opt for rather than on-premise ERPs. Read more.

15. Is Everest ERP Leaving You With a lot of Work?


  • Official author/website: Acumatica
  • Target Group: Audience currently using Everest ERP or any legacy ERPs
  • Purpose: Helping users understand why they should move on from legacy ERPs and adopt Cloud-based ERP 

This article pinpoints issues with legacy ERPs such as frequent hardware replacements, falter in customizations and integration, old taxes and accounting standards, and a high learning curve for new users. 

The article then suggests users switch to on-premise and Cloud-based ERPs. One such Cloud-based ERP, which is currently a leading replacement, is Acumatica Cloud ERP, which is easy-to-use with lower total cost expenditure than Everest. You can read about it here.

16. How Clean is Your Data, to Get the Best ROI from Your ERP?

syspro logo

  • Official author/website: SYSPRO
  • Target Group: Businesses that rely heavily on data
  • Purpose: Helps you to cleanse data and streamline processes

This blog majorly focuses on data cleansing, which helps improve the authenticity of making viable data-dependent decisions. It is also mostly in a question and answer format, making it clear to read, understand, and be very informative. 

The tips mentioned in the article are efficient, and CFOs and executives can directly use them to maximize the ROI from a data-centric ERP system. The one clear message that the author passes on through this article is that only correct business data can transform decision-making for all the plans. Read the full article here

17. Five ERP Myths that can Stall Your ERP Software Initiative

thirdstage consulting

  • Official author/website: Third Stage Consulting Group 
  • Target Group: Help the audience in the logical reasoning for the deployment of new ERP software without succumbing to myths
  • Purpose: To debunk ERP-related myths and guide how to deploy new technology

This ERP software blog is for anyone who plans to deploy a new ERP system in their business. While preparing for any new technology deployment, there are different aspects apart from its functionalities, including estimating cost savings, balancing internal and external resources, negotiating a software contract, etc. Read more from here.

18. How AI and ML will Enhance ERP and Its Impact


  • Official author/website: OptiProERP
  • Target Group: Users looking for the latest features in ERP software
  • Purpose: To determine how AI & ML can enhance ERP performance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has penetrated almost every industry. It has disrupted the traditional workflow, revolutionizing the way software operates and functions within organizations. 

As per the article, 37% of organizations have already implemented AI solutions in one form or another. And by 2025, the AI industry is expected to grow to a whopping $190 billion. 

Clearly, your legacy ERP system might get outdated soon. This article talks about how adapting to the latest technology is the key to success. 

Read to know how AI and ML will impact the upcoming ERP system. 

19. ERP Implementation – Doing It Right


  • Official author/website: Strategic ERP
  • Target Group: Users planning a process to deploy their ERP initiative
  • Purpose: To help users understand the correct ERP implementation process

This ERP blog pinpoints how finding the right ERP solution isn’t the only key to your business’s success. While it plays an essential factor, it all comes down to the proper implementation of ERP initiatives in the organization. 

It’s vital to have a well-designed ERP implementation life cycle to ensure the maximum degree of effectiveness. This blog has summarised all the necessary steps to help readers plan for a successful ERP implementation.

The article has beautifully summarized all the points to help their readers. Read the full article here

20. How ERP Software Solves 5 Top Manufacturing Problems


  • Official author/website: EbizFrame
  • Target Group: Manufacturers looking at whether to implement ERP solutions or not. 
  • Purpose: ERP solutions for everyday challenges in the manufacturing sector

Manufacturers face a lot of challenges in the modern business world. Some of which can be solved with the help of top ERP software. Gone are the days when ERP was solely useful for inventory management and control in the manufacturing sector. ERPs have evolved in various business fields such as Materials Management, Production Planning & Control, Finance & Accounts, HR & Payroll, etc.

Hence, with robust ERP software implementation, manufacturers can weed out common issues such as tracking lots every day, staying compliant with changing laws and regulations, and more. 

You can quickly solve these challenges with the help of a sound ERP system. The article will tell you how


ERP software is going to revolutionize business solutions. We believe this comprehensive list of top articles in ERP selection and deployment will be handy to novices and even experts looking to expand their choices or simply to understand what’s coming next in ERP technology.

Want to read more articles related to ERP systems? Click here. 

If you want to list your article on ERP here, you can contact us.

Happy reading!

Sharad Bhardwaj is a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. He loves to advise and help people. In leisure time he likes to be involved in sports activities and listening to music.

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