Top 10 ERP Tools to Streamline Organizational Management

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Last updated: July 22, 2021

Imagine a 15- year old who wants to make some money by selling juices.

If he makes a large quantity of juice, he might not be able to sell them all. Also, if he makes too little of it, he might miss out on making profits.

This brings us to terms like supply chain management, executing business strategies, and managing the supply chain, which is no child’s play. 

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So, what could be a viable solution for this issue? 

Well, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be a potential solution. It gives you access to data from other departments involved in resource generation and utilization. 

All you need is an ERP system that can cover both front and back-end processes! 

Today, we bring the top 10 ERPs that boast diverse capabilities.

Let’s dive in and explore the tools that can take your business to a whole new level!

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10 Effective ERP Tools

1. NetSuite ERP

Claimed to be one of the pioneers in cloud computing, NetSuite ERP provides ERP solutions for businesses in 100+ countries. 

Well, what are the other things that make the software an ideal fit for your business?


NetSuite provides a centralized solution for your enterprise, right from the top management to the key clerical staff.

Moreover, its automation features are something you cannot afford to miss. They help cover both front and back-end processes. From order management to inventory management and billing software, NetSuite does it all!

NetSuite offers the right blend of business intelligence and financial management solution

Now, if you are wondering, how can this be of value?

The right mix of both these parameters will help you uncover all details about your company’s supply chain!

With this information, you can easily analyze possible loopholes and shortcomings and take your business to a whole new level.

Why Do Experts Recommend NetSuite ERP?

  • Supply Chain Visibility

Get access to collaboration and self-service features and make your supply chain more efficient.

  • Fast Order-to-Cash Process

Simplify your process flow from order fulfillment and processing to billing invoicing and payments.

  • Revenue Recognition Management

Generate accurate financial statements for compliance and top-notch accounting standards.

Here is what AyurVAID, an award-winning Ayurveda hospital, had to say about NetSuite ERP. “

“NetSuite is a world-class, reliable platform that enables complete organization-wide automation seamlessly in the cloud through the power of integration.”

2. Scoro

Scoro is a leading SaaS vendor that has produced best-in-class ERP solutions and business management apps


A cloud-based ERP, Scoro has been designed primarily for SMB operations. It offers a host of user-friendly and efficient tools for optimum utilization of company assets. 

Moreover, it will help you generate reports and gain useful insights for effective planning and decision making. 

What’s more? 

Scoro’s centralized hub provides you with real-time snapshots of business operations! 

Well, does that intrigue you? Let us have a look at why experts highly recommend using Scoro. 

Why Do Experts Recommend Scoro? 

  • Intuitive Dashboard Design 

New users can quickly learn how to use Scoro and will encounter zero to minimum issues while working with Scoro. 

  • Save Time

Automate tasks and reduce the time required to complete most processes.

  • Multiple Third-party Integrations 

Get access to multiple-third party apps, including Google, Calendar, and Outlook!

Here is what Significant Automation, a leader in the graphic art industry, had to say about using Scoro. 

“Scoro has made our internal communication and project management much more efficient. We’re at least 70% more productive than we were before, and working on a singular platform has helped our business grow.”

3. Brahmin Solutions

Brahmin Solutions has been carefully crafted and designed to help your team manage business operations. The tool has been implementing ERP solutions for manufacturing and retail businesses for more than two decades. 

Brahmin Solutions

Are you wondering how to use Brahmin Solutions?

Well, you can always opt for a paid consultation with business experts who will guide you in how to use Brahmin Solutions effectively! What’s more? 

Startups and growing businesses can also enjoy the benefits of this tool with Brahmin Solutions’ cost-efficient packages. 

Why Do Experts Recommend Brahmin Solutions?

  • Fast Implementation

Learning the technicalities of the tool requires only a few days.

  • Multichannel Inventory Management

Say goodbye to the manual updating of your inventory! Brahmin Solutions’ cutting-edge tools are capable of updating inventory across all the platforms!

  • Batch-Expiry Tracking

Keep track of your product expiry dates and sell them accordingly to avoid losses.

Here is what a leading tech giant and distribution company, BigCommerce, had to say about using Brahmin Solutions 

Brahmin Solutions has helped keep our Distribution Company organized with ordering and shipping.”

4. Odoo

Known to be one of the fastest-growing companies, Odoo is an ERP solution that unifies sales, POS, and MRP in a single tool. 

While the range of tools is excellent, it’s not the only reason to invest in Odoo. 


Well, Odoo’s easy integration with a wide array of sales channels and business management solutions is a key advantage too.

This means that you can seamlessly run your key processes and increase customer satisfaction!

Why Do Experts Recommend Odoo?

  • Universal Solution 

Odoo replaces the need for having multiple applications.

  • Hosting Types 

You can choose to deploy through cloud hosting, on-premise, or a dedicated cloud.

  • Highly Modular

Get access to 100+ modules and the freedom to add more innovative modules. 

Here is what Rackoon, a fast and reliable VPS and domain registration service had to say about Odoo”.

“We have a strong experience for many years with installing Odoo – We already did more than thousands of installations of Odoo. We know how to install this system, and our team is working on optimizing the installation.”

5. Business Cloud Essentials

The next ERP software on our list is Business Cloud Essentials

It is a fully integrated platform that allows businesses to understand key issues and gain a competitive edge.

Business Cloud Essentials

Now, if you are wondering, how is that possible? Allow me to explain. 

The solution enables companies to streamline supply chain management, accounting, and CRM software. Thus, empowering accountants, sales teams, and HR teams to do their jobs with ease.

Another question that comes to mind is, how will the factors mentioned above impact profitability?

With this tool, you can get a clear idea of customer expectations, production workflows, and employee performance. Thus, making it easier for you to deliver services that make a significant impact and are profitable.

Some of the other features you might find useful include stock control, logistics, reporting, and supplier management. 

Why Do Experts Recommend Business Cloud Essentials?

  • Simplify Financial Management

Streamline all financial processes and eliminate all your financial woes.

  • Brings Together All Activities 

Increases visibility of all internal business processes and helps you make informed business decisions.

Here is what Kamarin Computers, a top IT and software company had to say about Business Cloud Essentials. 

“Business Cloud Essentials allows you to get real-time information on all areas of your business. All services are available on-demand and on the move from any device.”

6. Sage Intacct

The integration of cloud technology in finance and accounting has been the driving force behind Sage Intacct’s software robust ERP tools. 

Sage Intacct

So, what kind of organizations can benefit the most from this tool?

Sage Intacct is ideal for AICPA business solutions due to its powerful financial application tools. 

Some of the other features include the vendor management module, financial reporting, cash management, and project accounting. 

Now, if you are thinking that learning about all these tools is going to be a task? 

Interestingly, learning about Sage Intacct is extremely easy. The system’s user-friendly dashboard is familiar to users who have experience in using accounting tools.

What’s more? 

You can customize the tool to eliminate time-consuming tasks and boost productivity. 

Why Do Experts Recommend Sage Intacct?

  1. Built-in Reporting Tool

Create detailed reports with in-built templates, dashboards, and graphs.

  1. Security and User Limits

Segregate access controls by user and profile and prevent virus attacks and hacks. 

  1. Core Accounting Capabilities 

Get access to multi-currency management tools, automation, sales tax, and general ledgers. 

Here is what KP Aviation, a leading supplier of advanced technology solutions to the aviation industry, had to say about the software. 

“Sage Intacct offers streamlined, easy to use accounting software for everyday financial use.”


Specially designed for manufacturing and distribution, SYSPRO offers a rich set of modules to help businesses streamline their operations. 


But what makes it different from other tools? 

Well, it eliminates repetitive tasks and manages the manufacturing process to cost accounting using BOT agents. 

It is ideal for businesses looking to implement a highly scalable solution to support their business growth. 

Wait, there is more to it!

SYSPRO also has a centralized ERP to monitor your production, financial, and manufacturing management!

Why Do Experts Recommend SYSPRO? 

  1. Trusted ERP Name

With 40+ years of proven expertise, SYSPRO is built to suit business needs and comes with industry-grade features. 

  1. APIs and integrations 

Seamlessly integrate SYSPRO with external systems and intelligent devices.  

Here is what Jacto, a top machine manufacturing company, has to say about SYSPRO. 

“SYSPRO is the right choice for controlling costs, optimizing the use of people and making investments that will grow the company.”

8. Oracle ERP Cloud

Composed of 7 modules, Oracle ERP helps organizations automate core business processes. 

Additionally, Oracle ERP is a cloud-based SaaS built to deliver as per industry standards. 

Oracle ERP Cloud

The tool aims to simplify and offer scalability to planning, product lifecycle, and project management system

Now, if you are wondering how valuable it is for people with non-technical backgrounds? 

Oracle ERP also provides a strong foundation and training for companies involved in marketing, consulting, and sales. 

Why Do Experts Recommend Oracle ERP Cloud?

  1. Procurement Cloud Module

A self-service portal developed for contract billing and suppliers. 

  1. Risk Management Cloud 

Get access to a secured risk control repository and decrease risks involved in financial reporting.

9. Microsoft Dynamics GP

Designed to help SMBs manage business operations and finances, Microsoft Dynamics GP is a flexible ERP solution. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Can it aid faster decision making?

Yes, this tool allows businesses to work at a faster and smarter rate. Moreover, you can carry out evidence-based decisions on the go!

Why Experts Recommend Using Microsoft Dynamics GP?

  1. Cost-Effective 

Cut infrastructure costs without compromising on accounting power. 

  1. Deep Analytics

Get real-time visibility to track performance and make informed decisions. 

  1. Flexible Service Plans

Stay at the top of your game and opt for a plan that best fits your business needs.


With 300,000+ clients spread in 180+ countries, SAP ERP is a robust ERP platform designed to simplify business processes. 


Now, if you are thinking, what other tools does SAP ERP offer? 

SAP ERP has in-built CRM, financial management, product lifecycle, and supply chain management tools. What’s more? 

It can be deployed online, on-premise or a combination of both to provide access to users at all times. 

Why Do Experts Recommend Using SAP ERP? 

1.Worldwide Partner Support

Get access to extensive customization and integration support with SAP’s broad network of third-party partners. 

  1. Comprehensive Coverage

Achieve managerial efficiency and increase staff productivity.

Here is what Kimberly Clark, a leading tech-giant had to say about using SAP ERP.”

“SAP ERP is being used by our entire organization. We also have separate SAP boxes for other countries”. 

So, this was a list to top 10 ERPs that are helping organizations worldwide streamline business processes and increase efficiency. 

Please go ahead and invest in an ERP tool to gain a competitive advantage and be the next tech giant!

Did we miss out on your favorite tool? Let us know in the comments section below!

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