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Ceipal: No. 1 In Applicant Tracking Software

Scouting for the best talent? That is a challenge every other business has to grapple with. While there is a pool of ‘competent’ candidates for each job posting, very few can successfully handle the job at hand. That adds to the bulk of work recruiters need to handle during the screening process. Finding the best candidates becomes a nightmare. That is why recruiters are turning to Applicant Tracking System in droves.

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How necessary is a good Applicant Tracking System?

  • An efficient ATS allows you to maintain a database of applicants and their job information. Such information helps recruiters to make good matches between the job openings and the applicants.
  • It keeps the recruiters out of trouble and reduces the workload for them by creating tasks lists that they can keep of.
  • They place everyone on an equal playing field. The ATS lets others track the same candidates you are tracking, and allows them to see the ones you recommend.

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The good news is that the ATS market has exploded. We now have varieties to choose from. And that means struggling startups and small businesses do not have to submit to the hullabaloo that comes with paid versions. Freemium version of ATS is a good solution to their budgetary constraints.

1. Recruiterbox Visit Website

open source ats software-recruiterbox

This is a web-based free Applicant Tracking System for up to five users. The software allows up to one concurrent job posting and up to 200 applicants. After that, you can enjoy their services at a subscription fee of $60/month.


Recruiterbox’s functionalities include:

  • Allows the user to upload resumes in bulk.
  • Allows users to easily customize the recruitment workflow.
  • Has hosted career site
  • Integrates well with Google Apps and other specialized recruitment sites
  • Has a sophisticated, real-time notification system.

However, it has its drawbacks too. It allows one current job opening, has limited options for customizing the hosted careers site and no data export.

2. Zoho Recruit Visit Website

open source ats software-zoho recruitZoho Recruit’s cloud-based recruiting software caters to multiple hurdles faced by recruiters. With complete solutions for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies, Recruit helps you build great teams, by souring, tracking, and hiring the best candidates. This smart applicant tracking system is equipped with several resume extraction tools, process automation functionalities, advanced analytics, integrations with several third-party applications and more – all of this starting at a really affordable price of $25 per month. Coordinate better with your team and provide a great candidate experience, every single time.

Zoho Recruit’s strengths are its ability to provide a diverse range of features that cater to different recruiter’s needs. Not limited to just hiring, one can also manage to send offer letters, invoicing the client, touch base with every activity, and ensure that nothing slips your way.

Zoho Recruit’s functionalities include:

  • Publish jobs to premium job boards 
  • Source efficiently and quickly with source boosters
  • Create a beautiful careers page for your company
  • Pre-screening candidates with assessments
  • Parse resumes and save time
  • Set up your personalized resume inbox
  • Google Chrome Resume extractor for Zoho Recruit 
  • Get instant reports and advanced analytics 
  • Create and automate process flow with Blueprint 
  • Engage candidates better with Zoho Phonebridge 
  • Send bulk SMS with carriers
  • G Suite integrations for effective workflow

3. Freshworks

Freshworks is a free applicant tracking system for start-ups or small organizations with up to 50 employees. However, there are paid versions for added functionality.

Freshworks boasts a myriad of smart HR features in one place. It’s not just limited to hiring candidates. It also enables you to manage employee databases, generate reports, approve time-off requests, and more.

Functionalities of Freshworks include:

  • Integrate job boards, career sites, social media, and more to source candidates
  • Create hiring workflows – add a hiring team, interview scorecard, application form
  • Sync email conversations
  • Generate offer letters
  • Initiate onboarding
  • Collect employee information at one place
  • Create organization charts
  • Implement time-off policies and manage approval workflows
  • Team collaboration

4. SmartStart

SmartStart is a cloud-based and free ATS that keeps all your candidates’ information in one place – right from the moment a candidate applies to track and manage their progress in the system. It lets you have 10 active jobs at any point in time. If you want to go beyond, you will require upgrading the plan.

With SmartStart, one gets:

  • State-of-the-art hosting and security
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations
  • In-depth analytics
  • Multi-board job posting
  • Scheduling management tools
  • Mobile-optimized career site
  • Facebook synchronization for all jobs
  • Access to its award-winning Hiring App on Android & iOS

5. Jobsoid

Jobsoid is a free applicant tracking system for start-ups, growing businesses, and recruiting agencies. With each of the recruiting tools at your fingertips, it enables you to stay productive all the time. Right from reaching out to potential candidates to scheduling their interviews and managing the hiring process, it offers a comprehensive way to optimize your talent acquisition efforts.

Significant features of Jobsoid are:

  • It lets you post for 20+ Job Boards free.
  • You can make job postings on different platforms – LinkedIn, Careers Tab of FaceBook, Careers page of your Website, Twitter.
  • It provides a single tool to manage all your job postings.
  • You can customize the hiring workflow – manage applications in your online talent pool, communicate with candidates, create a hiring panel and collaborate it with the candidates, schedule interviews with in-built interview scheduling software, and shortlist the best candidates with Smart Filter.

6. Breezy

Breezy is a free ATS that helps you hire a talented pool effortlessly. It ensures to eliminate the stress of recruiting with its enhanced functionalities. The main benefit of this system is that it best suits a company’s hiring needs irrespective of the size of the company. Its sourcing extension helps you reach proactive candidates in just a few clicks.


Breezy allows recruiters to:

  • Create a job description and advertise it on 50+ job boards
  • Analyze the reports of every facet of the hiring process
  • Customize pipelines for different roles
  • Automate emails, SMS, scheduling, and interview management
  • Access to sourcing extension
  • Encourage team collaboration

7. iKrut

open source ats software-ikrutiKrut is SaaS-based free ATS software. However, as much as it is free for use, it is not open source. The software has no paid versions. The software seamlessly integrates with 20 free job boards. Then it builds a microsite for your business that automatically populates a list of your current job openings across those sites. Besides, the system can automatically reject multiple candidates, thus saving the recruiter valuable time. Its seamless integration with other free job boards means more exposure for your job openings without extra effort from your site. However, the system might not a good shot for larger staffing agencies due to lack of functionality with client records.

iKrut allows recruiters to:

• Post jobs and send it to up to 20+ job search engines
• Reduce the amount of 1st interview rounds by inviting an applicant to complete the video profile
• Examine applicants’ numerical and verbal reasoning with iKrut’s in-built tests
• Include managers in the hiring process so that they can access the candidate’s profile
• Socialize vacancies with iKrut’s referral portal
• Sync employee data with Payroll system
• Get the Onboarding process done in a snap
• Build application forms to track and monitor employees’ data

8. JobScore

open source ats software-jobscoreThis ATS system is also a web-based and is free ATS software for up to three concurrent job postings.  Once the freebies limits are exhausted, the user has to part with a $99/month subscription fees.

If you want to view resumes, you may purchase credits or share ten resumes to view one.

The system allows users to enjoy:

  • One-click job posting to the free job boards.
  • Generating reports
  • Access to manager feedback on resumes
  • To easily integrate your job page into your existing website
  • One million of applicants resume database.
  • Easily integrate with Google Apps.

Job source is a good system for small businesses and startups. The only major disadvantage is the free version limitation to three concurrent jobs.

9. OpenCATS

open source ats software-opencatsOpenCATS is free applicant tracking system. It claims to take the stress of hiring process. The system is a free web-based and you can easily install it on your server.  The advantage of the program is that it doesn’t matter whether you are hiring a small company or a large company. The app is designed to help the recruiter throughout the candidate screening process. Until when they land the candidate of their choice.  It cuts off the time taken to track, identify and find the quality candidate the recruiters need. Download free ATS software.

The system allows the recruiters to:

  • Easily access an efficient ATS system they can manage.
  • Organize resumes and therefore be able to keep references, resumes, applications, and everything you need in one place.
  • Sit back while the system takes control of the whole hiring process
  • To easily keep track of the hiring process through an easy to use interface

10. HireList

open source ats software-hirelistHireList is free ATS system for small businesses that need help in hiring automation.

The software helps to track your applicants all the way from the job post to the hiring.


The benefits of the system:

  • It is simple, easy to use and free.
  • Allows for job ad creation
  • Allows easy tracking of resumes right from the source, collection to application screening.
  • Allowing Communication between the recruiters and the hiring managers and this reduces the time expended while contacting all the candidates. 

11. Recruity

open source ats software-recruity

Recruity is an open source ATS software, state-of-the-art designed to protect recruiter’s investments in recruitment. The system is free of charge for small human resource departments and small agencies.


The top features of Recurity open source ATS software:

  • Recruity is easy to use thanks to its modular approach. You only need to activate the module you need to use.
  • The software can run anywhere you need: on your network, with all the software data in-house or you can install it on your server or servers of your web hosting providers.
  • Recruity allows SEO, thus increasing the chances of finding a suitable candidate.
  • It allows easy migration, especially if the user wants to change to a different ATS system.


We are living in a world where scarcity of resources haunts us every single day. Time, Resources, Shrinking workforce, Name them. Looking for good employees requires extensive screening and more of these limited resources. That is why small and large businesses are opting for Applicant Tracking System as their next solution to their woes. And for businesses that can’t afford premium ATS services, free ATS software could be an awesome alternative.



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