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Last updated: April 13, 2021

Updated 25/03/2019: This post has been updated with latest free & Open Source Helpdesk Software.

Tired of handling customer grievances?

Struggling enough to provide quality customer support?

If the answer to both these questions is yes, you certainly need to anchor your attention to the below-mentioned solutions. We have put in a little effort to acquaint you with top free and open source helpdesk software.

The intersection of customer’s needs and the company’s capabilities is the sweet spot that a company has to manage to gratify its customers at the best. Retention of customers has become a prime consideration for any business. It is the customers who bring in more business and satisfied customers are what every organization would covet for.

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Helpdesk software succors your business manage the arduousness of customer queries at various point of times. Certain features of helpdesk software that may add value to your organization:

  • Immense security and scalability: As IT Helpdesk software is cloud-based, it protects all of your customer data which you or your potential customers might fear losing.
  • Multichannel and multilingual support: It gives you the freedom to get all your analytical reports and knowledge database in the language that best supports your business. The functionality of being multichannel consequently helps your business presence on varied platforms.
  • Painless customization: If you want to choose functionalities for your business, then you have an added advantage to customize the software according to your suitability.
  • Freedom from traditional troubles: Helpdesk makes it very convenient for you to not to email for every ticketing by your consumers. Furthermore, it integrates technology with modernism to solve small troubles that your business might face.

Here are some of the best Free open source helpdesk software:

1. Visit Website  FreshDesk

free help desk software freshdesk1

The Helpdesk software has been ranked fourth among the Top 20 customer service software and there are enough reasons to validate that! Freshdesk helps to put the right customers on priority, depending on the SLA policies. Also, their customer service has been reviewed to be excellent by their clients since they offer email support 24×7 and phone support 24×5 for their free version.


  • It helps to make a knowledge-based database out of the emails and the tickets.
  • Freshdesk is highly versatile as it makes use of 33 different languages.
  • The software can be easily accessed using mobiles.
  • Using the SLA policies, Freshdesk helps to prioritize the right customers.


  • The outstanding feature of gamification of the Freshdesk is not available in its free version.
  • The software has been often negatively reviewed for having a non-intuitive interface.
  • The setup and configuration of Freshdesk can be confusing at times.

2. Wix Answers

Wix Answers

Wix Answers is a free IT helpdesk software that builds to support all size businesses from 100 users to 100 million. It provides great support to your customers as well as it is simple and easy to use the software.


  • It is suitable for all sized companies.
  • Helps you to manage and generate tickets from social media lead as well.
  • One can set-up it without being hiring an expert.
  • Multiple deployment facilities are available. You can go for cloud-based, SaaS-based or web-based deployment.
  • Businesses can customize it with ease.
  • It helps you create your own business-specific knowledge base center.
  • The interface of the software is highly user-friendly and can navigate easily.


  • The knowledge base editor is less efficient in comparison with other tools.
  • It doesn’t come with a desktop support system.
  • When you are using its customization feature, small to medium scale businesses can easily upgrade it. However, enterprise-level companies may not get such diversified custom-made features.

3. Spiceworks

free help desk software spiceworks

Spiceworks is a free IT helpdesk software that provides a painless ticketing system to manage all your devices from a single place. It also facilitates real-time monitoring system and keeps you updated on the real-time decision-making process.


  • It comes with no initial buying cost. It is totally free.
  • The user community is vast and diverse that helps a user to find all the answers related to Spiceworks usage.
  • Easy customization facility allows users to do customization as per their business needs and requirements.
  • It can easily manage your Active Directory users.
  • One can easily vouch for the inventory scanning feature of this ticketing software that allows a user to do a PC named base searches easily and quickly. The inventory within the Spiceworks detects the PC automatically based upon the serial number, software installed and last user login details.


  • It has all the basic features as needed. If you are an enterprise level organization which needs a whole suite of the latest modules than Spiceworks may not suffice your organizational goal efficiently.
  • Mac version is not available.
  • The software supports only windows platform. If you are using Linux then it won’t work on your system.

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4. Sysaid

free help desk software SysAid

Rich all in one Helpdesk software SysAid comes loaded with full-fledged ITSM system. SysAid comes with an IT benchmark capability that provides you with a history chart that shows you activities of past certain days. Hence, this is one of the unique features that SysAid provides.


  • This ticketing software allows online documentation that makes operations easy and hassle-free.
  • The ticketing system helps a user to do easy ticket tracking.  The notification center notifies by about every progress happened on each ticket.
  • Email integration helps to do easy ticket generation and routing.
  • You can secure your services with the password protected system.
  • With the help of this ticketing softer, you can do easy work allocation monitoring.
  • You can directly insert the screenshot related to the ticket generation into the tickets and increase the efficiency of your troubleshooting.  By doing this, your IT staff can easily understand the issue related to the ticket generation and take time-bound remedial actions.


  • They have a scope of improvement in their reporting tool. You can’t add much of information in excel files. You have to do database mining at your end first for detailed reports.
  • The product has a complex integration that demands a lot of learning. So, be ready to take multiple learning sessions.
  • Doesn’t support Scrum methodologies and has a ‘not so good’ graphics interface.

5. Web help desk

free help desk software WebHelpDesk

Known for its best in class asset management, web help desk comes with a cloud-based and simplified help desk facility. Additionally, it is as easy and affordable for end users as it is to crack a cookie. Web help desk provides convenient as well as a highly interactive user interface.


  • One can be in all praise for the promptness for the email notification system of this helpdesk software. You can take multiple benefits such as content hidden, on-demand closing, generation and updating of tickets. You can even edit the ticket link in the email.
  • AD/LDAP Integration is easy with the help of this ticketing software.
  • One can totally depend upon the Web help desk for a knowledge base support.  With the help of this ticketing software, you can easily create your own FAQ and knowledge base and make it a self-service portal.
  • You can use this ticketing software on all sorts of devices.  It comes with Window, Linux and MAC OS operating support system.  
  • Customized reporting facility that Web help desk offer to the users is a great tool to increase the credibility of its services.


  • Web help desk for iOS lacks credibility big time. It is less responsive and highly buggy. You can experience some of the UI bugs such as field disappearing during page refreshing while you are using it. The app is a little click-heavy sometime.
  • Inventory scanning could be a real headache at times.  Duplicate entries are one of the major issues while using this feature.
  • Change Control feature is not natively integrated into the software.  We need to tweak the Web help desk a lot to perform the task by generating multiple mailing groups, and approval that is total time and efforts consuming.

6. Osticket


osTicket is a comprehensive helpdesk software that has most of the required features. Its USP is the ticket filter that allows the tickets from the various channels to be directed to the right agent. The software allows one to add an image, logo, or a video to the ticket. It also allows the SLAs to be associated with different departments, help topics, and ticket filters and get alerts and notifications when due dates are missed.


  • The autoresponder of osTicket allows setting the workflow according to the nature of the ticket.
  • The open source software boasts of unlimited SLA agreements
  • Automatic canned responses are allowed.


  • The software is unfit for larger issues since their resolution takes up a lot of time.

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7. Kayako

free help desk software Kayako

At times it becomes difficult for a naive user to customize any free helpdesk software according to his need. Hence, Kayako offers to its wide customer base of 30000 and plus a customizable range of helpdesk software which makes it easy to modify and adapt faster to the kind of requirements you have for your business. It also can be helpful in tailoring workflows with specified types or priorities.


  • Makes your internal professional communication more reliable and dependable. Doing inter-team and external – client communication over this platform is easy and hassle-free. You can do folder based email distribution of your email communication.
  • You will get a detailed dashboard view that makes all the information readily available for reference.
  • The ticketing software comes with Live Chat functionality.
  • The reporting tools of the software are highly notable. They use KQL as main query language that is easy to learn and highly productive. That is why Kayako is a great way to get detailed information reports.
  • Files attachment storage location comes with the configurable option. So, you can choose whether to store your files in the direct database or any specific file storage system.
  • Offers customization facility for a few features, which can be upgraded for further level during the customization process.


  • The software lacks credibility when it comes to taking customer feedback through a survey system. Its survey system doesn’t have any Net Score Promoter facility.
  • Working over Kayako as an admin and agent at the same time is a real headache as you need to make ample of switches to performing a single task.
  • The integration and API of Kayako are pretty limited. Some of the functions can’t be integrated well.

8. LiveZilla


Well known for its customer service and support, Livezilla is a modernist touch to the helpdesk system. Most of all, Livezilla offers multi-language support, customer-owned installation, insightful statistics and reports at an affordable price.


  • You will get live chat software that supports multiple platforms with Livezilla.  This facility makes visitor monitoring easy and prompt.
  • Social media integration helps you to answer the queries received from various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • It easily bundles every support request over a single platform and helps you to answer them with prompt solutions.
  • API is really powerful.
  • You will get multiple platform deployment aid with Livezilla. You will get Windows-based installation deployment, native Android and iOS-based mobile deployment.


  • There is literally no training offered by the company. So, need to do brainstorming at your end to learn how things work on.
  • Customer support is also available only for business hours. So, in case you got some trouble beyond those hours either you resolve it by your own or wait for the next day. They need to work upon their customer support.
  • Very limited features that can only cater to the need of small scale business. All advanced features such as self-service portal, automated routing, and network monitoring are totally absent in Livezilla. However, it won’t disappoint any start-u.

9. Zoho Desk

zoho desk

Zoho desk aims at empowering the customers and putting customer service to the front foot. It helps to improve the performance of the business team by identifying their trends and patterns. This free open source helpdesk software boasts of some of the most outstanding tools that help in automating repetitive tasks that take up a lot of time otherwise. It also makes customization possible according to the nature of the business.


  • It makes automation possible that saves a lot of time on the part of the business that can be further used productively.
  • The software is available over a number of channels such as live chat, phone, email, or social media. This makes it very convenient for customers.
  • Zoho Desk can be synced with Google contacts. This helps to stay connected with all the clients on the contact list.
  • It has been rated as one of the easiest help desk services software.


  • Zoho Desk is an expensive option, especially for small firms that are tight when it comes to liquidity.
  • The user interface and design are not too clean.
  • There are not too many language options like the other competitive software (Freshdesk) around.

10. HelpDeskZ


HelpDeskZ has all the features that help a business increase its productivity. It helps to categorize the tickets in organized groups and assign them to the right agents; the feature of canned responses saves a lot of time; the data collected can be customized that helps to tackle the issue without wasting any time.


  • HelpDeskZ is known to have a user-friendly interface.
  • It is the best quality software and that too free.
  • It helps to increase the productivity of the business since the number of support requests decreases.


  • The website of HelpDeskZ has a few dead pages, this can be improvised.

11. DiamanteDesk


DiamanteDesk organizes the ticket data that is actually received in an unorganized manner and further uses it for analysis. It receives requests from different channels, creates tickets from them and makes way for communication through the same channel. The software reduces labor costs, waiting time and increases the customer’s satisfaction.


  • The Software tool uses the most modern technologies such as Bootstrap, Oro Platform, PHP 5 and Symfony2.
  • This help-desk software is quite easy to use.
  • It makes customization possible.


  • The installation of the software can be a little tricky.

12. Chaport


Live Chat Software is better known as a modern-day messenger for the ease of communication that it provides. Apart from the enjoyable chatting with the customer, Chaport also has some outstanding features such as detailed information of visitors, automatic saving of replies, typing insights and file sending. Another great feature of the software is automatic chat invitation that allows the user to continue long conversations. However, these are subject to certain rules. Chaport is available for different operating systems and allows instant and easy synchronization between the devices.


  • The installation and setup of the software are quite easy; it does not require much learning there.
  • The User Interface of Chaport is outstanding.
  • The visitor can leave messages to the user even when they are offline.


  • Though there are hardly any cons to mention, the customization part of the software can be improved.

13. UVdesk


UVdesk is customer support software that is appropriate for any kind of business-big or small. It aims at providing an effective support system to the customers. The tool helps to save a lot of time and money of the business as it directly converts the emails to tickets and directs them to the right agents. The users of the software can create a FAQ page for their customers by making use of the UVdesk panel.


  • It has an amazing User Interface that makes it quite easy to use too.
  • The software is not just easy to use but easy to set up as well. Customer support services are prompt also.


  • There are practically no cons to using UVdesk. However, there are certain reviews that say that the errors can be a little more descriptive.

14. Vtiger CRM


Vtiger CRM does every bit to improve the customer experiences and outcomes of a business. It involves an end to end management of the sales cycle right from quotes, campaigns, potentials, leads to invoices. With the use of this customer support software, the marketing, sales and support team of an organization can collaborate to improvise the customer experience and better the business results.


  • It provides end to end solution for the management of the sales cycle.
  • The ticket automation feature saves a lot of time and cuts costs to a great extent.
  • It can be used via mobile applications as well.


  • You may face slow speed sometimes.
  • The mobile applications are not too great and can be improved.

In conclusion, helpdesk software for small businesses can be given an analogy of one for all systems. Wherein, you can integrate various functionalities together to have a detailed analysis of the customers that you satisfy. Free and Open source helpdesk software work as a boon to business professionals for whom customer retention is a must.

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