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Last updated: February 25, 2021

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CakeHR: No. 1 In HR Software

In today’s world, Australian businesses have to adapt and modernize; otherwise, they will lose out to competitors and fall by the wayside. One way of upgrading a business ecosystem is to introduce digitisation. And if you already have an existing system, analyse whether it is time to update and integrate. A company having an ineffective legacy system is as incapable as a firm with no digital front.

This strategy has become essential for those who manage human capital too. All said and done; human resources are vital for creativity, productivity, prosperity, and business expansion. So, modern recruiters and performance managers cannot adequately perform without “state-of-the-art” HR software.

They use automated solutions to implement data-driven policies. HR managers engage their employees and create a friendly work culture. They also promote business values to retain personnel for a long time. And they use social media platforms and mobile devices for efficient collaboration.

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In Australia, recruiters and team leaders desire robust and straightforward systems. They aspire for the best HR software with a wide array of features and functionality. The digital solution assists them with recruitment, interview structures, work schedules, payroll, and performance evaluations.

Australia’s Top 13 HR Software

HR management has become a dynamic and demanding discipline. Without technical assistance, productive, profitable, and ethical solutions cannot be sustainable. That is why the most talented and respected HR teams in Australia opt for one of these HR software:

1. enableHR

It is a 21st-century technology platform that optimizes human capital management. This HR software integrates two important business activities; employee performance management and information-sharing. The system also ensures worker health and safety.

Key features 

  • The software creates and manages employee databases and profiles. 
  • It tracks applicants to facilitate efficient recruitment. The software also manages performance. 
  • It manages the employee health scheme by handling audits, documentation, and risks
  • enableHR also handles inspections, corrective actions, data analytics, training, and reporting.
  • It handles peers, self-appraisals, and tracks on-going performance. 
  • The software also assures custom rating scales, performance metrics, and talent development strategies.

2. ELMO Software

elmo dashboard

It is more than a simple human resource system with basic features. ELMO Software is a complete cloud-based integrated solution and is one of the best HR software with payroll and customer-friendly features. The system is also capable of effectively planning and assigning duty rosters.

Key features

  • It efficiently tracks applicants and evaluates them accurately
  • ELMO also manages calendars, time, and attendance
  • It offers result-oriented employee recognition programs
  • The software automates scheduling and gives 360-degree feedback
  • It has a learning management system with multimedia interactivity

3. Employment Hero HR

Employment Hero is an integrated employee development platform with cloud support. The HR software also manages payroll and worker benefits schemes. It helps to manage talent with full policy compliance. You can handle recruitment, onboarding, duty rosters, and performance reviews.

Key features

  • Paperless HR operations with in-built templates and contracts
  • Starter checklists, email notifications, and automated induction features
  • Rehire quickly using employee’s training and certification details
  • A productive, loyal workforce in tune with the company’s culture becomes possible
  • Manages data, online timesheets, and generates reports required for auditing, analysis, and strategy formulation
  • Continuous employee engagement and talent development

4. BambooHR

BambooHR is one of the best HR software with a suite of business-friendly apps. Small and medium companies can use BambooHR to hire smartly by using it to track applicants, onboard them, and continue to manage performance. It also has background screening and job site integration features.

Key features
  • Value-added apps to productively streamline the workflows
  • Tools to engage employees and screen social network talent (LinkedIn)
  • An inexpensive and automated solution to manage retirement accounts
  • Centralized, secure database for faster and easier management
  • Powerful reporting and editing tools with e-signatures
  • Inducts workers into office culture and accurately manages payroll

5. SAP SuccessFactors

Human capital management is vital for a business to succeed. Unfortunately, managers of small and mid-size companies struggle with manual processes. An automated HR software like SAP SuccessFactors is a blessing for them. The technology is data-intensive as well as user-friendly.

Key features

  • Plan and reduce HR and payroll management complexities
  • Develop skills using personalized training tools with mobile access
  • Design cost-effective performance improvement strategies
  • Extract high performance by offering lucrative compensation
  • Harness the right talent using data-driven recruitment and on-boarding
  • Realign resources and increase profits with this latest, cloud-powered software

6. Oracle HCM Cloud 

The best HR software to manage all the internal functions should organize everything from employee data to recruitment, training, and employee performance. Create a modern workforce by managing and engaging their experiences with Oracle HCM Cloud. It helps to automate payroll and deliver benefits on time.

Key features 

  • Migrate the information and management operations to the cloud with ease
  • AI-powered hiring, engagement, and talent adaptation provide a corporate look to work culture
  • Personalized software with intelligent and immersive user experience
  • Enforce stricter privacy controls and data security measures
  • Intelligently engage a team to generate high value for a business
  • Streamline the workforce, lower the costs, and improve productivity

7. Happy HR

Australian businesses aspire to satisfy both customers and employees, but they have to plan and execute HR operations to achieve this goal. And they require top-notch automation to ensure high standards in compliance. Happy HR software can assist them with vibrant features.

Key features 

  • Manage hiring, payroll, attendance, and performance effortlessly
  • Stay legally compliant while enhancing the employee experience
  • Organize and easily access policies, contracts, and procedure documents
  • Notify events on the dashboard and quickly send out email reminders
  • Generate the best-unbiased reports to assess the performances of teams and individuals objectively
  • Secure data access and efficiently use in-app messages and charts

8. Workforce Guardian

It is Australia’s leading online system for legally managing the workforce. You can automate every operation, including hiring, payments, retirements, record, and safety management. Workforce Guardian is, without doubt, one of the best HR software with low-cost pricing plans.

Key features

  • Access to verified data and a large number of online resources
  • Competent advice on legal issues, pay rates, and HR compliance
  • Communicate alerts quickly and receive updated tools regularly
  • Manage job profiles, contracts, rosters, and HR registers
  • Useful reporting and payroll tools, time, and attendance trackers
  • Use templates, registers, and processes for worker health and safety
  •  Affordable annual subscriptions to maximize performance

9. Subscribe-HR

Subscribe-HR is an enterprise cloud platform with rich and varied pre-defined functions. It helps to create a compelling and well-engineered solution customized for your business operations. It tracks applicants and manages all the core services. You can also configure the HR software to deliver personalized and productive processes.

Key features

  • Digitally transform the workplace and implement efficient strategies
  • Access a suite of top-quality HR services through a subscription model
  • Handle e-recruitments, onboarding, payroll, and employee performance with rich features
  • Access team dashboards, conduct surveys, and produce great reports
  • Plan and improve workforce management, health, and safety
  • Use Learning Management System (LMS) to bulk assign training courses and update the records
  • Advance Search and filter through thousands of employee records

10. Roubler

Roubler is easy to use workforce and payroll software to manage the employee lifecycle. Roubler is one of the best HR software for automated screening and remuneration management. Managers can customize the induction process easily, prepare smart rosters, and push schedule notifications via email. 

roubler dashboard

Key features

  • Managers can create centralized document stores and online training courses, perform analytics to report work hours, employee costs, sales predictions, and performance metrics
  • Sync payroll with time and attendance data
  • Request for leave on a mobile app and self-improve with employee data

11. Ascender

Ascender dominates the HR software and payroll market in Asia-Pacific. Any type of business can benefit from their solutions. It complies with complex payroll regulations and effectively manages human capital. The robust suite manages the employee’s complete journey. 

ascender dashboard

Key features

  • An end-to-end solution that is cost-effective and flexible
  • Vendors have more than 30 years of experience in HR software. They offer integrated, country, and region-wide solutions.
  • The software ensures data privacy and superior security
  • It offers the latest tools with a focus on reliable information policy
  • Solutions include learning and talent development systems
  • Efficiently manage hiring, onboarding, and employee performance

12. intelliHR

intelliHR is the best HR software offered by an Australian tech company. It is a people management solution with sophisticated features. The vendors use a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. It offers rich performance analytics and continuous support.

intelli hr dashboard

Key features:

  • The centralized HR platform has a powerful AI-based back end
  • You can analyze information quickly for actionable insights
  • It maximizes workforce productivity and tracks compliance
  •  You can also continuously engage, train, and support a team to align it with the company’s culture

13. CakeHR

It is arguably one of the most exceptional HR software from domain experts. CakeHR is effective in hiring, performance appraisals, payroll, and HR analytics. 

Key features

  • Automatically schedule resources, groups, appointments, interviews, and classes
  • Ensures multi-location access and delivers automated alerts and notifications
  • An applicant tracking system with job posting, resume search, onboarding, and workflows
  • Complete feedback using a dashboard, progress trackers, surveys, reporting, and analytics
  • It also manages leaves and tracks expenses, attendance, and working hours


In conclusion, the best HR software is like the backbone of any company. It benefits small, medium, as well as, large-scale enterprises. But, the managers have to apply caution and implement an ideal solution. They have to select a robust solution based on business requirements and budget limits.

Configuring and activating the HR system is not sufficient. The management also has to maintain and upgrade the software at regular intervals. They need a reliable, flexible, and scalable solution to optimize human resources. It has to bridge the talent gap and improve business outputs promptly. 

Rinkesh is a Blogger and Digital marketing executive at SoftwareSuggest. He loves to share knowledge of his field. In time off he follows his hobbies like traveling, plays musical instruments. His expertise is writing a blog on software.

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