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Last updated: May 21, 2021

In today’s time, technology is taking over, and the need to manually perform every task is getting reduced.

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Managing a whole pool of employees in an organization can get quite difficult for an HR manager. Companies in Middle East Cities are no different. To ensure complete efficiency in maintaining and keeping track of each employees’ performance, the best solution is to use HR software.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top eight HR software in Dubai that will completely satisfy the needs of every HR manager. 

Top 8 HR Software in Dubai

1. Zoho People

Zoho PeopleZoho People is a 360-degree HR software platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools to manage all HR-related tasks easily. Some of its core functionalities include onboarding and attendance management, time tracking, appraisal, and much more.

It acts as a centralized database for all your employees’ information. Not only that, but it also helps with analyzing your employees’ performance by keeping track of their strengths and weaknesses.

In short, it automates and accelerates all your HR administrative activities. 


  • Seamlessly integrates with many other third-party apps that you use in everyday life
  • Allows you to create custom forms to collect the information needed
  • Enables you to create tasks and checklists and build custom applications

2. PeopleSoft HRMS

PeopleSoft HRMSPeopleSoft HRMS or PeopleSoft HCM is one of the most popular HR software in Dubai. It is specially designed for manufacturing, large corporations, and government organizations. 

It is an on-premise suite of applications, including workforce management, labor rules and monitoring, talent management, and workforce delivery service.

Furthermore, this software enables organizations to stay in compliance with local privy regulations. It also allows you to forecast workload demand and assign schedules according to business goals.


  • Have an active and reliable customer support group, available via chat, email, and phone
  • Seamlessly integrates with a larger ERP system in place
  • The design is straightforward and is quite easy-to-use

3. Oracle HCM

Oracle HCMOracle HCM is one of the leading HR software in Dubai. This simple yet powerful software offers a flexible solution to meet your changing business requirements and practices. Using the software, you can easily configure things like workforce modeling and org charts. And you can do it without any help from the IT department.  

It offers a comprehensive set of HR modules, including core HR, recruiting, talent management, payroll, work-life solutions, and time tracking. It aims to maximize your business outcome by providing end-to-end solutions. 


  • It is driven by AI to help you make faster and smarter business decisions
  • Has an intuitive and interactive interface for the smooth functioning of the system
  • Offers a reliable and active technical support team in case of any trouble

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4. Sage HRMS

Sage HRMSSageHRMS is a well-known HR software that is best suited for small- to- medium-sized businesses. It offers a complete human resources management solution, including payroll processing, recruitment, talent management, absence management, and employee self-service. In fact, its analytical capability is what makes it stand apart. 

It aims to maximize your profits by making sure that you are investing in the right employees. It allows you to closely monitor your employees’ records and personnel’s actions. 


  • Helps you make informed decisions faster with immediate access to workforce analytics
  • Enables you to manage all your employee-related information and processes from a single dashboard
  • Ensures that companies stay in adhere to government laws and regulations to avoid fines

5. greytHR

greytHRgreytHR is an all-in-one platform for all your human resource management solutions. This cloud-based solution is quite popular in Dubai for its robust set of functionalities. It includes leave management, attendance tracking, onboarding, employee management, and more. 

It acts as a centralized database whereby all necessary employee information ranging from personal to work details are stored. Moreover, it tracks all employee life-cycle activities and aims to simplify HR work with zero effort.


  • Allows you to send alerts or reminders to employees 
  • Integrates with a document management system to process paperless onboarding 
  • Has a reporting and analyzing capability to provide deep insights into your employees’ performance

6. Ajman

AjmanAjman HRMS by Bluesky is a powerful yet straightforward HR software in Dubai, which is used all over the world. It provides a complete solution to all core human resource activities. It helps you manage the employee’s details, shifts, and payrolls, leave management, and more.

The best part is that it can be used for all sizes of organizations — small, medium, and large. Ajman also allows for reporting and analyzing capability for better engagement of the business. 


  • Has an interactive interface and is quite easy to use
  • Aims to increase your employee productivity through proper job allocation and scheduling
  • Can be accessed from anywhere using a secure internet connection

7. BrainsphereIT

BrainsphereITBrainsphereIT is one of the pioneers in Middle East countries to introduce advanced HR and payroll management system. This well-designed software offers a few of the advanced functionalities, including local labor law compliance. 

Besides, it can be customized as per your business needs and requirements. It is well-known for its flexibility and ease of use. From a single dashboard, you can manage almost every aspect of human resource responsibility. 


  • Some of its functionalities include payroll processing, document tracking, overtime management, etc.
  • Has a reporting and analytics feature in-built to make smart decisions
  • Allows you to connect with all levels of employees easily 

8. Peniel Technology LLC

Peniel TechnologyPeniel Technology LLC is one of the best HR software in Dubai suited for all sizes of businesses — small, medium, and large. In fact, it allows you to customize HR and payroll software according to your business needs and requirements.

It includes a wide range of features, such as applicant tracking, employee tracking, benefits organization, performance evaluations, payroll systems as well as time and attendance, etc. to effectively manage all HR-related tasks. 


  • Provide highly efficient support to all your troubles accessible at any time
  • Integrates with biometric device for time management
  • Maintains a record of all employee information


To conclude, employees are the backbone of the company. Choose the HR and payroll software that is best suited for your business. It will not only increase productivity at work but will also maximize your profit. 

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