Top Marketing Trends in the SaaS Industry of 2021

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Last updated: June 23, 2021

Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and has drawn the attention of many investors. Whether you’re a fan or you want to embark on a new business in this industry, you first need to conduct market research. One of the most important matters you should consider is top trends in this industry to be able to imagine the future of your business.


Top Eight Marketing Trends in SaaS Industry

1. Use of AI for targeted ads

The emergence of Artificial Neural Networks, and subsequently, Artificial Intelligence technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. The use of this technology in the SaaS industry is one of the most important trends we can mention.

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Enhancing user experience and targetting on specific kinds of audiences are the most prevalent uses of AI in the SaaS industry. As an example, you can consider chatbots that help webmasters manage users’ messages and analyze their tone of voice.

AI can help businesses in data-driven campaigns and let them laser-target potential customers. This way, they have very efficient and fast marketing strategies as AI has the ability to process huge volumes of data.

2. Customer-centric organization culture

Almost all companies in the world have shifted towards a user-centric culture in which they regard user experience as core to their strategies. AI technology helps you view customer satisfaction as the basis of all the communication resulting in customer loyalty.

Additionally, you can optimize your content so that it provides users with what they most need. This is also another way of reaching higher levels of customer satisfaction.

3. Optimized customer retention

Finding new customers is really difficult in the SaaS industry, but customer retention is even more difficult. Optimizing customer retention strategies will definitely be a trend in 2021 and even in the upcoming decade. 

A cost-effective strategy for customer retention should contain a deep understanding and analysis of user behavior, soliciting feedback, improving user experience. This way, your strategy will help your business retain as many customers as possible.

4. Video marketing

Content is king in digital marketing, and videos are king in the realm of content marketing. That’s why online videos make up for more than 80% of internet traffic in the world. As a result, video-sharing platforms like YouTube, IGTV, Reels, and TikTok, are on the rise. You can use a professional video creation platform such as InVideo to create stunning videos to elevate your marketing performance. 

Using video marketing is the priority of all big and small businesses, and SaaS companies are no exception. There are techniques to increase the effectiveness of your video marketing strategy. For example, collaborating with influencers on your videos to reach out to more engaged audiences, and thus making more money. That’s why many users try to swap IG accounts with influencers to have their audiences and increase their sales.

Of course, the video quality, audio quality, tone of voice, length, and the platforms you share your videos on are also of great importance.

5. Product-led marketing approach

In the past, marketers used to find potential customers, generate leads, and finally, sell their products to them. This traditional means of marketing has proved to have some disadvantages for SaaS product marketing.

In SaaS product marketing, the product itself should be at the heart of marketing strategies. That is to say, the growth of the product’s market and the problems it solves have to be central to SaaS marketers.

As a result, your product can find its way to sell very well and your marketing team just needs to get feedback from your customers. The feedback will help you include all the features required to provide customers with as much convenience as possible.

6. Vertical SaaS vs. Horizontal SaaS

When your products focus on clients from all niches, you’re working on Horizontal SaaS. On the other hand, Vertical SaaS is about customizable products that target clients in specific niches. 

For example, real estate market price tools, food delivery apps, healthcare analytics apps, and retail platforms are all in the Vertical SaaS trend. Compared with Horizontal SaaS, Vertical SaaS is much more cost-effective for companies who want industry-specific options.

If you want to be a Vertical SaaS provider, you have to be able to adapt tools to the industry requirements of that niche.

7. Push technology for notifications

Traditionally, email marketing strategies were all bout sending regular emails and ads to potential customers. With the help of push technology, this trend is going to experience a complete change. Push technology makes it possible to request for transmission as the publisher or server instead of the client or receiver.

Push notification technology helps you reach higher chances of the notifications being opened by customers. The reason is the customer doesn’t need to open your app to look at the notification and as a result, seeing the notification requires less work.

Additionally, push notifications seem to be more targeted compared with sending large newsletters to all customers.

8. No-code tools

In the past, computer programmers need to work hard to write a piece of code and make it work. Fortunately, you don’t need to do that now because there is a method in which you just need to work with Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs).

This is so-called “No-code,” but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no code. In fact, the code is in the background, and you just work with clicks, scrolls, and some other easy actions.

When using no-code tools, you don’t need coding for new updates and features. So it is a lot easier for your developers to upgrade your software or include new features into it without using any pieces of code. 

Such tools are becoming a major trend in SaaS marketing to answer requirements like home page, email automation, etc.

Final thought

Digital marketing and the SaaS industry are two ever-changing matters, and therefore, you need to remain updated. Otherwise, you can’t get ahead of your rivals in this fierce competition. The mentioned items are just 8 top trends that are anticipated to draw the attention of business owners in 2021. Of course, there is still room for other trendy approaches, so you don’t have to stop searching and learning about the subject.

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