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Do you know an average employee steals around 4.5 hours per week from the employer? This results in the loss of billions of dollars per year. Keeping a tab on employee attendance is one of the most challenging jobs, whether it’s for full-time employees or employees working from a remote location. The mobile attendance tracker apps aim at simplifying this task so that employers can ensure high productivity at the workplace.

If you don’t have a hint about the best mobile attendance management apps, then you have arrived at the right place. This blog post is a compilation of feature-packed attendance tracking apps that are most likely to secure the top five positions in 2020, in terms of installations and revenue. But before we list them, check out what it means to install an attendance system.

Benefits of Mobile Attendance Tracker Apps

Why should you switch from manual attendance system to employee attendance management software or app? The following parcel of benefits will convince you to do so:

  1. Ease of Punching In: The employees can conveniently punch in their attendance. Whether they are full-time employees or freelancers, the mobile attendance app enables them to clock in their working hours. Moreover, they can manage their schedule, check remaining work hours, calculate remuneration, manage their leaves, and much more.
  2. Ease of Management: The employer needs access to accurate attendance information for effective monitoring, scheduling work hours, assigning responsibilities, processing payroll, undertaking performance evaluation, and much more. The mobile attendance system assists employers in accomplishing all these tasks.
  3. Accurate Functioning: You can’t even miss a second when you have the attendance app installed for employee attendance management. The app calculates and showcases precise values, without any scope of error.
  4. High Productivity: Since you are saving the most precious asset – time – you will experience a significant boost in productivity.

Do you feel, as an employer, you are being bereft of these benefits?

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You Must Invest in One of These Mobile Attendance Tracker Apps:

  1. Toggl

Although the functionality of Toggl revolves around time management, it is an excellent utility tool specializing in time tracking, reporting, project management, and team management. You can track time pertaining to each and every task, generate in-depth reports, customize it for specific projects, change the roles and responsibilities of team members, and much more. It integrates with more than 80 online tools to boost productivity in the workplace.


Available for: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Pro Tip: Toggl has a specific set of features meant for project management. Use it to complete your project in time and with utmost efficiency.

  1. DeskTime

DeskTime takes care of the major activities like employee attendance management, project management, managing payrolls and invoices, employee activity tracking, and generating custom reports. It also emphasizes minor aspects like document tracking, taking regular screenshots, URL & app tracking, and much more. Third-party integrations enable employers to synchronize multiple operations. DeskTime allows you to generate maximum ROI for every minute spent.

Desktime screenshot

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Pro Tip: DeskTime’s Pomodoro Timer and Private Time features allow employees to take regular breaks and take up private tasks, respectively.

  1. Hubstaff

HubStaff provides a comprehensive package for successful HR management. Besides keeping a strict vigil on employee attendance, work hours, and performance, you can deploy HubStaff for project management, scheduling, team management, accounts, CRM, and other activities. The centralized dashboard ensures quick access to all the features. HubStaff’s time tracking API can be customized by employers to either create their own time tracking app or enhance the functionality of an already integrated ERP system.

Hubstaff screenshot

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Pro Tip: Track time and manage employees working at offsite locations. Hubstaff utilizes GPS to monitor employee’s work-related activity.

  1. Timecamp

One of the most widely used mobile attendance tracker apps, Timecamp has all the features to make the best use of every second at work. Whether it’s tracking attendance or employee’s work hours activity, you can monitor each and every activity that is necessary for timely completion of a project. Timecamp is suitable for both companies and freelancers. It easily integrates with tools meant for project management, CRM, marketing, and other organizational operations.

timecamp screenshot

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Pro Tip: Timecamp’s major emphasis lies on attendance and time-tracking. The intuitive interface simplifies the time management job for the users.

  1. Time Doctor

With Time Doctor by your side, you can cure time-related problems and ensure a productive working environment in your organization. Allow employees to efficiently manage their time, and also assist them by monitoring all activities. Set time break limits, assign roles and responsibilities, monitor logged in hours, generate payrolls, and much more. Create white-labeled portals using Time Doctor, exclusively meant for clients. Step up the game by taking apt decisions after analyzing time management reports.

time doctor screenshot

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Pro Tip: Enable Time Use Alerts to prevent employee’s waste time on unproductive activities like social media browsing.

The Bottom Line

Since smartphone usage is growing at an exponential rate, you must invest in an attendance tracking app that works seamlessly on all mobile devices. While selecting a mobile attendance tracking tool, it’s crucial to analyze responsiveness and cross-platform compatibility. If we consider the aforementioned tools, they boast essential features and also adapts comfortably according to the device and operating system.

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