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People generally go to spas to rejuvenate themselves in a relaxing environment. While most spas maintain a tranquil exterior, internally they suffer from various operational inefficiencies, which can make running a spa a nightmare.

Most spas struggle with managing client appointments. They also find it challenging to manage their in-house spa professionals. Fortunately, you can choose from a variety of spa scheduling software solutions in the market today that can streamline and automate various processes related to the spa business. In this article, we have highlighted the top 20 spa scheduling software applications that can help your business.

Top 21 Most User Friendly Spa Scheduling Software

1. Book4Time


Most spa business owners strive to manage their business efficiently and provide great guest experience. Book4Time is one of the best spa scheduling software solutions that can help them achieve both these things. It comes with a wide range of features that include dashboards, reports, marketing campaigning lists, competent inventory management, staff management and also online bookings.

2. offers its users all the features they need to address their spa and wellness business needs. It does this entirely on an online platform. It is a one-stop solution for managing appointments, the presentation of your business, adding extra services, and more. You can also use it to provide gift cards, monitor business statistics, and execute marketing initiatives.

3. GoFrugal


GoFrugal offers the power of automation with its online spa management software. Salon owners can use it for their everyday business activities. It is also equally efficient in managing front-desk business operations. From billing to tracking clients and booking an appointment, it offers a neat solution for almost all spa business requirements.

4. Zenoti


Named as one of the leading spa scheduling software solutions, Zenoti supports almost all aspects of spa business operations. It does an excellent job of managing spa businesses spread across multiple locations. It can improve customer experience and streamline your spa business operations and give you instant results.

5. MioSalon


Do you want a spa scheduling software solution that can also help you manage your inventory, staff, and appointment scheduling. MioSalon does it all very well. It offers a smooth integration with MailChimp to provide you with the best email and SMS marketing capabilities. Also, you can use its dynamic customer feedback system to improve your spa business operations.

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6. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity helps you manage your spa’s schedule in the best possible manner. It sends customized booking confirmations on a real-time basis. You can send text reminders and process payments as well. All its features go a long way to enhance the customer experience. If you are looking to improve the quality of your spa and wellness services, this is a highly reliable and effective solution that will help you do that.

7. Square Appointments

Square Appointments

Juggling a wide range of tools for different purposes can make things difficult for your spa business. Square Appointments is a one-stop solution that can help you manage almost all aspects of your spa business entirely from a single platform. Employee scheduling, point of sale, and appointment management are three of its most prominent features. It comes with a wide range of affordable plans to suit every budget.

8. Meevo 2

Meevo 2

Meevo 2 is a very useful cloud-based platform for the wellness and beauty business. From scheduling to processing payments, it can pretty much do it all. It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and platforms which enables it to synchronize data from various devices seamlessly. So, whether you use your Mac computer or PC or an Android or iOS device, you will have all the information you need on a real-time basis.  

9. SalonBuilder


Salon Builder has made a distinctive name for itself as a cloud-based and SaaS spa software solution. It has just about everything to make your staff training processes simple and hassle-free. With this solution, you can offer training via webinars and other online options. In addition, you can also rely on it to carry out documentation-related tasks in a matter of just a few minutes. Your business also stands to gain from the loyalty program of this software application.

 10. SimpleSpa


SimpleSpa is an easy-to-use web salon and spa booking system. One of its most noteworthy features is its clean and responsive design, coupled with the swift functionalities. It has a dedicated booking button. You can also use it to send appointment confirmations. This software application also allows you to manage the work allocation among your staff members.

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11. Booxi


Booxi does not only work like a charm when it comes to booking appointments online but it also helps you with running your social media campaigns on platforms such as Facebook. You can choose between emails and text messages for sending automated appointment confirmations. It also features APIs and online payment capabilities.

12. ReServio


Reservio is optimized for over 70 different categories in the wellness industry. It comes with a free trial and offers its users all the basic features they might need for spa management. It enables you to take booking requests from clients round the clock.

13. STX


STX makes spa management simple and straightforward for all spa business owners. With this application at your disposal, you can ensure timely execution or implementation of your marketing campaigns. It can be operated using both, mobile phones as well as desktop computers.

14. MasterPeace live

MasterPeace live

If you wish to promote sales and track your business goals by using a software program that is exceptionally user-friendly, then MasterPeace Live is an excellent choice for your spa business. Aside from helping you with your business objectives, it also offers consultation for salon and spa owners through a program called Empowered Guidance Consultation.

15. ChiDesk


From employee schedule management to online booking, ChiDesk has you covered on all fronts. Among other things, it offers effective solutions for online booking and also marketing. Whether you have just started your spa and wellness business or you have been running it for some time, ChiDesk is a one-stop solution for all your spa management needs.

16. Yocale


Yocale provides convenient client management and spa scheduling solutions for its users. In addition, it comes with an excellent tool for reporting that can help your business grow and evolve.

Apart from the aforementioned options, you can also consider investing in the following variants of spa scheduling software to ensure a smooth and hassle-free operation of your spa and wellness business.

17. Full Slate

Full Slate

If you need a solution that can help you manage a team of professional spa therapists along with appointment scheduling, then Full Slate is a reliable software solution that can help you do all that and grow your business. It makes appointment scheduling easy for you as well as your clients.

18. Milano Beauty

Milano Beauty

If you want to make booking appointments a hassle-free process for your clients, then Milano Beauty is a great spa scheduling software. It can help you with various business activities such as creating professional marketing emails. It also provides an easy-to-use reporting feature.

19. Beauty Pro

Beauty Pro

From inventory management to work allocation for your staff members to even managing their payroll, there is nothing that Beauty Pro cannot do for your spa business or beauty salon. It also offers the power of analytics to help you track the progress of your business.

20. Abitzu


Abitzu offers you a number of features, ranging from billing and invoicing to client appointment scheduling. The cloud-based platform also allows you to monitor the attendance of your staff members. Its reporting feature that can help you keep track of your business is quite impressive as well.

21. Appointy

Appointy is one of the most popular spa scheduling software for growing your spa business. Spa owners can use it to automate appointment scheduling, marketing, and manage the overall operations of their wellness center. The inbuilt marketing tools help you to attract new customers, deliver exceptional service and retain them. Appointy partners with Reserve with Google, Facebook, and Instagram to get you bookings directly from web searches and social media. You can easily integrate it with your website and convert visitors into paying customers


Final Words

Customers go to spas to relax. While the soothing music and calming scents can help them do that, you can go the extra mile and make their experience of booking your services also a pleasurable one. Spa scheduling software can help you provide the best customer experience even before a customer arrives at your spa. If you are looking to streamline and improve your spa business operations, spa scheduling software can be an excellent investment.

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