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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Most of the online websites, these days are having Live Chat support. Customers want to know where they are spending their money. Live Chat gives a feeling of relief and authenticity that the website is not phony and that the queries and worries will be answered quickly.

Looking for Live Chat Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best live chat software solutions.

Live Chat has a significant impact on the number of sales happening online. One of the very common problems that happen these days is that customers do not reach until the checkout page after adding items into the cart.

Carts are getting abandoned because even a shred of doubt on the customers’ end renders them to lose interest and abandon the shopping.

In a large picture, websites lose close to 30% of sales because of these disparities. Live chats have been incorporated now even by websites offering services apart from products.

People directly interacting from the company that sells the products or services instills a certain level of confidence in the customers. That is how the customer base increases and more people know about your online business.

Helping all online portals and websites, there are many online chat software available that can be simply integrated into the website. Live Chat software is not a complicated application and without hassle can be used for raking in the business that you are losing.

Best Online Chat Software to watch out

1. LiveChat

live chat

LiveChat is the leading online chat software application available in the market currently with a free plug-in for WordPress website. It also offers great designs and interactive utility for devices like tabs, phones or laptops.

You can add survey forms and this helps users to send queries and concerns during off-hours. Customer-friendly messages can be added to make sure that your website is all in positive energy and enthusiasm regarding every single customer.

LiveChat pretty much integrates with almost major third party software and online portals like CRM software, Google Analytics, Zendesk and also Email notification software. It works very efficiently and on all devices.

Pricing: Best part regarding the pricing is that it has different pricing models for different sizes of businesses.

  • $16 per agent per month, billed annually
  • $19 on a month to month basis

There is a 14 day free trial period for any package.

2. Sendinblue


sendinblue live chat software

Sendinblue is a beginner’s easy online chat software. It can be easily installed and integrated through a WordPress login. You can easily convert any visitors and leads coming to your website by easily by staying throughout the checkout process and by answering any queries that they have got. You can even have e-mail integration and targeting based on Facebook Ads.

The entire package consists of integration with CRM, SMS, e-mail marketing and custom landing page creation, and templates, etc. The toolkit enables for easily converting visitors to potential long-term customers.

Pricing: Sendinblue has many packages but having the chat software, you will need the premium package.

  • Starts from $66 per month and allows up to 10 members in it.

3. Acquire

acquire live chat softwareAcquire software provides very dynamic functionality that includes customer service, sales and support team and managing regular communication channels. It has multiple website support and also gives a provision for live chat which is hosted as well as a standalone application. 

One of the good functionalities includes you can create pre-and post-survey forms and your customers can leave your messages offline. Agent module is also available for the software. In all, it is an all-encompassing software with most of the essential features that should be with a tracking and conversion management system.

Pricing: There are two plans that you can use:

  • The starter plan includes $40 per month per agent with browser facility, live chat and customer profile management.
  • An enterprise plan is custom-made for bigger volumes of a team and a 15 day free trial period.

4. LiveAgent

live agent

LiveAgent is undoubtedly one of the biggest packages available but it includes live chatting, ticketing, phone support and integration with social media widgets and pages. Because the package is huge, the chat is a bit more complex than other software available in the market.

One of the best features is statistics and monitoring, preparation of reports and data, agent performance, customer satisfaction, fast response time monitoring, and robust ticketing system.


  • Ticketing system and chat cost $29 per agent per month 
  • All-inclusive plan cost $39 per agent per month

14 days free trial period is available.

5. Freshchat

fresh chat

Freshchat is one of the best online chat software that has some cool features which even other top software on this list do not have. It is considered to be a conversation starter and so they use AI mode enabled bots to start conversations with customers.

It offers customer timeline views, profiles, in-app settings, and customizable bots for automated conversations. You can even configure them to a ticketing system like Zendesk or slack channels for opening customer redressal mails. You can also have customized notes and desktop notifications also enabled for your website.


  • They have a free chat service plan up to 10 members.
  • Paid plans start from $15 per month per user that is billed annually.

6. Chaport

chaport live chat software

If your website is based on WordPress and is looking for a chat support software then you should really consider checking out Chaport. They have a one-time free forever plan with unlimited chats, history, notifications, unlimited registered operators and up to 5 parallel online operators can use at the same time.

The software basically covers all important aspects like live chat support for devices, multilingual widgets, reporting, analytics, and third-party integrations via Zapier.

When you go for paid plans you get more insightful features like visitor notes, saved replies and drafts, typing insights, auto-invitations and sending files, etc.


  • Free plan available.
  • The paid plan costs $9.80 per month per user.

7. Intercom

intercom live chat software

Intercom is also one of the most flexible live chat software that is available in the market. It helps to capture leads, engage users and help in converting most of the customer website visit.

It also has the ability to create chatbots, and automate flow along with customer engagement. Apart from being a live chat support software, it also helps in lead generation and as lead tracking software.

Integrates with major CRM software, Slack, Google Analytics and other marketing services. The live chat facility is not so extraordinary but if you want other features then you can really consider Intercom’s facilities and usability features.


  • The essential plan is priced at $87 per month. The billing is later on done based on the usage and purchase of add-ons.

8. Liveperson


Liveperson is a very useful and powerful online chat software tool and has a lot of exciting usable tools and features that you can integrate with your website. The chat messenger will allow not only to use live chat, but you can use other platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

Chatbots can be created and designed for automated customer conversion and even save customer information in third party applications. It is basically created with an intent to target medium to large enterprise business models.


  • You need to request a quote on the packages and pricing.

9. Zendesk


Zendesk Chat is one of the latest to venture the market of live chat support after Zendesk recently acquired a company Zopim. Already Zendesk is into help desk providing software and now they have an added feather in their cap.

One of the best features of Zendesk is its seamless integration with software like WordPress, Salesforce and similar third party software. If you already are a Zendesk user, then you will definitely not face any issue with the chat software.

Zendesk software provides with real-time chats, advanced analytics, and chatbots that are AI-powered. Chat Widgets, Customization, and templates are available that you can use as per the business model.


  • The limited free live chat support account is for 1 account.
  • The paid plans start with $14 per agent.

10. Deskun

deskun live chat software

Deskun is like a customer organize support and create support over a variety of channels like emails, chats and popular chat messengers. It is basically multichannel customer support embedded inside the Gmail and allows seamless communication between the different apps.

Features also include message templates for quick responses, assigning a request to agents, collaborate with employees and basically have an interactive relationship with customers.


You can get many features in the free trial and there are other four levels of pricing to choose from – basic to an enterprise.

11. Livehelpnow


Considered to be a bigger package holder than most of the other online chat software available in the market, Livehelpnow offers live-chat, ticket-based support, knowledgebase and support call management portal. Livehelpnow gives seamless integration with third-party tools like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, and CS-shop. It is a good software for visitor tracking and customer conversion. Details regarding visitors to the websites are stored and geolocation tracking is enabled.

There are separate agent modules available. One of the factors is that the live chat might not be available, but there is a facility of canned responses.


  • There is a free trial for 30 days with the all-inclusive plan and thereafter $21 per month per agent.

12. Webxion


Webxion is basically a management and lead generation software. They do have a live chat integration with websites. It is a cloud-based application and you can simply call them on their toll-free number and you will get customized services as per your business requirement.

Some of the key features include user-friendly web portal, automated use and multiple language support with unlimited chat per agent. Flexibility and reliability is a boon when it comes to their service.


  • Just like the solution, the pricing is also customized.
Sawailal Jangid is a Content Analyst at SotwareSuggest. He does researches and analyzes software to educate and advice to the business managers to streamline their business. In his spare time, he loves to do sports activities.

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