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Employees, undoubtedly, are a significant part of an organization, and the success of a business depends on them. Thus, as a business owner, you need to keep your employees satisfied as well as motivated. However, it is practically not possible to go and talk to each and every employee to know what they want. This is a major reason why most of the companies these days conduct an employee survey. Such surveys help to not only determine how satisfied the employees are, but also reveal their dedication level towards the company’s goal.

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You will get several options when it comes to online employee survey software. Given the vast number of survey tools being launched in the market, it has become all the more challenging to choose the best one. Hence, to help make the right choice, we have listed down top seven employee survey tools you can choose from,

Best Online Employee Survey Tool

1. ProProfs Survey Maker


This online employee survey tool is used extensively by event planners, educators, and event planners. The software is designed to collect customer as well as employee feedback and measure the effectiveness of the survey. With some incredible mobile-friendly features, this tool eases down the complex task of the employee survey. In fact, you can even design as well as develop different kinds of online surveys, without any external assistance.

Below are a few impressive features of ProProfs Survey Maker,

  • Video as well as image support
  • Customizable themes
  • Supports survey through e-mail
  • The survey forms can be embedded on blogs and websites
  • Supports graphical data representation

When it comes to creating a customized survey by integrating different background images, colors, the company’s logo, and more, ProProfs Survey Maker can be the perfect option for you. It offers various different sharing options for distributing the online survey forms to your employees. Besides, it also supports social media sharing features. The data can be generated in real-time. The software may cost around USD 7 per month (starting price), which makes it an ideal option for businesses that have a limited budget.

2. CuteHR


CuteHR is one of the smartest employee survey tools available in the market. By using it, you can create a highly customized survey to get feedback from your employees. Want to keep the survey confidential? This tool also offers that benefit to you. Besides, you can even conduct a survey periodically. You can enable and disable the option based on the company’s requirements.


Some of the outstanding features of this tool are,

  • Supports recurring survey creation option
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Offers multiple survey distribution option

Just monitoring the productivity of the employees isn’t enough for you to understand what your employees feel about your company. You should also let them submit their feedback regularly. This is where CuteHR can play a significant role. The tool is available in a free as well as a paid variant. If you are running a small business, which has around 10-15 employees, you can opt for the CuteHR free version. For large-scale organizations, one can avail the paid version that costs USD 2 per user.

3. Typeform


It is important to make the entire process of asking questions to the employees simple. This is where Typeform can help you. The online employee survey tool comes with a very simple and easy-to-use user interface. Moreover, its amazing Core plan makes it one of the best online survey tools. 


Some of the key features that you can avail in the free version of the tool are,

  • Custom layout designing
  • Data export in a different format
  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • Free beautiful survey templates
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Supports around 100 responses per month

In the paid option, you will get the following features,

  • Customizable “Thank You” screen
  • Logic jump
  • Calculator
  • Payment options
  • Team collaboration
  • Branding option and more

One of the most amazing features of this online employee survey tool is that you can configure conversion tracking. This means that you can add Google Tag Manager code as well as Facebook pixel ID to get site analytics. Analyzing that, you can modify your next employee survey.

4. Qualtrics


Qualtrics is a great employee survey tool that has been helping companies in optimizing the users’ experience effectively. By using this tool, you can monitor, improve, as well as respond to all the employees’ touchpoints. You won’t face any significant issues while tracking the employee surveys as the tool comes with features which make statistical evaluation a lot easier.


Some of the major features available in the free version of this tool are,

  • Supports marketing research
  • Offers better employee engagement surveys
  • Supports exit interviews
  • Provides predictive intelligence
  • Helps in brand management as well as product management
  • Supports Ad-hoc reporting and analysis

In addition to these, the paid version of Qualtrics offers the following features,

  • Survey Logic

This function utilizes the data collected from the previous surveys and compares the present information to know the variation. It will help you in understanding the effectiveness of the measures taken by you.

  • Data Export

This is probably one of the most incredible features in the paid version of Qualtrics. The tool allows you to export the entire survey information in MS Word, Excel or PDF format, with just a few clicks.

  • Custom Logo

There is no need to distribute a survey having the logo of the tool. The paid version of the tool lets you customize the logo, as per your choice.

  • Offers Distinct Question-Format

You get the option to create questions in different formats for your survey such as multiple-choice, rating scales, dropdowns, radio buttons, and more.

Qualtrics is being used by more than 11,000 international brands and over 90 of the world’s top business schools. A few popular companies that are using this tool are Adidas, L’Oréal, Airbus, FedEx, Uber, Porsche, and more. The paid version of Qualtrics costs USD 1500 a year.

5. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is another popular tool for conducting an online employee survey. Along with customizable surveys, this tool comes with a robust analysis feature. Besides, it can even integrate your company’s employee surveys with other regular tools. You can also manage your organization’s data with better control and security. This, in turn, leads to improved collaboration among employees.

The key features of SurveyMonkey include,

  • Faster validation of the employee answer
  • Eliminates piping of question and answer
  • Supports trend tracking feature
  • Offers data filtration and custom report generation 
  • Helps conduct password-protected surveys

Moreover, SurveyMonkey comes with an advanced prediction and visualization system, which will make your data analysis a lot easier. This survey tool is perfect for small- as well as large-scale organizations. The pricing of SurveyMonkey starts at USD 25 per month (for one user). 

6. Zoho Survey


This is a survey and questionnaire development tool that is used by both small- and large-scale businesses. Zoho Survey is extremely easy to integrate and can take your employee survey strategy to the next level.


Some of the major features it offers are,

  • Logo upload
  • Custom end page
  • Unlimited free surveys
  • Supports multiple languages
  • E-mail polling option
  • Weblinks integration
  • Filtered responses and much more

Zoho Survey comes with around 200+ templates on different topics that allow you to design a comprehensive survey. Besides, it is easy to integrate with SalesIQ, Google Docs, Zoho CRM, and more. This tool will cost you USD 29 per user every month.

7. Google Forms


When it comes to conducting a free online employee survey, you can always trust Google Forms. No matter if you are doing a small- or large-scale survey, you can use Google Forms to collect as well as effectively organize the data. It is the best tool that can be used for event planning, collecting contact data, configuring a poll, creating quizzes, and more. Once the data is collected, you can transfer it to Google Spreadsheet for better data analysis.

Some of the major features of Google Forms are,

  • Custom forms
  • Poll and pop quiz creation
  • Multiple data validation methods
  • Responsive forms
  • Professional-looking themes
  • Pagination
  • Question skip option
  • Real-time data analysis

The Google survey forms work well in small as well as a large screen. You can also add images, company logos, and more. Give Google Forms a try, and you will definitely like it. The best thing about Google Forms is that the tool is absolutely free to use.  

Hence, by utilizing a good online employee survey tool, you can enhance your employee engagement level, which is beneficial for both your company as well as employees. As a business owner, you can come up with various new ideas to create a pleasant work environment by analyzing the data from the survey. So, choose a tool wisely, based on your business requirement and survey type, and launch an employee survey today!

Kiran Bajpai is Marketing Associate at SoftwareSuggest. Her expertise lies in Software Analysis. She can never get bored of reading books, especially those related to History and Politics.

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