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Last updated: July 14, 2021

We are certain that you must have encountered a client or two who were reluctant to pay the bill on time for whatever reason. Chasing and dealing with such late-paying clients is not only a time-consuming process, but it is also an emotional and financial drain since a steady cash flow is critical to the survival and growth of any business.

Payment Remainder

However, this does not mean that you use unethical & unprofessional means to collect the money owed to you. It is critical that you maintain a professional attitude and a polite tone throughout the process to avoid damaging your relationship with the client and losing them. Moreover, your company’s reputation is far more valuable than late payment.

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But we can’t let go of our hard-earned money too, right? So, what should we do? Well, where there is a problem, there is a solution! Try Outstanding Payment Reminder Emails! Yes, emails are the most professional way for businesses to communicate anything and everything, whether it’s a late payment reminder or reducing specific products’ prices.

This blog discusses the 4 most important things to include in your Outstanding Payment Reminder Email as well as the 5 Payment Reminder Email Samples – dive into these templates.

Let’s start with what should be included in an outstanding payment reminder email format.

4 Things To Include In Your Outstanding Payment Reminder Email Format

If you’re going to send a late payment reminder email to a company, keep in mind that your email will be one of the hundreds they receive every day. So, when sending a payment reminder, make sure your email stands out in the inbox and grabs the recipient’s attention.

1. Keep The Subject Line Concise And Precise

Subject Line

When we receive a payment reminder email, we all want it to be precise, don’t we? The same is true when you send a payment reminder to a late-paying client. Include your Company Name or Contact Name in both the subject line and the body of the email. This information will help the recipient figure out who sent the email and what it’s about.

2. Include Updated Information

When creating an outstanding payment reminder email, it is critical to include information about a client’s invoice. This will help the client find out important details. Besides, if you have a large client base, we recommend using e-invoicing software to streamline the payment process.

3. Clarify The Payment Options You Accept

Payment Options

To make payments easier for your customers, include the payment methods you accept – cash, credit card, check, mobile payments, money orders, or Automated Clearing House (ACH), in your Outstanding Payment Reminder Email as well. Note that offering an online payment solution can help you settle invoices/payments more quickly.

4. Mention The Billing Date

When sending payment reminders, you must include the invoice date, whether it is for a past due or upcoming payment. Ultimately, encapsulating all this necessary information, including a date in an outstanding payment reminder email, will ensure that the client has no reason to delay payment any longer.

The following are the 5 late payment reminder emails that practically demonstrate how we should use all of these tips.

5 Outstanding Payment Reminder Email Samples (Templates)

You’ll have to strike a balance of politeness and firmness when it comes to drafting late payment reminder emails. However, depending on how late the payment is, your tone may need to lean more one way than the other.

Payment Remainder Samples

In this section, we’ll walk you through four different payment reminder mail samples that you can send at various intervals.

Mail 1| The First Payment Reminder Email: 7 Days Before The Due Date

The first email you send should be welcoming and informative. It also has to be brief. Make sure you don’t ask for payment right away because the invoice isn’t due yet. Ensure that your email is written in such a way that your client believes you are regularly tracking their invoices and will contact them if they do not pay on time.

Subject Line: Follow-up on Invoice #65456

Hi {first name of client},

I hope you are doing well.

This is {your name} contacting you on behalf of {company name} concerning the payment on {invoice number}, which we sent on {date}, will be due next week.

I’m sure you must be busy, but it would be great if you spare some time and look over the invoice when you get a moment. Please let me know in case of any questions.

Thank You,

{Your Name}

Mail 2| Payment Due Date Reminder Email: On The Due Date

This will be your first attempt to persuade your customers to make a payment. However, you should not only keep it short, but you should also keep it to the point. Also, you must maintain a friendly and courteous tone since the payment is technically not past due.

Subject Line: Your Invoice {Invoice Number} is due today

Hi {first name of client},

This is just a reminder that payment on invoice {invoice number} (total {amount}), which we sent on {date}, is due today. Please make the payment to the specified bank account on the invoice.

If you have any questions, please reply, and I would be happy to clarify them.

Thank You,

{Your Name}

Mail 3| Payment Reminder Email Template: 7 Days After An Overdue Payment

This is the first late payment reminder email, informing your customer that his or her invoice is past due. As a result, your tone should become a little more assertive. Also, attach a copy of the invoice or send them a link to the original invoice so they can get it if they misplaced or deleted it.

Subject Line: Your Invoice {invoice number} Is 7 days overdue!

Hi {first name of client},

Our records show that we haven’t yet received payment of {amount} for Invoice {invoice number}, which is overdue by 7 days. It will be appreciated if you look into this.

In case the payment is already sent, please disregard this notice. And in case you have lost this invoice, please find another copy attached herewith.

Thank You,

{Your Name}

Mail 4| Payment Reminder Email: 14 Days After Overdue Payment

You must be more direct in this email. Make a clear request for payment, as well as a request for the client to respond if they have received your message.

Subject Line: Your Invoice {invoice number} is 14 days overdue!

Hi {first name of client}

I wrote to you multiple times to remind you of the {amount} due, which we sent on {date}. This is a reminder to say that payment is 14 days overdue.

In case of any queries regarding the payment, please reach out. Attached is a copy of the invoice if you have misplaced or deleted the previous one.

Request you to please confirm and reply to this email as soon as possible.

Thank You,

{Your Name}

Mail 5| Final Payment Reminder Email: Payment Due For More Than A Month

After multiple failed attempts to contact the client, you must take a more aggressive approach. If the customer takes your professionalism for granted, bring up the possibility of receiving compensation for late payments.

Subject Line: Invoice {invoice number} from {date} is overdue – please send payment ASAP

Hi {first name of client},

This is one more reminder that I have yet to receive the {amount} owed on invoice {invoice number}. Please take note that, according to my terms, I may charge you extra interest on payment received 30 days after the invoice is issued.

Again, please connect with me in case of any queries regarding the payment. Else, please organize for settlement of this invoice immediately.

Thank You,

{Your Name}

If the client fails to pay attention or the due amount despite receiving the five outstanding payment reminder emails listed above, you should call him/her and confront them directly. If he/she agrees to pay within a mutually agreed-upon time frame, wait a few more days. However, if he or she fails again, there is always a legal way to bring them to justice.

Legal IssuesBut we hope you never have to get to this point and that you only use the legal route as a last resort to ensure that your relationship with the client does not deteriorate and that you do not lose a potential client. But, at the same time, also make sure you get your hard-earned cash, which is essential for cash flow and business expansion.

The Bottom Line

Every business or individual needs consistent and timely payments in order to run and grow their business empire. However, this is a far-fetched dream since no business receives all payments on time. To secure late payments, you’ll need to employ some professional tactics, including the above-mentioned outstanding payment reminder email samples. We are confident that if used properly, these late payment reminder emails will help you in securing your overdue payment.

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