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HROne : No. 1 In Performance Management Software

The work environment today is at its competitive best. Companies thrive each day to deliver products and services to the best of their abilities. 

What has changed so dramatically and swiftly that employee productivity rates are now skyrocketing? It is the way an organization utilizes the employees and their skills. 

Alongside that, the meter-scale for measuring the performance of the project members as a team as well as an individual is now technology-oriented. 

Performance Management Software (PMS) is a stellar product of technological advancement that enables businesses to understand the productivity and efficiency of their employees. Australia being a land of opportunities has sported unparalleled development in the establishment and flourishment of various companies. 

A PMS for any Australian firm can make a world of difference to their overall productivity. Not only for the firm, but PMS also holds equal importance for the employees too. According to Statista, more than 76% of the employees want their performance evaluation and honest feedback on a monthly basis at the very least. Australia’s enthusiastic managers and HRs can now look upto to a system that makes their work structured and time-efficient.  

PMS tracks, monitors, analyses, and evaluates the work hours that an employee puts in to check the productivity rate at which the task was accomplished. With a secure collection of all the employee data and future projections, the company’s short-term and long-term goals are validated and revised if needed. 

Depending upon your business size, company goals, and the number of employees, you can choose differential performance management software. To make the selection of the software even simpler for you, 7 of the most optimum performance management software have been listed below. You can select them by matching their functionality with your requirement. 

List of Best Performance Management Software in Australia


ELMO Software is more like a companion than software to your workplace. The addition of this performance management software boosts the productivity of the entire workforce. It covers the various aspects of cyclic appraisals, individual performance analysis, and employee competency data. ELMO also offers exclusive cloud and payroll suites, and when they combine with the corporate performance management software, the company gets an optimized ecosystem. 

With an added feature of risk mitigation, this software becomes a reliable asset of any company. You get daily updates on the work progress of individual employees, and that data can be used to formulate more productive work strategies. A company can continue the process of data evaluation provided by the software until they find the approach that best suits their business model. 

elmo dashboard


  • Exclusive tools to monitor and improve workflow and company’s objectives
  • Risk mitigation and management as per the organization’s turnover
  • Efficient assistance in developing a sustainable performance culture

2. Trakstar

Trakstar is a performance assessment program developed to support companies and HR experts. It helps to monitor the performance of personnel and manage feedback, objectives, and reviews. It received the Expert Choice Award in 2019. This cloud-hosted system helps to analyze staff through features such as automated performance analysis, 360-degree real-time reviews, objective planning, and strategic planning. 

Each of these is designed to empower you with effective performance improvement tools that are user-friendly, personalized, and accessible to companies of all scales and industries. TRakstar is a cloud-based system, so all you need is a network-connected computer to use its abundant features. It comes with a highly enticing interface. It also has a variable price structure, which depends on how many personnel you have, making it a customizable option.


  • Automated performance review and management
  • Intelligent workforce planning
  • Employee engagement surveys and feedback gathering
  • Goal monitoring and management
  • Secure 360-degree feedback 

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3. CRG emPerform

After 2004, emPerform has helped organizations shift from manual review to entirely integrated and proactive performance management. CRG emPerform is an inclusive performance management platform for employees. It provides simple-to-use, continuing, and complete-featured performance management to enable you to get the most out of the resources in your company. CRG emPerform offers clients an online way to conduct assessments, rank their staff accurately, and appropriately reward their best performers. It creates and executes successful employee development and training strategies. 

If you seek more than just your viewpoint in objective decision making, CRG emPerform provides you with multi-dimensional review features such as emPerform tags for regular feedback. Also, interactive surveys gather input from company colleagues or outside participants and stakeholders. It offers an integrated all-round review that provides structured 360-degree input.


  • Multi-dimensional annual review and talent identification
  • Enhanced goal management and succession management
  • Accurate reporting, analytics, and journaling

4. Cornerstone 

Cornerstone OnDemand is a program that provides unfussy, collaborative performance software explicitly designed for small to medium-sized companies with a headcount of up to 400 personnel. Cornerstone helps track performance and acquire knowledge that budding firms can use to train and mentor employees. 

It uses a comprehensive view to see the company summary and gain a better picture of how an organisation is doing. It allows workers to achieve individual and professional objectives that may help them reach a higher level and commit to the institution’s productive work.


  • The software drills down to details and presents a clear picture of the performance
  • Helps in trend analysis and creates a training platform
  • Uses a helicopter view and handles task management

5. enableHR

enableHR is a PMS that functions closely with employee-software interaction. It incorporates the values of keeping the whole team together and getting the work done on time. For that, it has several functions like instant notes, timely reminders, and auto-generated messages that ensure the worker’s productivity. It has a dedicated employee review system that evaluates the efficiency of an employee concerning a particular project. 

Employees can thereby review their performance and understand what’s working and what needs to be modified for a better output. It also keeps a record of the worker’s journey from their interview and presents you with all the documents and statistics when the company and employee part ways. The motive of the software is to build a performance-oriented working ecosystem by keeping all the members on the front.

  • Manage employees creatively and proactively by creating conversations
  • Transparent employee performance reviews to value all the workers
  • Customizable as per your scheme of things

6. Lattice

Team leaders pave the path for the rest of the team to traverse and achieve the project goals. Therefore, the role of a team leader becomes a very significant one. Lattice is a continuous performance management software that provides actionable insights into the productivity of your workforce. With an in-depth understanding of inter-employee engagement and their expertise, a company can devise strategies that benefit them on a long-term basis. 

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The sole aim of performance management is to increase the existing ROI (return on investment) of the company so that neither they nor the employees are at any loss. Lattice ensures the same through its robust analytics and evaluation programs that provide vital information on the existing method of operation. With a few changes, the business starts to see the difference in the outcome.


  • Instantaneous sharing of updates with the team members and company managers
  • Formal feedback portal to share reviews and improve each day
  • Transparency between the company and the employee so that they can work in tandem towards a single goal

7. PeopleStreme

PeopleStreme ensures that tasks are not misplaced among the employees. An employee should be allotted a task that aligns with his/her domain of expertise and experience. To achieve the same, PeopleStreme performance management software maintains the database of individual employee skill sets. Tasks are thereby allotted to the employee who can deliver quality work in a quick time. 

It has a one-to-one conversation feature that enables the managers to get direct feedback from the employees. They can communicate with each other keeping the performance numbers in their minds. 


  • Manage several position descriptions without breaking a sweat
  • Apply rating scales on daily employee performance to evaluate improvement
  • Configured to your business vision (logos, colors, etc.)

Wrapping up

Time to make the Aussie workplace more organized and more productive. Performance management software is a must-have tool for ventures in the land of Kangaroos that targets daily growth and a healthy work environment.

With cut-throat competition in existence, reduction in productivity only leads to heated arguments, and the blame-game doesn’t halt. The best way is to increase employee performance and evaluate the same with efficient performance management software.

Dip in performance should not be taken lightly. As Ralph Marson, the former Football player, rightly said, “Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations.”

Rinkesh is a Blogger and Digital marketing executive at SoftwareSuggest. He loves to share knowledge of his field. In time off he follows his hobbies like traveling, plays musical instruments. His expertise is writing a blog on software.

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