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HROne : No. 1 In Performance Management Software

Performance management software is a set of applications that uses a systematic approach to measure employees’ performance. 

Most managers define the parameter of performance management with employee appraisal/review only. But you need to understand that it is much more than that. 

Performance management helps achieve business as well as individual goals. It is used as a tool to boost employees’ productivity by clearly defining their role and aligning it with the company’s objective. 

Whether you are a small or a large enterprise, performance management software (PMS) can come quite in handy. 

When you implement the system that is best suited for your business type, it can bring you a lot of benefits. 

For instance, a well-designed performance management system helps employees to understand their roles and responsibilities in the company. When they have a clear interpretation of what is expected of them, they can better align their personal goals with organizational goals. 

Thus, it brings harmony as well as increases their satisfaction level. 

Besides, the use of PMS can drive employees’ development. It helps them in achieving succession planning and career development goals. 

But all of this is only possible if you choose the right system. To avail those benefits, there are certain criteria that you need to look into while purchasing. 

What Makes a Good Performance Management System?

Below are some of the main functionalities that every PMS system should have irrespective of the industry they are designed for: 

  • Performance Dashboard

This performance dashboard must be capable of storing information like career progress, peer recognition, feedback forms, and other performance-related data. Being able to access this information from a single platform makes it easy to conduct a fair employee appraisal. 

  • Customizable Reports

The system should be able to provide detailed insights into every employee’s actions. You should be able to generate reports as and when required. 

  • Coaching and Career Development Tools

Employee performance monitoring isn’t only about tracking the progress of the project but also, how it is being performed. 

It should offer coaching and career development tools that will help employees develop their skills and competencies. This will ensure that career development is proactive within the company culture. 

  • Rating Metrics

A PMS system should have clearly pre-defined metrics for it to be proven effective. Unclear metrics are only going to confuse your employees more. SMART goals are easy to understand and measure, and that should help define clear metrics. 

Now that you know the basic fundamentals, let’s look at the top seven performance management software that you can consider using. 

Top 7 Performance Management Software in Canada

1. AssessTEAM

AssessTEAM is a cloud-based performance management software that encourages your employees to perform better. 

The system allows you to track and analyze your employees’ performance that can help provide great insights on how to improve performance. The best part of the solution is that it has 1000s of professionally built pre-configured performance indicators that make it easy to evaluate. 

What’s more, it enables employees to complete their timesheet over the cloud or mobile app. You can access the system from anywhere, anytime. The information syncs in real-time. 


  • Helps with continuous feedback evaluation by collecting inputs in real-time
  • Integrates with popular third-party applications like Zoho, Wrike, Basecamp, Google Apps, and more
  • It is quite easy to set up and use

2. BambooHR

BambooHR is your all-in-one solution when it comes to managing your employees and their performance. It is specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of small- and- medium-sized businesses. 

This cloud-based solution offers a complete set of modules, including relevant HR functions, tracking capabilities,  personnel data modules, and advanced reporting opportunities.

It uses a stripped-down mechanism to track the performance. The performance is not analyzed on a six-month basis. Instead, it tracks and compares individual actions to common goals every day. Furthermore, it can integrate with more than 20 other HR solutions and management apps. 


  • Can generate customized reports as per your requirements
  • Automated reminders and notifications to keep them informed of their goal progress
  • Can set and track multiple goals at the same time

3. Freshteam

Freshteam is another popular employee management solution developed by Freshworks. It offers all the HR-related tasks that make it easy to hire and onboard new employees. 

The system is equipped with a set of tools that lets you communicate with your peers without leaving the application. Besides, it is known for its secure and unified database where you can store all your files related to your employees. 

It also acts as an effective appraisal system as it can collect feedback frequently. No wonder more than 3000 businesses use Freshteam for handling HR workflow. 


  • Offers active customer support that is available 24*7
  • Each employee gets a personal account whereby you can assign them roles
  • Has an intuitive and rich interface 

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4. 15Five

15Five is a continuous performance management software that offers robust functionalities. Its comprehensive set of tools promote easy collaboration and boosts productivity in the workplace.

The system gives you full visibility into your workforce and measures your employee engagement anytime you want. What’s more, the system can collect feedback that can be quite useful during quarterly or bi-annual reviews.

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Furthermore, it offers coaching and development tools to empower managers in becoming impactful coaches for their teams. 


  • Can set up company-wide objectives and integrate them with the weekly check-ins
  • The ‘high-five’ feature helps create a culture of recognition in the workplace
  • Integrates with popular third-party apps like Slack, Google Calendar, and more

5. Knit People

Knit People is an all-in-one performance management solution specially designed for small- and- medium-sized businesses. From administering year-round reviews to setting objectives, and tracking employee performance, it can do it all. It allows you to quickly customize the guidelines, details, objectives, and deadlines that fit your business requirement. 

The system acts as a continuous performance management system that helps create and evaluate goals on a recurring basis. Thus, it ensures that everyone is aligned towards the same goal. Furthermore, the system is quite easy to set up. 

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  • Sends out automatic reminders for work progress and approaching deadline
  • Offers a user-friendly interface so that even no-tech savvy person can use
  • Enables you to conduct review sessions remotely

6. CRG emPerform

CRG emPerform is an employee performance software that comes integrated with an effective appraisal system. It enables continuous feedback all year round, thus improving performance and boosting satisfaction. 

It comes well-equipped with a comprehensive set of tools that help with succession planning, goal management, compensation management, surveys, reporting and analytics, and more. The system lets you configure feedback forms as per your needs and evaluate employees on job-specific goals and competencies. 

Besides, its simple yet rich interface makes it easy to use and navigate the program. It allows members to focus on what matters the most. 


  • Deliver exceptional support at every stage, including setup and training
  • Integrates with your existing HR, ERP system, or payroll system for easy flow of data
  • Promotes accountability and transparency across the organization

7. Humi

Humi is an all-in-one HR software that offers performance management as well. The solutions come integrated with all aspects of employee management, including assigning goals, gathering feedback, and conducting performance reviews. 

One unique thing about it is that it allows you to collect anonymous surveys. Thus, some employees might not refrain from expressing their real thoughts about the company’s work and culture. 

Besides, the tool allows you to give real-time feedback so that you can continuously develop your employees’ skills and competencies. 


  • Offers advanced tools like 360-degree feedback
  • Has pre-designed customer review templates to save time and effort
  • Has an active and reliable customer support team in place


Gone are the days when you would conduct employee appraisal once or twice a year. 

Today’s employees are seeking authentic relationships with their managers for their continuous development.

Using a PMS system can help you maintain a continuous flow of communication between employees and management. It helps yield productivity and maximizes business profits.

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